Republic of Bonumland

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Republic of Bonumland
Република Бонумланд (Serbo-Croatian)
Motto: Long live Bonumland!
Royal anthem
March of Bonumlandians

Map showcasing the approximate location of the capital, Bonumis
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Serbo-Croatian
GovernmentProvisional government
• Chair of the Provisional Council
Addison Dillon
Independence from Croatia
• Declaration of Establishment
22 May 2015
• Current constitution
• Estimate
31 (December 2020)
CurrencyKinturum (KT)
Time zoneCST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Drives on theright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD(proposed) .bn

Bonumland (/bɑːnəm.lænd/ About this sound (Listen) ), officially the Republic of Bonumland, is an English-speaking micronation situated in various places around the world. The current government is provisional, consisting of a parliament-like "central council", which bears vast judicial and legislative power. The council is chaired by an individual elected by the council, acting as a president of the council, similar to a Speaker in a parliamentary system, who bears the executive power.

In North America, Bonumland is bordered by the United States, and in Europe, the United Kingdom. It has an area of roughly 1.1 square kilometers in size and has a population of 31 according to the December 2020 census. Divided into 7 administrative divisions, its capital is Bonumis and its largest administrative division is New Roanoke. Bonumland is landlocked.

Bonumland has foreign relations with several micronations in the MicroWiki sector, and is a member of the Union of Five.


The term Bonumland is a compound of the Latin word for good: "Bonum", and the English word for land: "land". Thus, translated, the meaning of "Bonumland" would be "a good land".


Flag of the Old Republic of Bonumland (2nd to 22nd of May 2015).

Presidency of Nick Rankov

First Republic

The First Republic of Bonumland existed from May 2, 2015 - May 22, 2015. The Old Republic differed from the Third Republic in many ways; namely, the flag and the national anthem were different. The Old Republic didn't have a motto, currency, national animal, or holidays. The national anthem was the instrumental version of the anthem of Finland, and the flag was also different. On May 23, 2015, by signing the Declaration of Establishment, the national symbols of the Old Republic were abolished and the Second Republic was created.

Second Republic

Early Period

The Second Republic was established on May 23, 2015, when the Republic's founder and then-President Nick Rankov signed the Declaration of Establishment. In the first few months of existence, Bonumland did not have a stable government system, international relations or a defined Constitution. By this Declaration, the flag was formalized, and was defined as a green-blue-green rectangle. The Coat of Arms was a diamond-shaped shield of the Bonumlandian flag. The national anthem was called "Anthem of Bonumland". The currency was the Kintirum, and the national animal was the eagle. The Coat of Arms was changed in August 2015 to a double-headed eagle with a flag shield on his chest. During this early period of Bonumland's initial existence, the President was the main authority in deciding the major changes and issues concerning the national symbols, laws, and other issues relating to them.

First constitution

The first Constitution was drafted in mid to late 2016. According to this first Constitution, the Government was described as the semi-unitary presidential republic; the national symbols remained the same and the first government was established in the form of the Parliament. In May 2017, this first Constitution was abolished.

Second constitution

The second constitution draft was adopted in early July 2017. In it, the government was described as a full presidential republic; a new institution within the government was introduced: the Diplomatic Council of the Republic, and a new ministry: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The national anthem, "Anthem of Bonumland", was changed to a new anthem called "March of Bonumlandians", and the new national holidays were formalized. Other national symbols went unchanged. The second constitution has underwent three amendments, but it wasn't abolished at any point. Old national symbols are carefully archived and protected in the Bonumis Museum of Bonumlandian History and serve as symbols of Bonumland's history and identity.

First elections

Fist ever general parliamentary elections were held in June 2017; the first time the two major parties (Conservatives and Liberal-Democrats) participated in the run for Parliament. Liberal-Democrats won four seats while Conservatives won one seat less, three seats. The Liberal-Democratic Party was known as the Liberal Party until its dissolution.

August 2018 crisis

Certain problems between the Parliament and the President emerged in late August 2018. Political turmoil was so tense that the President decided to sign a special presidential decree confirming that the nation of Bonumland ceases to exist. This crisis led to the Third Amendment of the Constitution which gives the President more executive power and restrains the constitutional rights of the Parliament concerning elections. The crisis was eventually resolved through compromise, but political turmoil remained for some time.

2019 coup d'etats
A broadcast by Bonumland News, airing an address by President Nick Rankov about the state of coup d'etats.

