National symbols of Koss

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The national symbols of Koss are flags, coat of arms, icons or cultural expressions that are emblematic, representative or otherwise characteristic of Koss or Kossian culture.


Flag of Koss. The white-blue bicolour has been used as the Kossian flag since her joining St.Charlie in June 2012, and it was first officially used as an provincial flag of the Grand Ducal sub-monarchy of the Crasager. It also contains the red royal lion which is a heritage of the grand duchy


Emblem of Koss. Made up of the primary symbols of the Federation, the emblem consists of the red and blue colour as well as the royal lion. It also contain written across in the portuguese language: Emblema da Federação de Kós translated as the Emblem of the Federation of Koss


{{main|Coat of Arms of Koss]]

The coat of arms of Koss consists of one main shield with seven golden stars at the top which is representative of the entrance of Koss in St.Charlie. The shield also counts with the royal lion, a national symbol of Koss.