Revolutionary National Collectivist Party of Bonumland

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Revolutionary National Collectivist Party
LeaderGaia Grìbhinneach
FoundedNovember 27, 2020 (2020-11-27)
IdeologyNational Collectivism
Political positionSelf-described: Syncretic ("Neither left nor right, nor even centre")
  •      Black (official)
  •      Brown (customary)
Slogan"Neither left nor right, nor even centre; but Bonumlandian."
"Bonumland is everything, the rest is nothing!"
AnthemWe Shall Overcome
5 / 10
1 / 4
Party flag
RNCP Flag.png

The Revolutionary National Collectivist Party, or RNCP, is a syncretic political party in the Republic of Bonumland. Being a syncretic party, the RNCP's platform includes ideologies from all over the political spectrum, including national syndicalism, constitutional monarchism, collectivism, and revolutionary nationalism. The party is largely seen as far-right by outside commentators, though the party formally denies these claims, stating that it instead "defies the traditional political spectrum" and is "neither left nor right, nor even centre; but Bonumlandian." The party supports Addison Dillon to be the nation's new monarch, claiming they have the best claim to legitimacy since they founded the nation.