Empire of Finnistan

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Empire of Finnistan
Empfeir vo Finnistán
Flag of Finnistan
Coat of arms of Finnistan
Coat of arms
Motto: Laŋ mal ðaf Empfeir regno
Long may the Empire reign
Anthem: National Anthem of Finnistan
LocationAlbany, New York / Upstate New York
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Finnian
Demonym(s)Finnian, Finnistani
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Finn Putnam
• President
Jackson C.
• Vice President
Donovan P.
• Five-Star General
Thomas Deseve
• Minister of Education
Noah C.
LegislatureGeneral Council of Finnistan
Finnistan Central Council
People’s Council of Finnistan
from the United States
• Founded
6 December 2021
• Declaration of Independence
11 December 2021
• First Constitution
13 December 2021
• Second Constitution
8 March 2023
• Total
57.75673 km2 (22.30000 sq mi)
Membership 51
HDI (2023)0.911
very high
CurrencyFinnistani crown
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd.mm.yyyy
Calling code+1 518

The Empire of Finnistan, more commonly known as Finnistan, is a micronation comprised of two provinces and two unincorporated territories. Finnistan was founded on 11 December 2021. Throughout its history, Finnistan has been in several different wars. However, in all of these wars, no battles took place, making them seen as pointless by many. Finnistan's government is run by the Finnistan Central Council, which holds elections for President every 6 months, on 2 April and 2 October. Finnistan's Emperor acts as the overseer of the Finnistan Central Council and foreign affairs. Finnistan has various ties to other micronations, such as Fuzzbertia and the Moscow Federation.


Finnistan is named after its current Emperor, Finn Putnam. The country's name is the Emperor's name, Finn, and the suffix -stan, meaning place of or land of. When translated literally, Finnistan's name means the land of Finn.


Finnistan was founded on 11 December 2021 in upstate New York. The country was created for fun, or as a joke, but eventually evolved into a serious project for those involved. On 26 December 2021, Grungolia was founded, and shortly after, declared war on Finnistan. This war was relatively uneventful, as there were no battles, and the reason for the war was unknown. The Grungolian-Finnian war lasted from 26 December 2021 to 3 February 2022. Later in the year, Rapolia declared war on Finnistan on 25 May 2022. The Emperor of Rapolia claimed the reason for the war was to annoy the Emperor of Finnistan, and that they wanted recognition. Similarly to the Grungolian-Finnian war, no battles were fought in the Rapolian-Finnian war, and the war ended on 28 September 2022, after Rapolia was disbanded. In February 2022, a close ally of Finnistan, Fuzzbertia, was dissolved after a civil war. Fuzzbertia had been an ally of Finnistan since Finnistan's founding, due to Emperor Finn being a former governor in Fuzzbertia before the founding of Finnistan. After Fuzzbertia was disbanded, the country joined Finnistan, gaining them land in Maine.[1]

Fuzzbertian Era (May 2018–November 2021)

The Fuzzbertian Era was the period of time between the founding of Fuzzbertia and the founding of the Finny Company.


The Empire of Fuzzbertia has been an ally of Finnistan since its secession on 15 March 2023, and was also allied to Finnistan before it temporarily joined Finnistan in February 2022. Founded on 3 May 2018, Emperor Finn was a member of Fuzzbertia until the founding of the Kingdom of Sifoland in 2020. Fuzzbertia collapsed after a civil war, and the nation joined Finnistan to re-stabilize, where it became a province in May 2022. Fuzzbertia was a member of the Polynational Alliance from 19 January 2022 to 2 February 2022.


The Kingdom of Sifoland was a short-lived micronation founded in late 2020 by Finn Putnam, who would later found Finnistan. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sifoland never took off as a nation, as the pandemic led to a lack of contact with potential citizens. Sifoland quietly dissolved just weeks after it was founded.

The flag of the Kingdom of Sifoland, the predecessor to Finnistan.

The Beginning (November 2021–April 2022)

This timespan includes the entire Grungolian-Finnian War, early Uviet Threats, the founding of the Moscow Federation, the founding of the Finny Company, and the founding of Finnistan. At this time, Emperor Finny was in 7th grade and was 13 years old, and Finnistan turned 2 months old by the end of this timespan.

