2009 Francisville general election

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2009 Francisville general election

28 May - 3 June 2009 2010 →

All seats in the Chamber of Deputies
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Kalvin Koolidge Jeremy Abrahams Robert Withers
Party Independent National Liberal National Democratic
Leader since N/A 16 May 2009 16 May 2009
Seats won 2 1 1
FPV Total 5 3 2
FPV % 50.0% 30.0% 20.0%

First Minister before election

Office Established

Elected First Minister

Jeremy Abrahams
National Liberal

The Francisville general election, 2009 took place from 28 May to 3 June 2009 to elect all four members of the Chamber of Deputies. The election was the first democratically convened ballot for a national legislature following the creation of the Chamber by the adoption of the fourth constitution on 15 May 2009. The election result in the formation of the 1st assembly of the Chamber of Deputies under Jeremy Abrahams as inaugural First Minister of Francisville.

Electoral system

The election was conducted using the single transferable vote from a single national list. On 11 April 2009, a referendum was held in order to establish the voting system to be used by the reformed Chamber of Deputies with voters being asked to choose between the single transferable vote or mixed-member proportional representation. The former was chosen with a majority of 66.66% and subsequently established by the fourth constitution, adopted on 15 May 2009. The constitution specified that the Chamber of Deputies should comprise one Deputy for every five citizens plus one addition Deputy, resulting in four Deputies in total. The constitution did not rule out the use of districting but proved unnecessary due to the small size of the Chamber.


Party results

The first assembly of the Chamber of Deputies was elected on 28 May to 3 June 2009.[1] Two parties stood candidates and each gained one seat; the centre-left Francillian National Liberal party, and the centre-right Francillian National Democratic party.

Party FPV Total FPV % Deputies
National Democratic 2 20.0% 1
National Liberal 3 30.0% 1
Independent 5 50.0% 2
Total 10 100.0% 4

List of Deputies

Party Name Cabinet Role
NLP Jeremy Abrahams First Minister
Ind. André Barbosa Cabinet Secretary for Education & Culture
Ind. Kalvin Koolidge Deputy First Minister
Cabinet Secretary for Justice
NDP Robert Withers Cabinet Secretary for Defense

December 2009 by-election

Following the resignation of Jeremy Abrahams as Deputy at the end of his single-term as First Minister, a national by-election was held on 2 December 2009. Adam Newburgh was elected unopposed and subsequently selected as the second First Minister, serving from 3 December 2009 to 3 June 2010.

Candidate FPV Total FPV % Deputies
Ind. Adam Newburgh 6 100.0% 1