LGBT rights in Bonumland

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LGBT rights in Bonumland
Pride flag of Bonumland
Same-sex sexual activityAlways legal
Gender identity/expressionLegal gender change allowed, surgery not required
Recognition of
Always legal
AdoptionAlways legal
Military serviceAllowed to serve openly
Discrimination protectionsExplicit legal protections

LGBT rights in Bonumland are some of the most advanced in North America, the Atlanta Cluster, and in the world.[citation needed] LGBT people enjoy rights equal to that of non-LGBT Bonumlandians and have special protections as per the Bonumlandian Constitution. Being openly LGBT is socially acceptable, and coming out is in fact encouraged by a majority of the population. Growing support for LGBT people has existed since at least late 2017 when then-president Nick Rankov signed the LGBTQ+ Rights Act into law, and himself being openly bisexual. The Monarch of Bonumland, Isabella I, is openly transgender and bisexual. The age of consent in Bonumland is not explicitly covered in any legislation although precedent leads most of the Bonumlandian population to consider it 16 for both genders. The Bonumlandian Constitution not only grants equal rights to all Bonumlandians but grants special rights to LGBT people such as anti-hate speech protection and anti-discrimination laws. Nevertheless, the growing support for LGBT people in the government and in society, with LGBT-supporting legislation, reassure LGBT Bonumlandians the right to marry, adopt, change their legal gender, serve in the military, and access special medical procedures. Discrimination is tried as a felony according to the Bonumlandian penal code.

Rights of LGBT people

Same-sex sexual activity has never been criminalized in Bonumland. Homosexuality was decriminalized in the United States in 2015 one month after Bonumland's creation as a nation. The age of consent is generally accepted to be 16 although no official legislation covering it explicitly has ever been passed. Homosexuals and bisexuals are explicitly granted discrimination and hate speech protections. Legislation also exists to ensure compliance with this section of the Constitution, and punishments are strictly mandated and sanctioned. Transgender people are always allowed to change their legal gender without gender reassignment surgery through a simple government process. The government recognizes all forms of expression; in addition to the male and female genders, genderfluid, non-binary, and queer are recognized. The use of preferred pronouns is not required, although it is strongly encouraged and regularly done voluntarily by the population. Transgender people are more vulnerable to prejudice in Bonumland, although not by much. The Bonumlandian Constitution expressly forbids discrimination against anyone, not just based on sexuality or orientation but also race, gender, and religion. The passage of the LGBTQ+ Rights Act in 2017 strengthened the official government position because of its "due process clause" that analyzes each case of harassment or discrimination individually and punishes it in a varied way. People who discriminate against LGBT people are often tried as felons and punishments can range from jail time to exile. The death penalty is illegal in Bonumland.

Public opinion

Most political parties in Bonumland support LGBT rights expressly, although right-leaning parties remain silent on the issue due to the possibility of legal action. Bonumland is often regarded as being a socially progressive country, as very few people if any at all consider one's orientation or sexuality a dividing factor. The Monarch, Isabella I, is one of the leading proponents in the popularization of LGBT rights in Bonumland and one of LGBT peoples' most important supporters. Though Bonumland has not conducted any official polls on the topic, estimates predict that 92% of Bonumlandians support same-sex sexual activity, 85% support transgender rights such as changing legal gender and marriage, and 81% support same-sex marriage. Some LGBT Bonumlandians face small troubles in daily life such as PDA when another person asks them to refrain or gender seemingly not matching up on ID cards, passports, and other documentation.

Summary table

Category Status
Same-sex sexual activity checkY Always legal
Equal age of consent checkY/☒N Age of consent not covered in legislation
Anti-discrimination laws checkY Constitutional protections
Anti-discrimination laws in work place checkY Constitutional protections
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity checkY Constitutional protections
Anti-hate speech legislation checkY Constitutional protections
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions) checkY Always legal
Marriage Equality (e.g. same sex marriage) Always legal Always legal
Adoption by same-sex couples {{tick Always legal
Homosexuals allowed to serve openly in the military checkY The Bonumlandian Coast Guard encourages coming out
Transsexuals allowed to serve openly in the military checkY The Bonumlandian Coast Guard encourages coming out
Right to change legal gender checkY Always legal
Access to in vitro fertilisation for lesbians checkY/☒N No facilities exist to perform such procedures
Homosexuals allowed to donate blood checkY/☒N No facilities exist to perform such procedures

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