List of micronational militaries

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This is a list of micronations by the size of their military, according to MicroWiki.


Micronation Commander-in-chief Branches Active Reserve Paramilitary Notes
Flag of Australland.png
Lachlan Steenson Army, Navy, Air

Force, AIB (Australlandian Intelligence Bureau)

3 2 0 The army consists of Nerf Guns with proper bullets, Navy has removable dam technologies, Air Force has drones and flying toy cars and AIB has smart radar technologies. All of these will be in service by 2024.
Bartonian Eco Flag.jpg Bartonia Cal Sewa Army (Militar Bartoniyy) 2 4 OSD - 1
Belcityflag.png Belcity Esercito Belcitese 1 0 0
BrasporFlag2.pngBraspor His majesty Rei_Matheus_I_de_Braspor FARB (Royal Air Force of Braspor) 4 0 0 The micro nation only has a small air force formed by drones where the 4 volunteers operate these aircraft.
Flag of De Witt.png Kingdom of De Witt Royal Commandant King Nathaniel De Witt Royal Army of De Witt, De Witt Security Force 19 0 0 The Royal Army does not conscript nor require service, the DSF is a Cyber Security Force
Domian Kingdom The 2nd President Army, Navy, Air Force, Border Control 1 1 0 There are two presidents, one of witch controls the military
Flag (90).png Federal Republic of Eurastoria President Aidyn Bratt and Lt. General Ryan Bratt Army, Navy, Air force 231 723 (including non residential) 0 Conscription is mandated in the FRE.
HenristanFlag.svg Henristan CGM Henry Blankenship Army, Navy, Air Force 30 0 0 All citizens are required to do military service.
Hjalskflag.png Jarldom of Hjalvik Lord Max Hund Army, Navy and Air Force 6 4 0 Citizens fit enough are recommended to serve in the military.
Flag of Kohlandia.jpg Kingdom of Kohlandia HM Queen Catherine I Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force 0 2 0
Lathinie.jpg Lathinie Krishna Kler CTFoL 6 32 32
LeafaveniaFlag.png Republic of Leafavenia Brycen I Army 2 0 0
Luxeflag.svg Democratic Republic of Luxe Elias Rafael Rivera Guerra Esercito Luxese 7 1 3
Fixed Malinovian Flag.png State of Malinovia Aydan Dillon Army • Air Force 3 0 0
Newnatlinflag.png United Provinces of Natlin Jacob Deceuninck Army 1 13 2
Flag of Pinang.svg Pinangese Republic Esty None 6 0 0 The official name of the army is Military Forces of Pinang.
Regelis flag 16h.png Regelis Jeff C. Army, Air Force, Navy, ROSE, Sentry 11 9 4 Application process, draftless.
Sabini national flag.jpg Free State of Sabini President S.A.F. Army, S.A.F. Navy 0 0 20
Flag of surdam.svg.png Republic of Surdam President Caldwell and General Bush Army, Navy, Air Force 3 3 0 We always come out as the victor
People's Republic Of Titan The elect Royal Army (RRH), Cyber forces, Land forces, Surveillance forces and Citizen forces 20 (RRH), 4 (Cyber forces), 20 (Land forces), 6 (Surveillance forces) 10 (Citizen forces) 4 (Epsil0n)
🇳🇱 Wuhuia [Wuhu Island] Peter Griffin Air Patrol Forces 15 Miis 5 Paratrooper Plane that drops tourists, [1],

Royal Zeppelin used to transport head of state Princess Toadstool and Prince Mario.

Consists of 6 aircraft, 4 of which are used to Patrol Wuhu Island and intercept/escort aircraft. But, each patrol plane is armed with a balloon-popping gun. There is no draft, however and The DSRK is responsible for deploying land forces to fight Wuhuia's enemies.

The Police force is responsible for defending the Royal family in their travels.