D'Post (Francisville)

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State owned corporation
Area served
Francisville, Worldwide
ProductsMail, telegraphy, stamps
OwnerFrancillian Federal Government

d'Post (Francillian:The Post), otherwise known as Francillian Post, was the national postal service in the Federal Republic of Francisville. The company was owned by the Federal Government and held the monopoly on mail distribution and stamp production throughout the nation. It was one of Francisville's largest employers. D'Post had its headquarters in Kirkburgh, the capital of Wasserbrueck. The company was dissolved upon the dissolution of the Federal Republic in 2014.


  • Internet telegram/E-mail Letter: Available worldwide through the d'Post website. An E-mail telegram could purchased online then printed and delivered as a traditional letter. The company charged different rates for domestic and international post. Telegrams sent to agencies of the Federal Government were available free of charge to Francillian citizens
  • Mail: This service was being piloted in the last two months prior to the company's dissolution. Traditional mail services were provided for deliveries within Francisville through a postbox system. Citizens were registered with a home address and forwarding code issued by the company. Mail was delivered to D'Post's receiving boxed and then forwarded privately to the citizen's address based upon their forwarding code.


In July 2012, representatives from the Cantons of Francisville were asked to provide designs for a special Cantons' series which did not come to fruition. The design of Francillian stamps was administered by a special committee of the company.

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