Department of Immigration (Koss)

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Department of Immigration
Adobe koss symbol.png
Department overview
Formed 17 October 2016
Jurisdiction State of Koss
Headquarters Arceu
Employees 1
Annual budget Not established

The Department of Immigration (also called DoI) is a Kossian department established by Leie N19 as the Secretary of Immigration. It is responsible for immigration, citizenship and border control.


  • Entry, stay and departure arrangements for non-citizens
  • Border immigration control
  • Citizenship
  • Ethnic affairs
  • Multicultural affairs

Citizenships Types

The Department of Immigration has created two types of citizenships. First Citizen (in Papian: Premi-Civiten) for citizens which hold only Kossian citizenship. This class allows citizens to hold all public offices in the realm and are entitled to one vote in elections and referendums.

Noting the interest of the increase internationalization of micronationalists, the Department decided to create the Outter Citizen (in Papian: Civitetos) class for individuals who wish to hold Kossian citizenship, but also limited their rights and powers in order for the interest of Koss not the individual.