The Finny Company

On 11 November 2021, Finn Putnam founded the Finny Company. The Finny Company was a short-lived company that sold clothes, most notably socks and t-shirts. The Finny Company was started as a joke and remained that way until it was disbanded to shift focus onto the Empire of Finnistan. The Finny Company was based on Zazzle, a company that manufactures custom-made products, and gives creators a small cut of profits. The Finny Company never ended up making any sales until after the Empire of Finnistan.

Founding of Finnistan

On 11 December 2021, Emperor Finny declared the Empire of Finnistan independent from the United States of America.[2] While the reason for independence is unknown, it was likely a joke, as stated by Emperor Finny previously. While Finnistan did start from a joke, it quickly evolved into a more serious project, as he had shown interest in forming a micronation for years prior. The Declaration of Independence was signed by Emperor Finny and Clara P and was based on the beginning of the United States' Declaraction of Independence.

Early Uviet Threats

On 13 December 2021, the leader of the Uviet Sonion, a communist micronation founded on 23 October 2021, threatened to declare war on Finnistan shortly after it was founded, claiming that they could easily invade, conquer, and annex the Empire of Finnistan.[3] Though Emperor Finny believed his armies could easily defend against a Uviet attack and didn't believe the threat was serious, planned backup defenses and formed the Council of Military Actions in Finnistan and the Safety of Citizens, which would later be renamed the Finnistan Council of Military Actions (FCOMA), and worked with the Anti-Communist Rebellion (ACR), and Fuzzbertia. Later, around 5:00 PM (UTC-5), the Uviet leader sent a message to Emperor Finny stating that he would like to de-escalate the situation and form an alliance.

Founding of the Monarchy of The Federal States of Moscow

The Monarchy of The Federal States of Moscow, commonly known as the Moscow Federation, was founded on 13 December 2021, when support for a monarchy in the Uviet Sonion began, however, the Uviet government was not exiled completely for some time. The Moscow Federation was the successor to the Uviet Sonion, and eventually, the Uviet government was overthrown and replaced with the constitutional monarchy in place today.

Grungolian-Finnian War

On 26 December 2021, the Empire of Grungolia declared war on Finnistan, similarly to the Rapolian-Finnian war, no battles occurred. The reason Grungolia declared war is unknown, but the war did not affect either country at all. The Grungolian-Finnian war ended with the Treaty of Mooselegs, on the terms that Grungolia would join the Polynational Alliance, an alliance between Finnistan and three other micronations at the time. The Emperor of Grungolia, Grungle Berryton, also demanded a high-five from the Emperor of Finnistan, stating that they would "tear up this currently digital treaty" if it was not received.

Dejevesian Independence

On 8 February 2022, the Supreme Democratic Republic of Dejevesia declared independence from the Empire of Finnistan. Their Declaration of Independence was worded informally in a comedic manner. Although based on their Declaration of Independence, they seemed to be expecting a war over this, Dejevesia was allowed to peacefully secede from Finnistan.

Polynational Alliance

The Polynational Alliance was an alliance founded by Emperor Finny. Five nations were members at the alliance's peak in May 2022. The alliance is no longer active and has since been succeeded by the Fyiromá Pact. The first three members of the alliance were Finnistan, Fuzzbertia, and Toucania, who all joined on 19 January 2022. On 2 February 2022, Kemmagor joined the alliance. On 25 May 2022, Dejevesia joined just fourteen minutes after Rapolia declared war on Finnistan, followed by the Moscow Federation joining five minutes after Dejevesia. Because of the Polynational Alliance, a total of six nations were involved in the Rapolian-Finnian war.

Conflicted Age (May 2022–September 2022)

The Conflicted Age was the period in Finnian history that started with the founding of the Rapolian Empire, which declared war on Finnistan shortly after its founding.

Founding of the Rapolian Empire

Though the exact date the Rapolian Empire was founded is unknown, it is known that it was founded early in May of 2022 by Aiden R. The Rapolian Empire claimed to have many members, upwards of ten, while the Empire of Finnistan had around 25, however, the Emperor of Finnistan claimed that Rapolia was bluffing and that the true count was three. It is still unknown to the Finnian government how many members Rapolia had at its peak, as all numbers stated by the Finnian government were speculation.

Pre-War Tensions

On 22 May 2022, Carter Cantara, the President of Finnistan at the time, resigned from the position to serve as a member of the Rapolian government. At the time, the Emperor of Finnistan and the Emperor of Rapolia had been having constant arguments for about a month and may have been considered enemies. Later, the Emperor of Rapolia, Aiden R, claimed that Carter was a spy for Rapolia against Finnistan. This sparked concern in Emperor Finny, who silently halted FCC activity. Finnistan and its allies speculated that Rapolia could be attempting to throw them off since they believed it was unlikely that the leader of a nation would reveal who their spies were.

