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Total population
Regions with significant populations
 State of Koss 2
 Brazil 2
 United States 30

English, Portuguese, Papian and French


Christianity (Roman Catholicism) and Atheism

Related ethnic groups

Brazilians, Portuguese people, Kossian Americans

The Kossians (Portuguese: Os Kossianos, Papian: D'Kosianes) are a minor ethnic group in St.Charlie native to the island of Numinas, in the south atlantic. Their language is Portuguese and Papian.


The legend says that the Kossian people are descendant from the deities, being so, each family has a long friendship or rivalty with each other. When Koss was a grand duchy the Kossian nobility, that is, the ones that are descendant from the most important gods, was divided into three categories, the ones descendant from Pedram, the god of rock, the ones descendant from Agnos, god of knowledge and the ones descendant from Sophia, goddess of wisdom.

Today, the Houses system isn't much relevant and used by Kossian, except for the Privy Board which has a big deal of influence in Kossian politics.

Major Houses

House of Aequillia

Named after the current river of Potenji River, the House of Aequillia is one of the oldest houses there is. It is said that when Agnos left the archipelago of Numinas, he sailed until he settled in the current city of Natal in the brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. The legend says he married the daughter of his human friend Carlos and created a whole family that gave origin to the House of Aquillia.

House of Petria

The legend says that Pedram is the patriarch of this house. After he was overthrown, he secretely had an affair with a human called Caroline. The affair lasted ages before the Pantheon found out about it, but when it did, the King god, Bastillus and the deities banned Pedram from Centridum and had to put Caroline in a special prision with Sophia, but he could vote on elections though. Some suggest that Sophia secretely allowed the god of rocks and the little girl to meet. They had a child, called Daniel, which continued the family line.

House of Flamia

Now an extinct house, it was fathered by Bastillus, god of fire. It is considered to be the house of the conservative.

House of Ferro

The House of Ferro is one of the few houses to not be founded by a deity. Instead, it was founded by Carlos de Ferro, the Liberator, which freed the people from the rule of Pedrum. Although it has been surpassed, there was a big rivalry between the House of Petria and Ferro.


Notable Kossians

Amongst the most well known of the Kossian people are:

  • Lucas Campos - Head of the House of Petria, descendant of Pedram
  • Luiza Portes - Head of the House of Castro, descendant of Agnos