Constitution of Bonumland

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Constitution of the
Republic of Bonumland
Great Seal of Bonumland
Great Seal of Bonumland
Created 10 January 2021
Ratified 11 January 2021
Location Royal Archives, Bonumis, Bonumland
Authors Addison Dillon

The Constitution of Bonumland (Esperanto: Konstitucio de Bona-tero) is the fundamental and supreme law of the Republic of Bonumland. It was adopted during the monarchization of Bonumland in January 2021.


2015 constitution

The 2015 constitution was the original constitution, written in 2015 by Nick Rankov. It outlined a unitary presidential republic, and included a Bill of Rights, which guaranteed all Bonumlandian citizens certain inalienable freedoms still in force even with the 2021 constitution.

2021 constitution

The 2021 constitution is the current constitution, written in January 2021 by Addison Dillon. It established the monarchy and expanded upon the rights as guaranteed in the 2015 constitution. In addition, the 2021 constitution outlined a confederal direct democratic system similar to that of Switzerland.


The 2021 constitution has a total of 87 articles, divided into eight chapters.

  1. Basic principles
  2. Human rights of the Citizen
  3. The monarchy
  4. The Minister of State
  5. The National Assembly
  6. The Executive Council
  7. The Courts
  8. Localities

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