Micronational Economic Group

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Micronational Economic Group
Monetary Union

Headquarters Assembly of the MEG (Skype room)

Official language English

Membership 14 full members (4 founding members)

– Foundation 27 June 2016
– Foundation Treaty ratified 27 July 2016
- Official launch 27 August 2016
- Becomes loose association 6 December 2016
Official site

The Micronational Economic Group (MEG), commonly referred to as the Group, is an inter-bank association with the goal of developing, researching, and studying the phenomenon of the micronational economy as well as providing a framework by which member banks can interact with each other economically. Founded in June 2016, the organization is generally recognized to have succeeded in past economic projects (specifically the Micronational Dollar).

The Group was founded in June 2016 with four people operating it. With the addition of Anthony Clark and Karl Friedrich the project expanded to six people until the former's micronational departure several weeks before the Group's launch. For the first two months of the organization's existence it survived in secret, and upon the ratification of the organization's foundation treaty minor hints of the Group's existence appeared, mainly originating from Henry Twain and Kenneth Postbridge (who briefly considered proposing integrating the group with the Paravian Federal Empire). The Group elected Twain as its first Chairman shortly before its launch in late August, elected while promising to "push the project to launch." Upon launch, the Group led a widespread announcement over several micronational media outlets, Skype rooms, and the MicroWiki forums.

The Group suffered from a lack of activity within both the Council and Assembly, one of the reasons that led to the two bodies eventually voting to dissolve the political hierarchy of the organization. It was popular for its freedom regarding the nation's economic systems, taxation, relations, etc. The Group was the only active monetary union of notability left in the MicroWiki community prior to its dissolution on the 6th of December, 2016.

The last Chairman of the organization prior to the dissolution of the office was Lucas Campos.


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