On January 22 2019, the Parliament and the Diplomatic Council held a joint meeting. They brought a vote of no confidence to the President's authority and declared a coup on President Rankov; demanding he resign within 24 hours. The initiator of this resolution was the former Prime Minister Ivan Gelich, who accused the President of being 'more and more authoritative and trying to establish a dictatorship". Later that day, the President addressed the nation. In his address, the President said one of his most famous lines: "We had a very similar, if not the same situation in August last year. At that time I considered it to be a big crisis and I declared Bonumland's end as a nation. This is an even bigger crisis, but this time I will not end our nation - I will end our corrupt politicians". President Rankov reportedly told Vice President Dillon in private: "the Prime Minister has always been a witty person. I believe my mind has been made up. I will waste no time removing them." The President fired the Prime Minister and all the members of the government, abolished their citizenships for betrayal and committing the illegal act of the coup, and dissolved the Parliament and the Diplomatic Council. From January 22, 2019 to November 1, 2020, as a direct result of this crisis, Bonumland was a self-described "semi-dictatorship", with the only government having been President Nick Rankov and Vice President Addison Dillon. This coup also led to the creation of the Third Constitution.

Presidency of Addison Dillon

Democratic reforms

After roughly a year and a half of inactivity, President Rankov resigned and renounced his Bonumlandian citizenship, declaring the transfer of power to Vice President Addison Dillon. Upon assuming the presidency, she immediately relocated the physical territory of Bonumland to her residential property in Florida, reinstated the Parliament, and created two new bodies: the Cabinet and the Supreme Court. She used her presidency to step up Bonumland's online presence; Bonumland's population increased by nearly eight times in the first week of her presidency. She also began work on a new Constitution, but this work was halted when she lost re-election to Azerianus Severanus.

First presidential election

The first presidential election took place on November 23-26, 2020, being a snap election called by President Dillon. This was the first election in which more than two political parties participated. Three candidates ran: incumbent Labour Party president Addison Dillon, Conservative Party Board of Elections member Azerianus Severanus, and Center Democratic Party activist Renzo Wessels. Severanus and Dillon broke even in the first round, but neither reached a majority; bringing the election to a runoff. In the runoff, Severanus defeated Dillon by a margin of just two votes: 8 to 6, or 57.1% to 42.9%. This election was held concurrently with the November 2020 federal election.

Presidency of Azerianus Severanus

Azerianus Severanus's campaign centered around electoral reform and combating the struggles of distance. Upon being elected, he signed the Party Limit Repeal Act, which removed the limit on political parties placed by President Rankov. He also signed the Independent Bonumis Act, granting the Bonumlandian capital Bonumis autonomy from the state of Greater Bonumis. President Severanus signed an executive order which recommends precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic and acknowledges the struggles of enforcement of measures due to distance. President Severanus has promised to reform the Parliament by adding new seats and altering the electoral system and has vowed to continue the drafting and ratification of a new Constitution that was begun by his predecessor, President Addison Dillon. Severanus was ultimately replaced after defections in parliament, led by Dillon herself, led to the replacement of the constitution and the abolition of the position of president, leading to the Installation of Dillon as Bonumland's Monarch.

Political system

Political parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Ideologies Position Colors Seats in government
Provisional Council
Labour Party Labour Party (Bonumland).png Labour LAB Collective leadership Left-wing Red
0 / 10
National Union Party National Union Party.png National Union NAT Tom Mark Right-wing to far-right Violet, gold
7 / 10
Conservative Party Conservative Party (Bonumland).png Conservatives CON Azerianus Severanus Right-wing Blue
0 / 10



Climate data for Bonumis, Bonumland, 1981–2010 normals, extremes 1879–present
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 81
Average high °F (°C) 60.5
Average low °F (°C) 42.2
Record low °F (°C) 5
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 4.63
Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 8.9 8.6 8.1 6.5 6.7 11.1 14.0 13.6 8.8 6.1 7.2 9.0 108.6
Source: NOAA[1][2]

Administrative divisions

Flag Name Annexed Population Head executive
Special administrative regions
BonumisFlag.png Bonumis 23 May 2015 2 N/A
City districts
GreaterBonumisFlag.png Greater Bonumis 1 November 2020 13 N/A
NewRoanokeFlag.png New Roanoke 1 November 2020 15 N/A
FloraniaFlag.png Florania 1 December 2020 3 N/A
AddisonshireFlag1.png Addisonshire 29 November 2020 0 N/A
RainbowFallsFlag.png Rainbow Falls 1 December 2020 0 N/A

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