Republic of Koss (defunct)

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Republic of Koss
Motto: "The People!"

Navassa Island, Carribean Sea
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDual presidential republic
• Head of Goverment
Isabella Mello & Lucas Soares
• Head of State
Lucas Soares & Isabella Mello
LegislatureCouncil of Ministers
• Census
CurrencyAmerican Dollar
Time zone(UTC-3)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Smint
Republic of Koss (Nemkhavia)

The Republic of Koss (Portuguese: Republica de Koss) was a micronation founded on April 25, 2011, by the founding father Lucas Campos. On June 5, 2011 the Republic of Koss became the first micronation to ever join the Nemkhav Federation.


The Republic of Koss was founded as a direct successor of the Republic of Smint, but it soon realized that just as its predecessor it could not survive alone. In order to prevent inactivity to take over the nation, the President of the Republic, Lucas Campos decided, on April 27, to resign in favor of Isabela Mello who kindly appointed her precessedor to the position of the Secretary of State. As the Republic could not sustain itself, it joined Nemkhavia on June 5.

Government and politics

The Republic of Koss adopted an untested type of government, which was based on a thesis written by Aaron Wildavsky on the Cold war. The thesis was called Dual Presidency Theory. Koss was a dual presidential republic. The following is a list of officials:

Foreign relations

Nations that signed a Treaty with the Republic of Koss

Law and order

The Republic of Koss had a very restrict policy regarding crimes. Crimes related to alchol went to the Tribunal of the Republic and can serve to 2–9 years jailtime. Crimes related to murder and homicide must go to the House of Crimes where the criminal may serve 1–8 years in jail. The National Police of Koss was one of the effecient polices in the continent, the Police has a zero-tolerance policy instructed for alcohol and murder. They could also open fire if the criminal open fire first.

Geography and climate

The political map of the island of Navassa, the main claim of the Republic of Koss.

The Navassa Island is found on the Carribean Sea, halfway between Jamaica and Haiti, it is a inhabited area of about 5,2 miles².It reaches an elevation of 250 feet (76 m) at Dunning Hill 110 yards (100 m) south of the lighthouse, Navassa Island Light. This location is 440 yards (400 m) from the southwestern coast or 655 yards (600 m) east of Lulu Bay. The island's latitude and longitude is 18°24′10″N 75°0′45″W Coordinates: 18°24′10″N 75°0′45″W.Navassa Island is south of Cuba, east of Jamaica, and west of Haiti.