Rapolian-Finnian Declaration of War

On Wednesday, 25 May 2022 at 8:13 AM, the Rapolian Empire officially declared war on Finnistan. Immediately, the news was sent out to all allies of Finnistan, including Dejevesia and the Moscow Federation, who joined the Polynational Alliance just minutes later. Plans to meet for a battle were mentioned, however, no plans were finalized or acted upon, leaving this war with a lack of battles. Lots of arguments happened in the month following, until Finnistan completely lost contact with any members of Rapolia, thus leaving the war with a stalemate.

End of the War

On 28 September 2022, Donovan P, who was not yet Vice President at the time, delivered the news that the Rapolian Empire had been disbanded. With no way to confirm or deny this news, Finnistan accepted it as fact. While it is possible Rapolia could have been disbanded much prior to the delivery of news on the event, Finnistan still views 28 September as the end of the Rapolian-Finnian War, and it has been made a national holiday.

Post-Rapolian Era (October 2022–October 2023)

The Post-Rapolian Era is part of Finnistan's history following the collapse of Rapolia.

Emerson's Resignation

On 29 December 2022, Emerson Lee, the Minister of Economy, resigned. Shortly after this, a short election was held that was not finished due to a lack of a significant number of votes. Only three people voted, two for Carter C, the former President of Finnistan, and Jackson C, the Vice President of Finnistan at the time.

Goofian Declaration of Independence

On 28 January 2023, Goofia declared independence from the Empire of Finnistan. The people claimed that they did not have a fair say in elections, complaining that people were voting for their friends simply because they were their friends, using the short election in late December as an example. Immediately, Goofia occupied the southernmost town in Finnistan, where most of their population lived. The Emperor of Finnistan quickly attempted to get them to rejoin the Empire, most notably as a fully autonomous province. Shortly after these attempts failed, he declared war on Goofia.

Moscow Federation's Involvement

On the same day as Goofia's Declaration of Independence, Jackson C. mentioned plans to run in the April 2023 Elections and plot an overthrowing of the Finnian government. At the time this was a plan to assist their ally, Goofia, but it would later become a source of paranoia for Finnistan and Dejevesia after it was uncovered in a spy mission.

Disputed Territory

While Finnistan was willing to give up the land Goofia occupied, another piece of land which was called Sector Three at the time was claimed by both Goofia and Finnistan. This piece of land is the main reason why the war did not end on the day after it began, as on 29 January 2023, Finnistan proposed a treaty that would give Goofia independence with only the southernmost town, which was called Sector Four at the time. Goofia denied the treaty, stating they would not stop fighting until they received Sector Three.

Dejevesia Joins the War

On 10 February 2023, the Supreme Democratic Republic of Dejevesia declared war on Goofia to aid Finnistan. The act was seen as an act of friendship by Finnistan but by other nations, it was seen as an act of aggression. The Moscow Federation, who had earlier completed a diplomatic mission with Goofia, stated that if another nation declared war on Goofia, they would join on the side of Goofia. Tensions rose between the two nations, and several videos were released by the Finnian government stating how they believe the Moscow Federation had betrayed them and their alliance.

Treaty of Schodack

The Treaty of Schodack was signed in mid-February 2023. The treaty gave Goofia independence, Sector Four of Fyiromá, and the Schodack Town Park, however Goofia recieving the Town Park would later cause another war. Dejevesia did not sign the treaty but no fighting ensued between them and Goofia, and they later formed an alliance.

Post-Treaty Tensions

The same day as the Treaty of Schodack was signed, the leader of Goofia, Jaxon C.P. released a video in which he apologized for demanding Sector Three, saying that Goofia did not need it. However, he stated that the Crizetish Dynasty was an enemy of Goofia. The Crizetish Dynasty provided sensitive information to both parties during the Goofian War of Independence. Goofia soon declared war, but peace followed just hours later.

4 March Conflict

On 4 March 2023, Dejevesia declared war on the Moscow Federation following the de-classification of screenshots of Jackson C's former plans to overthrow the government of Finnistan. Finnistan joined the war roughly five minutes later. The war only lasted about 45 minutes to an hour, as discussions quickly started, and the plan to overthrow the government was quickly explained as defunct. Emperor Finn apologized for declaring war on such short notice and agreed to white peace. The same day, Dejevesia annexed Goofia peacefully.

