St.Charlie Broadcasting Network

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St.Charlie Broadcasting Network
Type Broadcaster
Country Federal Republic of St.Charlie
Availability Nationwide, International
Owner St.Charlian Government
Established May 20, 2009
Headquarters New Branson, St.Charlie
Current St.Charlie 1 (live)
St. Charlian Armed Forces TV
Former St.Charlie 2
St.Charlie 3
St.Charlie Italia
St.Charlie Music

The St.Charlie Broadcasting Network (Italian: Radioaudizioni Circolari St.Charliane, known also with the acronym of S.C.B.N or SCBN) is the public service broadcaster of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. It operates broadcasting on the internet, which makes it available to all micronations of the world.

The SCBN currently broadcasts five programs (St.Charlie Action News, Reinhardt's Corner, Bronisz's Parquet, NY COPS and Radio St.Charlie 1 as well as spots, speeches and funny videos) on two channels, St.Charlie 1 and St. Charlian Armed Forces TV.


The idea of creating a St.Charlian TV channel goes back to January 2009, when the first YouTube Channel was created specifically for the Federal Republic. However, the current official St.Charlie Broadcasting Network was created after following Francisville's example. In fact, the Democratic Duchy created autonomous working TV channels by using the website Mogulus. St.Charlie followed its example and on the 20th of May, created St.Charlie 1 using the internet program Livestream.

On September 5, 2010 the St.Charlian Government announced that St.Charlie 2, 3, Italia and Music were to be closed and only St.Charlie 1 would continue to operate.[1] As a result, all transmissions on Livestream ceased.



St.Charlie 1 broadcasts important TV shows such as COPS and the Late Show by David Letterman, as well as news and various trailers and adverts. St.Charlie 1 has constantly been St.Charlie's most-watched television channel. It predominantly broadcasts in English but also includes some Italian-language content.

St.Charlie 2


St.Charlie 2 was a more "serious" television channel. It broadcast documentaries on a range of topics including How It's Made and war content. The topic of war documentaries was mainly the Red Army and the Cold War from the view of the Americans of the 1950s. Other than documentaries, the channel also concentrated on micronationalism in general, politics and histories of micronations. It also broadcast Jazz and Classical music and video footage. St.Charlie 2 was broadcast predominantly in English.

St.Charlie 3 was a comedy-centred channel. It mostly broadcast a live feed of the Onion News Network, a satire-based news channel, but also incorporated some Stephen Colbert content.

St.Charlie Italia was the first St.Charlian channel only in Italian language.

St.Charlie Music was a music channel.

St. Charlie Armed Forces TV


St.Charlie Armed Forces TV (also know as SCAFTV) was created 2009 by the Chief of SCAF Leonard Von Sternberg and is indirectly the official channel of the SCAF. It is a Documentary channel about war, modern society, police. On the TV Channel are aired documentaries, war films, funny videos and from 24 May the newest movies. The channel also has a "Video on Demand" option. The channel was mainly created for all those who want action and are big military and police fans.