Meritorious Service Cross

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Meritorious Service Cross
(Italian) Croce al Merito di Servizio

Design of the award

Awarded by the Federal Republic of St.Charlie
Type Military medal
Eligibility Military, law enforcement personnel
Awarded for Meritorious achievement and/or meritorious service
Status Currently awarded
Established 10 April 2009
First awarded 30 June 2009
Total awarded 3
Next (higher) Salvo D'Acquisto Military Legion
Next (lower) Presidential Citation Ribbon

The Meritorious Service Cross (Italian: Croce al Merito di Servizio) is a St.Charlian decoration awarded to the military personnel who demonstrated an outstanding level of service or an outstanding achievement. The decoration, awarded to the personnel of the St.Charlian Military, is given by the St.Charlian Department of Defence (presently Adm.Gen. Leonard Von Sternberg).

The cross was created on April 10, 2009, and is the second decoration created by St.Charlie. It is also the first and the highest existing award created only for the Military Forces of St.Charlie


Contrary to the United States Joint Service Commendation Medal the Meritorious Service Cross is the same for all branches of the St.Charlie Armed Forces. The Cross is awarded for meritorious and outstanding achievement and/or service not of a nature that would otherwise warrant awarding the Order of the Blue Star. The Cross is designated as an award for both Enlisted and Officers. Award authority rests with the Department of Defense, which chooses when and for what action the Meritorious Service Cross may be awarded.

The medal was originally entitled the “Military Achievement Medal,” but this title was changed after choosing a different design, and also, when the eligibility was changed by the Chief of Staff of the St.Charlie Armed Forces, general Karifa Sanfo. Additional awards of the Meritorious Service Cross are denoted by award stars, also issued by the Department of Defense.

The Meritorious Service Cross is nevertheless still considered as a somewhat-high decoration reserved for senior Officers and Commanders and as a retirement award, since St.Charlie has still never been involved in combat. The awarding of the Cross however, is not limited to senior service members.