Order of the Eagle

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Order of the Eagle
Order of the Eagle medal.png
Official medal
Awarded by the Republic of Bonumland
Established1 April 2021
RibbonRibbon bar of the Order of the Eagle (Bonumland).svg
EligibilityConferred upon the pleasure of the Sovereign
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignIsabella I
First induction1 April 2021
Last induction1 April 2021
Next (lower)Medal of Harmony

The Order of the Eagle is the highest state decoration of the Republic of Bonumland, established by a decree issued by Empress Isabella I on 1 April 2021. The Order is awarded to citizens or foreigners who, according to the decree: "have made momentous steps towards the greater good or interests of the Republic, especially peace, security, or cultural endeavors." It is conferred upon the pleasure of the Sovereign of the Order: the current Bonumlandian monarch. Contrary to its name, the Order of the Eagle is not an chivalric order; it is instead intended to be a commendation of one's services or contributions to the Republic.

The Bonumlandian monarch acts as the fons honorum of the Order and other state decorations except those conferred by the National Assembly or other state institutions. The equivalent of the Order of the Eagle is the Assembly Medal of Merit, conferred by the National Assembly by a plurality vote; below it is the Medal of Harmony, awarded by the Sovereign to foreign leaders.


The Order of the Eagle is conferred upon in three grades:

  • Protector (only five may have this at any time)
  • Knight
  • Recipient

Sovereigns of the Order

Name Protector as Period
Isabella I Empress of Bonumland 13 December 2020 - present

Recipients of the Order

Name Country Designation Grade Date of Investiture
Isabella I Bonumland Sovereign of the Order Protector 1 April 2021
Benjamin Pickles West River Protector 15 April 2021
Raphaël Olivier I Georgienstine Protector 15 April 2021
Azerianus Severanus Bonumland Protector 15 April 2021

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