Commonwealth of Rudno

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Commonwealth of Rudno
Comh-fhlaitheas na Rudnamh
Rudno Flag.png
National Flag (Symbols)
Anthem: Hail Redeemer, King Divine
Gum bith iad uile nan aon
Capital Condominium of Kirkburgh

Official language Gaelic

Demonym Rudnan

Government Theocracy
King Jesus Christ
Steward Sebastian Linden
Legislature Mòd a' Phobuill

Proclamation 8 November 2014
Theocracy 18 May 2015
Reconstitution 13 November 2016

Area claimed pending survey

Population 2

Currency 1 merk (ℳ)
= 20 groats (ᵹ)
= 80 pence (ꞅ)

Time zone UTC, BST (UTC+1)

Country code rdn, rd

Internet TLD .rd (proposed)

Drives on the Left

Date formats dd/mm/yyyy

The Commonwealth of Rudno (Gaelic: Comh-fhlaitheas na Rudnamh) is a micronation located in Great Britain. It is a theoc