Economic Regulation Bureau

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Economic Regulation Bureau
Agentia Regulatorie Economiq
Agência Regulatória Econômica
Agency overview
Formed 22 September 2016
Jurisdiction Koss
Headquarters Arceu
Employees 1
Annual budget 10 000 AUF (2016)
Agency executives Anax, Lucas Campos
Minister of Commerce

The Economic Regulation Bureau (ERB) is a Kossian government agency that provides official statistics about the intermicronational economy as well as regulate the Kossian economy.

ERB is part of the Kossian Ministry of Commerce and operates under the authority and guideline of the Office of the Anax

As per Leie 15, the ERB enjoys a quartely of 10 000 AUF.

In Koss

Tax System

General Identity Number (GIN)

Company Fiscal Number (CFN)

Declaration of Income

Within the MEG

Wealth Index

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