Governor of Koss

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Governor of Koss
Coat of Arms of Koss
Luiza Portes

since June 6, 2012
StyleThe Honorable
ResidenceNemed's Palace
Term lengthOne year.
Inaugural holderLuiza Portes
FormationJune 6, 2012

The Governor of Koss(Portuguese: Governador de Kos, Papian: Governatur den Kos) was the head of the executive branch of the gubernatorial federation government of Koss. The Governor was the highest-ranking official in the federation, and had a broad range of appointive powers, such as being able to appoint a Vice-Govenor who served under him in his absence. The Governor was the head of the Kossian Council and the only executive official in the local government. He represented the federation in the St.Charlian Parliament.

List of Govenors

Order No. Term No. Image Name Affiliation Term start Term end Notes
1 1 Luiza Portes NPSC 6 June 2012 Position abolished '