Ministry of Commerce (Koss)

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Ministry of Commerce
Ministério do Comércio
Ministri den Commmerce
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Koss
Headquarters Arceu
Employees 0

The Ministry of Commerce (Ministério do Comércio; Ministri den Commerce) is a department of the Kossian government, responsible for regulating and stimulating Kossian economy. It was created by the Leie Nº4. The position of Minister is appointed by the Anax of Koss.

Economic Regulation Bureau

The Economic Regulation Bureau (ERB) is the regulatory body of the Kossian economy, it is in charge of development of the banking system within Koss.


The Royale (RYL) is the state bank of Koss, successor of the State Bank of Koss, it has been at the forefront of intermicronational economy since its foundation.

The bank has served as the official bank of the Union of South American Micronations from 2011 until its dissolution. It is also the sole issuer of the Austral franc.

State Companies

Rank Company Industry Revenue Profits Headquarters
1 State Company of Investments and Holdings investment Undisclosed Undisclosed Arceu
2 State Company of Games games Undisclosed Undisclosed Arceu