Secession of Fuzzbertia

On 15 March 2023, following some discussion between Emperor Finn and Emprox Logan Schaff, the Empire of Fuzzbertia peacefully seceded from the Empire of Finnistan. Fuzzbertia annexed all of the Province of Fuzzbertia, as well as a four-acre block of land around where a former Finnian military base was. Additionally, Fort Biblia, a military base within the city of Fyiromá, was to be moved about 130 meters south and be jointly occupied by both countries. The land of Fort Biblia before being moved south then became the Fuzzbertian Embassy in Finnistan. Finnistan and Fuzzbertia agreed to retain a strong alliance, as mentioned in the Royal Decree of the Secession of Fuzzbertia.

Ublaestani-Dejevesian War

On 26 April 2023, the Ublaestani König and Finnian Vice President, Donovan P, exclaimed his dislike for the annexation of Schodack Town Park by Goofia, and later Dejevesia. He claimed he did not sign the Treaty of Schodack, and thus the annexation was illegal. Two days later, when Emperor Finn explained and asked Thomas Deseve about the dispute, Deseve said at one point in the conversation, "Tell Donovan that I'd go to war about it and he can suck my d**k." Although efforts for diplomacy were made, on 30 April 2023, Dejevesia declared war on Ublaestan over the territorial dispute. The Emperor of Finnistan shortly afterwards released a statement announcing his support for Ublaestan in the conflict. On 4 May 2023, Emperor Finn sent Deseve an ultimatum, stating that if he did not return the Town Park by Sunday, 7 May, his position as head of military would be "temporarily, albeit indefinitely, suspended." Although Dejevesia returned the park on 5 May, although there was no treaty officially ending the war, the returning of the park to Ublaestan was considered the end of the war.

Beginning of the Dejevesian-Fuzzbertian War

On 11 June 2023, after the Emprox of Fuzzbertia, Logan Schaff, called the leader of Dejevesia an "unstable brat" after the Dejevesian leader repeatedly asked why they changed their mind about joining a micronational Minecraft server, Dejevesia declared war on Fuzzbertia. The reaction from micronations was split, while the Crizetish Dynasty initially supported Dejevesia, this later changed, and other nations, such as Finnistan and the Moscow Federation were against the declaration of war and supported Fuzzbertia.

Griswald Revolution

On 20 June 2023, the Griswald Republic, which remains unrecognized by any micronations within the county, declared independence from Goofia. Within hours to days, Goofia, Dejevesia, the Crizetish Dynasty, the Moscow Federation, Teleland, and Finnistan all declared war on the Republic. Finnistan was the last to declare war, doing so on 24 June 2023. Due to complete inactivity and no communication from the the Griswald Republic, their existence was completely forgotten or ignored by the time the Dejevesian-Fuzzbertian War had begun to take shape into a broader conflict.

Finnian Entry into the Dejevesian-Fuzzbertian War

On 2 September 2023 at 12:16 PM, the day after the signing of a new defensive pact between Finnistan and Fuzzbertia, Finnistan joined the war in defense of Fuzzbertia. The same day, just 6 minutes later, Goofia joined the war on the side of Dejevesia, and the Crizetish Dynasty joined on the side of Fuzzbertia at 1:05 PM.

Moscow Federation's Entry and Disbandment of Dejevesia

After much consideration from the Tsar of the Moscow Federation, the Moscow Federation joined the war on the side of Fuzzbertia on 5 October 2023. Shortly after this, Goofia re-joined Dejevesia. However, the next day, Dejevesia disbanded, proceeding to post what seemed to be a series of messages in the announcements channel on the Dejevesia discord server, containing quotes from the indie game UNDERTALE by Toby Fox, hinting at a new nation. The final two messages were posted in the Goofian discord server, which contained an invite link to the server for a new nation known as Necronos. Necronos was met with much opposition initially, with many claiming it to be Dejevesia trying to use a "get-out-of-jail-free card," however peace was eventually seen after the storm of mixed opinions from the initial announcement died down.

Modern Era (October 2023-Present)

The Modern Era is encompasses Finnian history following the end of the Dejevesian-Fuzzbertian War.

