Order of the Sovereign Eagle (Sandus)

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Order of the Sovereign Eagle

Ribbons of the Order. Top, the 1st Class; Bottom, the 2nd Class.
Awarded by the Territory of Sandus
Type State order with two ranks
Awarded for Service to the Sandum People, Notable Leadership, Promoting the General Welfare, Expanding International Cooperation and Peace
Status Obsolete, Discontinued 30 July 2011
Established 9 September 2010
First awarded 9 September 2010
Discontinued 30 July 2010
Total awarded The maximum quotas:
Officers: 7
Knights/Ladies: 14
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Order of the Sage

The Order of the Sovereign Eagle was established on 9 September 2010 by the Barony of Kremlum Sandus, which has continued under the Territory of Sandus and now the State of Sandus. It was designed by Will Sörgel and is the current highest decoration of honour in Kremlum Sandus. It has two ranks, Officer and Knight or Lady.