Economy of Koss

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Economy of State of Koss
CurrencyAustral franc (AUF, A$)
Fixed exchange rates1 Austral Franc = 100 centime
Fiscal year1 January–31 December
Trade organisationsMicronational Economic Group
GDP by sectorservices (100%), (2016)
Unemployment0% (2016)
Main industriesentertainment, investments, gambling
Public finances
Revenues5000 AUF
Expenses200 000 AUF
Credit ratingERB:
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in

The economy of the State of Koss, is one of the first modern micronational economies. Developed through the Royale's and the Micronational Economic Group, Kossian Economy uses the Austral Franc, which is backed by the MicroCoin.

Historical development

Companies of koss

Rank Company Industry Revenue Profits Headquarters
1 Mystery Memes Entertainment Undisclosed Undisclosed Arceu
2 Royale Banking Undisclosed Undisclosed Arceu
3 State Company of Investments and Holdings investment Undisclosed Undisclosed Arceu
4 State Company of Games games Undisclosed Undisclosed Arceu
5 Sovereign Fund of Valites Investment Undisclosed Undisclosed Valites
6 Veronabank Banking Undisclosed Undisclosed Lurk
7 Nedbank Banking Undisclosed Undisclosed Nedland

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