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City of Bonumland
Flag of Bonumis
Established25 May 2015
Founded byNick Rankov
 • MayorVacant
 • BurgessVacant
31 m (102 ft)
 • Total1
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
Mail Code
Vehicle registration01

Bonumis is a city in the North American micronation of Bonumland, and the de facto national capital of Bonumland. It is coexistive with various townships including Florania, Imperial Woods, and Addisonshire. The city was created on 2 May 2015 as a part of the Old Republic of Bonumland; it was originally located in Croatia, but moved to Georgia because of an administrative change.

Bonumis is located in College Park, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Its area is around 1000 ft² (92.93 m²). The claims consist of a small apartment (known as the Imperiestra Palaco, or "Imperial Palace") and an adjacent lot. Though not large, it is one of the most densely populated settlements in the world; its density has been calculated at 139,391 people per square mile, or 53819 people per square kilometer.

Bonumis is listed as the capital of Bonumland, however this is incorrect; Bonumland does not have a legally-defined national capital, making it de facto. Bonumis is generally accepted through community consensus to be the national capital as it hosts all of Bonumland's governmental and administrative functions.


Bonumis is one of four traditional municipalities (Esperanto: ‘’komunumoj’’) of Bonumland; the others are Florania, Imperial Oak, and Addisonshire. Bonumis is located in College Park, Georgia within an apartment complex and has a residential population of 5; around 7 citizens are non-residential. It is around 1000 square feet, or 92.903 square meters. With a latitudinal coordinate of 33.6534° N and a longitudinal coordinate of 84.4494° W, Bonumis is the southernmost territory of Bonumland and the easternmost of the Bonumlandian claims in the United States; because of this, Bonumis is sometimes colloquially referred to as “Dixieland” by non-residents.