Executive Branch (Koss)

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The Executive branch of the State of Koss is the term describing the collective of department, ministries and agencies that compromise the government and are under direct rule of the Office of the Anax.

List of Ministries

Ministry Acronym Created Minister
Commerce MoC 2015
Culture MdC 2012
Foreign Affairs MAE 2017
Health MAE 2017
Sound MoS 2017

List of Agencies and Secretariats

Agency Acronym Created Ministry/Department
Academie den Lingui AL 2012 Ministry of Culture
Agricultural Development Authority ADA 2017 Department of Interior
National Intelligence Agency (formerly the Kossian Secret Service NIA (formely KSS) 2011 (reformed in 2017) Department of Interior
Economic Regulation Bureau ERB 2016 Ministry of Commerce
Secretariat of Communication SC-DoI 2017 Department of Interior
Secretariat of Immigration SI-DoI 2017 Department of Interior
Secretariat of International Development SDI-MdC 2016 Ministry of Culture
Secretariat for South American Integration SISA-MAE 2017 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Secretariat of Strategic Research SSR 2017 Department of Interior
Secretariat of Propaganda SP-DoI 2017 Department of Interior

List of Departments

Department Acronym Created Secretary
Interior DoI 2017
Narcotics DoN 2016

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