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State of Koss

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The foreign relations of Koss are a reference to the diplomatic relations of the State of Koss, which are handled by the Anax

Koss maintains close relations with its South American and European neighbours, as well as historically related states such as Nemkhavia and St.Charlie. After its seccession in 2015, Law Nº02 came into effect, regulating the recognition of micronations by the State. Koss has devoted much of its efforts to regional integration, aiding the establishment of the Union of South American Micronations and the Austral Economic Union. Since its independence in 2015, Koss' foreign policy has shifted from a intermicronational presence to the more secluded lusophone sector.

Official policy

Law Nº02 provides all the foundation for Kossian foreign relations. The law creates a distinction between macronational and micronational entities. Macronational entities are countries with seat at the United Nations and recognised by a majority of its members, while micronational entities are nations with plans of seccession or realist simulationist policies.

Recognized as macronational entities

Informal Name Begin Date of Relations Status of Relations
Unflag.png United Nations member states 2015 Not mutual

Recognized as Micronational Entities

Informal Name Macronation Begin Date of Relations Status of Relations
Abelden United Arab Emirates 13 July 2016 Informal mutual
Adammia United Kingdom 2015 Not mutual
Austenasia United Kingdom 2012 Informal mutual
Flandrensis GAMA vlag.jpg Antarctica 2012 Not mutual
Juclandia Romania 2015 Formal mutual
Karnia-Ruthenia Brazil 12 July 2016 Informal mutual
Lostisland Noflag.png South Pacific 2012 Formal mutual
Nedland United States 2016 Formal mutual
Nemkhavia Ireland 2012 Informal mutual
Paravia Norway 23 July 2016 Formal mutual
Rudno France 2015 Not mutual
Sandus United States 2012 Informal mutual
Senya United Kingdom 2015 Not mutual
Sirocco New Zealand 2012 Informal mutual
Überstadt United States 2012 Not mutual
Wyvern Netherlands 2015 Not mutual
Zealandia Australia 2015 Informal mutual

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