List of micronational militaries

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This is a list of micronations by the size of their military, according to MicroWiki.


Micronation Commander-in-chief Branches Active Reserve Paramilitary Notes
Bartonian Eco Flag.jpg Bartonia Cal Bartoń Army (Militar Bartoniyy) 2 4 OSD - 1
HenristanFlag.svg Henristan CGM Henry Blankenship Army, Navy, Air Force 30 0 0 All citizens are required to do military service.
Images (7.7).jpg Key West-Ziberland Emperor Danny I Army, Navy and Air Force 10 7-10 Imperial Guard- 5

Blue Scouts- 6

Cyber Police- 15

Flagofsunland.jpeg Kingdom of Sunland Johan Karlsson Army,Kings Royal Hussars,Sunlandic Royal Navy,Sunlandic Royal Air force 6 2 0
SunRepublic.png The Sun Republic Leland H. A. Elliott Army, Air Force, The Leader's Guard, Marine Force, Grenzerkompanie(s), and The International Data Control Branch 64 148 ~12 All members of the band are required to do 2 full years of military service. Anyone who can pass basic training is welcomed into the official military. Reserves are those who have been discharged from the military of The Sun Republic but have chosen to be called in if necessary.
Newnatlinflag.png United Provinces of Natlin Jacob D. Deceuninckvancapelle Army 1 13 2
LeafaveniaFlag.png Republic of Leafavenia Brycen I Army 2 0 0
Fixed Malinovian Flag.png State of Malinovia Aydan Dillon Army • Air Force 3 0 0
Luxeflag.svg Democratic Republic of Luxe Elias Rafael Rivera Guerra Esercito Luxese 7 1 3
Lathinie.jpg Lathinie Krishna Kler CTFoL 6 32 32
Grand Duchy of Rabenberg None official Great Army 2 0 0
Belcityflag.png Belcity Esercito Belcitese 1 0 0
Goldensteinsflag official.JPGGoldenstein His majesty Wilson I GSA (Intelligence agency) 0 0 2 Goldenstein doesn't have any army instead of a police force named GSA.
Flag of De Witt.png Kingdom of De Witt Royal Commandant King Nathaniel De Witt Royal Army of De Witt, De Witt Security Force 19 0 0 The Royal Army does not conscript nor require service, the DSF is a Cyber Security Force
Sabini national flag.jpg Free State of Sabini President S.A.F. Army, S.A.F. Navy 0 0 11 No standing military. Activated when declared by Citizen's Council
Flag.Pinang 1.png Commonwealth of Pinang Esty None 6 0 0 The official name of the army is Military Forces of Pinang.
Domian Kingdom The 2nd President Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Control 1 1 0 There are two presidents, one of witch controls the military
The Republic of Usky The President The Republic of Uskys Army 2 0 0
BrasporFlag2.pngBraspor His majesty Matheus I FARB (Royal Air Force of Braspor) 4 0 0 The micro nation only has a small air force formed by drones where the 4 volunteers operate these aircraft.