Republic of Smint

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Republic of Smint
Coat of arms
Motto: Yes, we can make the future right
Anthem: None

and largest city
Naval City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential Republic
• President
Keko Smint
LegislatureNational Assembly (unofficial)
• Census
CurrencyMicronational Dollar
Time zone(UTC)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Koss

The Republic of Smint was a micronation founded in 2010 by Keko Smint. The Republic had its origins in 2010 but it became inactive. Keko Smint, the president, later found the Republic of Koss as a direct successor of Smint.


Smint became a MUSC and OAM member, but had some complications with the ASEA which were quickly resolve. President Smint made a pledge to do everything in his nation's power to prevent war and prevent problems with other nations when he revived Smint, a policy that would be later created by Marka Mejakhansk called Policy of Peaceful Existence.

Government and politics

Smint was a presidential republic. The President was the head of state and government, and had a Council of Ministers who acted as advisers. Smint also had a National Assembly that discussed matters of state but could be opened or closed by order of the president. Smint in many aspects resembled an absolute monarchy.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Smint was quite a friendly nation, having signed treaties with a number of different micornations.

Geography and climate

Naval City, capital of the Republic of Smint.

The Republic of Smint was very cold, especially in the winter, except for its claim on Saint Helena Island in the South Atlantic.