Republic of Koss (Nemkhavia)

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The Republic of Koss (eng)
Republica de Koss(pt)
Coat of arms
Motto: "The People"

Republic of Koss in green and the Nemkhav Federation in Blue and Black
and largest city
Official languagesPortuguese and English
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Lucas Campos
• Representative
Isabela Mello
LegislatureState Assembly
• Census
CurrencyNemkhav Mark
Time zoneUTC-3
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Koss (defunct)
Kossian Provisional Government

The Republic of Koss was the fourth state to join the Nemkhav Federation, joining the federation at June 5, 2011


The Republic of Koss was the youngest Republic of the Federation, formed by the entry of the once-independent micronation of the same name. It was located in Brazil and the Caribbean, with territories in both areas. It had roughly the same population as the other Republic, but had a much different climate and differing local customs. The President of the Republic was Lucas Campos. The Prime Minister of the Federation, Representative Isabela Mello was also from the Republic of Koss. It's capital was Domino.

Government and politics

The Republic of Koss had its own legislature, according to the Federal Constitution, the State Assembly(SA) which approved and disapproved internal matters. The President was elected to a 3 year term, in which that time he could appoint ministries, except Defense and Foreign Affairs which were a matter of the Federation, the President could also appoint the Representative to the House of Representatives, also, once the President was elected, he automatically gained a seat at the House of Territories.


The Republic of Koss holds a small State Police Force, for security reason, such as: If there was a rebellion the SPF would sufocate it.

Geography and climate

The political map of the island of Navassa, the main claim of the Republic of Koss.

The Navassa Island is found on the Carribean Sea, between Jamaica and Haiti, it is dehabited and covers a area of 5,2 miles².It reaches an elevation of 250 feet (76 m) at Dunning Hill 110 yards (100 m) south of the lighthouse, Navassa Island Light. This location is 440 yards (400 m) from the southwestern coast or 655 yards (600 m) east of Lulu Bay. The island's latitude and longitude is 18°24′10″N 75°0′45″W Coordinates: 18°24′10″N 75°0′45″W.Navassa Island is south of Cuba, east of Jamaica, and west of Haiti.


A normal day in the Republic of Koss.

The Republic of Koss's Economy is a very basic economy, focusing mainly in agriculture and fishing, but the government hopes to establish very soon, companies so the economy of the state can progress


The official langugages of Koss was English and Portuguese, since in the past the nation had problems with that, it was decided that any document must be ratified by the Bilingual Registry(BR).

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