James von Puchow

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James von Puchow
Marquess of Atkantia
von Puchow in Halden, Norway in February 2014
Head of Government of Landashir (de facto)
Assumed office:
February 2010-
Predecessor Himself (as Crown Prince)
Crown Prince of Landashir
In office:
2001 - 2010
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Himself (as Premier)
Deputy Chief Ambassador of Austenasia
Appointed office:
June 2014
Personal information
Born 25 March
Religion Atheist

James von Puchow, Marquess of Atkantia[1] is a Landashir'n-Austenasian statesman and diplomat, serving as de facto Government Representative of the Community of Landashir and Deputy Chief Ambassador of the Empire of Austenasia. He has also been the former Landsmann of the Canton of North Llabdey, Federal Republic of Francisville and former Acting Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational.

He has been a long-term member and veteran of the MicroWiki community, joining as a contributor to the encyclopaedia in the summer of 2008.[2]


Von Puchow is the founder of the Community of Landashir and has served as its principle representative and voice since 2001 when the country was established. During his time as a politician and statesman, von Puchow has not only worked for his home country but also for the Slinky Empyre, Zealandia, Francisville, and the St.Charlian Commonwealth in varying capacities and positions.

Born in the United Kingdom, von Puchow is of English and Prussian/Polish ancestry. His grandfather served as a conscripted soldier for the German Army during the Second World War, later becoming a prisoner of war in Italy and Scotland, later being released, allowing him to settle in the UK.

Von Puchow habitually resides in Edinburgh, Scotland where he is a full-time undergraduate student. He holds citizenship in the United Kingdom, Landashir, and Austenasia, having held Honorary Subject in the latter since 5 August 2009.

June 2014 Statement

After a period of brief inactivity, von Puchow released a document[3] on behalf of the Landashir'n Government which explained the reforms which were taking place in Landashir to accommodate a simpler government which reduced the country to a commune, requiring little internal activity to maintain its everyday functions. He voluntarily stepped down as Premier and instead declared that he would fill the unofficial role as Government Representative which facilitates the responsibilities as Head of Government.

He declared his interest in working with other established, smaller states, such as Austenasia, where he would be able to put his experience as a politician and government spokesperson to work, essentially 'moving' to another nation where he would be able to give valuable contributions. On 8 June 2014, the Emperor of Austenasia, Jonathan I, welcomed von Puchow's comments, and on 21 June 2014, von Puchow was made a full subject of the country in a public ceremony in London.[4] Several days later, the Emperor and Chief Ambassador Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis formally appointed him to the position of Deputy Chief Ambassador.


During his tenure as Premier of Landashir, his political contributions have been significant in bringing conflicts and disputes to an end through the Union Against Micronational War in particular. His diplomatic experience as a former GUM acting-chairman was particularly important for his career and for boosting Landashir's image. He has hosted 5 micronational diplomatic state visits and attended the 2012 PoliNation Conference in London.

In addition, he has declared himself to be a republican, a libertarian, and a pacifist with a left-leaning political stance. In 2014, he declared himself an open supporter of Scottish independence.

Zealandian disputes

Von Puchow had previously performed an active, yet controversial political role in the Kingdom of Zealandia as Francillish Minister, Speaker of the Lower House and as a short period as First Minister. An incident which occurred whilst he was asleep led to the Parliament of Zealandia removing him through a vote of no confidence. Von Puchow declared In September 2011 his intention to step down from all roles in Zealandia "after a week of solid contemplation... no longer see[ing] it fit to remain in such a fragile and temperamental institution".[5]

Awards and decorations

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Preceded by: Crown Prince of Landashir Succeded by:
Throne established 16 Aug 2001 - February 2010 Monarchy abolished
Preceded by: Head of Government of Landashir (de facto) Succeded by:
Office created February 2010 - Incumbent
Preceded by: Vizier of Rushymia Succeded by:
Title last held by Billy of Rushymia
21 October 2010 - 13 April 2012 HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Preceded by: Marquess of Atkantia Succeded by:
Peerage created 13 April 2012 - present Incumbent