Assembly of Koss

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Assembly of Koss

Assembleia de Kós
Assemblea den Kos
III Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Luiza Portes, NPSC
since December 2012
Political groups
     Independent (4)
     National (1)

The Assembly of Koss (In Portuguese: Assembleia de Kós, in Papian:Assemblea den Kos ) was the sole legislative body in the St.Charlian Federation of Koss.


I Legislature

Grand Assembly of the Crasager Logo.png

The first legislature started with the entrance of Koss in St.Charlie on June 2, 2012. Many motions were passed and many failed during its term, from June 2, 2012 to January 1, 2013.

List of Laws of the I Legisture

Bill Proposer Support Oppose Abstain Status
Tobacco Act Carl Miller 1 2 1 defeated
Drinking Age Lucas Campos 4 5 0 passed
Voting Age Lucas Campos 0 4 1 defeated
Patent Pharmaceuticals Act Carl Miller 3 0 0 passed
Citizenship Act Lucas Campos 2 1 0 passed
Voting Age Act II Lucas Campos 2 4 0 defeated
Same-sex Marriage Act Lucas Campos 4 1 0 passed
National Language Creation Act Lucas Campos 4 1 0 passed
Academy Act Lucas Campos 3 0 0 passed

Qualifications and membership

Each legislator must posses citizenship of St.Charlie and be ethnically kossian. A legislator must be at least 13 years old.


The Assembly, contrary to most legislatures in the world, is not headed by any person. Citizens can propose whenever they want any motions and/or bills they find useful and helpful. There is a three (3) day waiting time so citizens can vote and at the end of the 72 hours, the Governor gives gubernatorial consent.


Canton NPSC IND Total
Gallifrey - 1 1
Greater Crasager - 3 3
Ordano 1 - 1
Osceola - 1 1
Peritia - - -
Montosh - 1 1
Skaia - 2 2
Zenturick Alfa - 1 1