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Government-owned company
IndustryVideo; YouTube entertainment
PredecessorBonumland News Agency
FoundedApril 2021
FounderAddison Dillon
Area served
Worldwide via the Internet
Key people
Isabella I, Director
ProductsYouTube videos
$0 (FY 2021) Steady
$0 (FY 2021) Steady
Total assets$10 (FY 2021) Steady
Total equity$10 (FY 2021) Steady
OwnerMinistry of Communications
Number of employees

Go BBC (stylized as goBBC) is the publicly-owned national broadcasting company of the Republic of Bonumland. It operates a YouTube channel. Go BBC's main production is weekly news, but also broadcasts various events that take place in or regarding Bonumland (such as a sporting event).


Go BBC is the direct successor of the Bonumland News Agency, the agency that existed before it that aired "Bonumland News". It was created by Addison Dillon in April 2021 as a fresh new media organization. Its YouTube channel was created later that month, making its status as a media outlet official. Though Go BBC has not uploaded any videos onto the said channel, they do report it via their website.

On 13 April, Empress Isabella I issued Imperial Decree IV (Media), handing its ownership over to the Ministry of Communications. However, the decree was not well communicated due to Isabella's lack of access to Discord, the Bonumlandian government's communication platform. The burden of administration was to remain on the Monarch, even though the agency was still owned by the Ministry.


goBBCtv is the official YouTube channel of Go BBC. It has no videos, no views, and no subscribers as of 17 April 2021.


  • goBBC News - A weekly news show detailing the events of the week. No episodes have been produced.
  • goBBC Sports - The sports show of Go BBC. goBBC Sports produces footage of games, analysis, and sports-related talk shows. No episodes have been produced.
  • Message from the Empress - Produced in association with the Crown, it features the Monarch making a short spiel about the business at hand. Productions usually air around Christmas and other widely celebrated holidays, but can also be aired if the Monarch must inform the public for a serious reason. No episodes have been produced.

Radio Bonumis

Go BBC planned a radio station known as Radio Bonumis, but for financial reasons this project was scrapped. There were plans to air songs on request and a series of playlists featuring mostly electronic artists such as Marshmello, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris but also pop and rock. For various reasons including technical difficulties, Radio Bonumis never began broadcasting and the songs were never aired.

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