Academie den Lingui

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Academie den Lingui
Logo of the Academie den Lingui
Abbreviation AL
Motto Desenvolpae e Innover!
Formation 12 September 2012(7 years, 3 months, 1 day)
Purpose/focus Language development
Headquarters Koss
Region served Koss
Official languages Papian
Minister of Culture Lucas Campos
Parent organization Ministry of Culture
Staff 1

The Academie den Lingui (English: Academy of Language) is an institution dedicated to the study and development of the Papian language; it promulgates norms of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary and works to promote the language. The Academie is based in Koss. It is under direct control of the Kossian Ministry of Culture with the Minister of Culture, Lucas Campos, serving as head of the Academie.