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State of Koss

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The Government of Koss, officially the Public Administration (Portuguese: Administração Pública, Papian: Administratia Publiq) takes place in the framework of a unitary absolute monarchy, whereby the Anax of Koss is the head of state and head of government. All the power is vested in the Office of the Anax and the Cabinet.

Political developments

Koss is an absolute monarchy where the legislature serves as an advisory body to the Anax.



The 2016 Provisions for the State established a flexible framework which allowed Koss to develop from inside out, contrary to what had been done in the past. Koss has since counted on a very strong executive branch.

Head of State and Government

Anax of Koss
Anax de Kós
Lucas Campos
Formation: 30 July 2015
Term length: For life
Inaugural holder: Lucas Campos

Cabinet of the Anax


Royal Council

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