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Rœyale - pp
HeadquartersArceu, Koss
Administered byMinistry of Commerce
Central bank ofState of Koss
CurrencyAustral franc
AUF (ISO 4217)

The Bank Royale of the State of Koss is the official bank of the State of Koss. It acts as a central bank, dealing with all money-related issues within Koss. It is subject to the Ministry of Commerce.


The Royale was originally found as the State Bank of Koss on November 26, 2011. At the time, it was responsible for printing the Nemkhav Mark within the borders of Koss. On January 15, Koss secceed from the Nemkhav Federation and the Grand Duke promoted the state bank to the status of national bank. On February 15, Montriac and Koss created the Austral Economical Union promoting the Royale to an intermicronational bank status.

For the upcoming years, the bank would serve as the only printer of the Austral Franc, the official currency of the Union of South American Micronations. On July 4, 2016, Anax Lucas Campos passed Law Nº11 which disestablished the USAM and returned the control of the bank to Koss, through the Ministry of Commerce.