Cantons of Francisville

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The four cantons of Francisville were the federated constituent states of the Federal Republic of Francisville. The cantons were sovereign insofar as their powers were not limited by the constitution and federal law, and they adopted their own constitutions and political systems accordingly. A Francillian national was both a citizen of their canton and the federation.




Flag Canton Capital Area
Population Official language(s)
Flag Canton New Scireland.png New Scireland Castle Hesperus 0.002 4 English, Italian
Flag north llabdey.jpg North Llabdey Sycamore Booker 0.02 1 English, Francillish
Rudno flag small.jpg Rudno Uferbach 0.3 2 German, Ripuarian
Flag of Wasserbrueck.png Wasserbrueck Kiirchbuerg 0.67 7 English, Francillian, French
Francisville Flag 2008.png Federal Republic of Francisville None yet official 0.992 14 English


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The cantons had the right to determine their own internal structure and the authority of local government varied considerably between the cantons. The cantons of New Scireland and Wasserbrueck, and Rudno had a district level of government whilst North Llabdey was a unitary state.

Admission of new cantons

According to the Constitution of Francisville, the admission of new cantons required a constitutional amendment and a popular vote in the region concerned. There was otherwise no established procedure for the enlargement of Francisville by means of integrating new cantons into the federation. Although this was legally possible, it was sought or encouraged. It was thought likely that the creation of further cantons would only happen as a result of internal secession and reorganisation.

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