Commonwealth of Rudno

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Rudno redirects here. See here for the former canton of Francisville.
Commonwealth of Rudno
Comh-fhlaitheas na Rudnamh
National Flag (Symbols)
Anthem: Drogt Gedochte
Gum bith iad uile nan aon
Capital Kirkburgh

Official language Gaelic, Rudnish

Demonym Rudnish

Government Pragmatism
Steward Sebastian Linden
Legislature Mòd a' Phobuill

Proclamation 8 November 2014
Reconstitution TBC

Area claimed pending survey

Population 2

Currency 1 merk (ℳ)
= 20 groats (ᵹ)
= 240 pence (ꞅ)

Time zone UTC, BST (UTC+1)

Country code rdn, rd

Internet TLD .rd (proposed)

Drives on the Left

Date formats dd/mm/yyyy

The Commonwealth of Rudno (Gaelic: Comh-fhlaitheas na Rudnamh) is a micronation located on the island of Great Britain.


Rudno is the anglicisation of the German Rodenau, stemming from roden (German: to deforest, from Old High German riuten "to clear (an area)", from Old Norse ryðja "to clean up", cf. Old English aryddan "to remove" & Modern English rid as in "to get rid of", "to rid oneself/someone/-thing of") and Au(e) (German: flat, sometimes wooded meadow by a water body, from Old High German ouwa, cf. Proto-Indo-European *awjō, *agwjō "pertaining to water", cf. Old Norse "meadow" as in Vikingrló "Wicklow" and Oslo). In reference to the fact that the original territory (and an even larger part of the current territory) of Rudno was a flat area with some forest by a water body, where some deforestation has taken place.