Kossian Gazette

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The Kossian Gazette
Format Online
Type News website
Established January 9, 2012
Motto What's happening on the community?
Language(s) English
Published on Website
Distributed in Koss
Owner Government of Koss

The Kossian Gazette is a Kossian news service. It is the main source of news within Koss, although it also covers major event throught the MicroWiki Sector.

On the end of 2011, citizens began to complain about how they didn't had any other way, besides asking personally, to know what was happening in Koss, the Royal Council decided to create an official newspaper called the Gazette. The Gazette was officially formed on January 9, 2012. It is the only newspaper within Koss.

The Kossian Gazette is a former member of the Micronational Press Council.