City of Arceu

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City of Arceu
Cidade de Arceu
Citida den Arceu
City of Arceu
City of the Great!
Micronational Capital of South America
Quod nemo potest pertundam
(That no one can perforate)
Country Koss
 • AnaxLucas Campos
 • Total0.34 km2 (0.13 sq mi)
 • Total1
Time zoneUTC-3:00 (KST)

The City of Arceu (In Portuguese: Cidade de Arceu, in Papian: Citida den Arceu) or just Arceu, formerly known as Domino is the capital city of the State of Koss. First established on April 25, 2011, it is the financial centre and main city of Koss.

Arceu is a city with history dating back to 2011, with the Republic of Koss, Arceu was also the capital city of the St.Charlian Federation of Koss up until Kossian independence.


Arceu is located in the central Kossian Mainland at an altitude of 1000–1200 meters above sea level, while the topography is mostly flat, with some slight undulations. The flora corresponds to the typical predominantly domain of the cerrado.

Nemed Palace

The city is home to the Nemed Palace, which is the official residence of the [[Anax of Koss|Anax~~. The name Nemed Palace is a heritage from the Republica of Koss in Nemkhavia.

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