Politics and government

Finnistan is a constitutional monarchy, which has an Emperor, and 3 other important political figures. Those being the President, Vice President, and Minister of Economy. The government runs 2 elections per year, on 2 April, and 2 October, which run until 16 April and 16 October. The President can serve 2 terms, for a total of 1 year in office, or, if a President resigns in the middle of a term, the new President can serve another two terms if the former President was already more than halfway through their term, making the longest allowed term 1 year and 5 months.[4] The candidate with the second most votes becomes Vice President if the winner has no running mate.

Finnistan Central Council

The Finnistan Central Council (formerly known as the Council of Laws and Policies) is the basic central government of the Empire of Finnistan. The FCC has elections every 6 months, on 2 April and 2 October. The President of Finnistan can serve two terms. Once they have served two terms, they can no longer run for re-election. Candidates can run as many times as they wish until they are elected twice. The candidate with the second most votes becomes the Vice President. The Vice President can serve as many terms as they wish until they are elected President twice. In order for a law to be passed, half of the FCC, the President, and the Emperor must sign.

Past Elections

There has been a total of two elections, two Presidents, and three Vice Presidents. Originally, elections were annual but in September 2022 became biannual.

April 2022 FCC Election

The April 2022 FCC Election, known at the time as the 2022 COLAP Elections, was the first FCC election. At the time, elections were yearly, but in September 2022, were changed to every 6 months. The winner of the April 2022 FCC Election was Carter Cantara, who resigned on 22 May 2022, leaving the runner-up, Jasper Hoffman, as the President.

April 2022 FCC Election Results
Name Votes Placement Percentage
Carter Cantara 9 1st 39.13%
Jasper Hoffman 5 2nd 21.74%
Merari Rojas 4 3rd 17.39%
Jackson C. 3 4th 13.04%
Hailey Clasby 1 5th (tie) 4.35%
Kahlo McCarthy 1 5th (tie) 4.35%
Matt Gill 0 6th 0.00%
October 2022 FCC Election

The October 2022 FCC Election, known at the time as the October 2022 COLAP Elections, was the second FCC election. The winner of the October 2022 FCC Election was Jasper Hoffman, who is the current President as of December 2022. This election also introduced the Vice President office, with Jackson C. becoming the Vice President.

October 2022 FCC Election Results
Name Votes Placement Percentage
Jasper Hoffman 5 1st 27.78%
Jackson C. 3 2nd 16.67%
Carter Cantara 2 3rd (tie) 11.11%
Genevieve P. 2 3rd (tie) 11.11%
Hailey Clasby 2 3rd (tie) 11.11%
Ace Shafer 1 4th (tie) 5.56%
Clark Crouse 1 4th (tie) 5.56%
Jaxon C.P. 1 4th (tie) 5.56%
Noah C. 1 4th (tie) 5.56%
Kairi Graham 0 5th (tie) 0.00%
Merari Rojas 0 5th (tie) 0.00%
Thomas DeSeve 0 5th (tie) 0.00%

April 2023 FCC Election

The October 2022 FCC Election, known at the time as the October 2022 COLAP Elections, was the second FCC election. The winner of the October 2022 FCC Election was Jasper Hoffman, who is the current President as of December 2022. This election also introduced the Vice President office, with Jackson C. becoming the Vice President.

April 2023 FCC Election Results
Name Running Mate Votes Placement Percentage
Jackson C. Donovan P. 14 1st 41%
Alex S. Alex R. 13 2nd 38%
Thomas DeSeve Jaxon C.P. 7 3rd 21%

Foreign relations

Finnistan is allied with the Moscow Federation, Fuzzbertia, and is a member of the Aequitas Pact. Finnistan was allied with Grungolia following the Treaty of Mooselegs, however, after Grungolia left the alliance between Toucania, Moscow Federation, and Finnistan, the relations are rather ambiguous but more likely positive than negative.

Federal People's Republic of Libertas

The Federal People's Republic of Libertas was an ally of Finnistan since 4 September 2022 until their disbandment. They became allies when Premier Emerson Lee of Libertas and Emperor Finn Putnam of Finnistan met on MicroWiki Community server.[5] Lee made efforts to help Finnistan's economy.

Monarchy of The Federal States of Moscow

The Monarchy of The Federal States of Moscow, or Moscow Federation has been an ally of Finnistan since December 2021. The Moscow Federation was founded on 13 December 2021 by Tsar Jackson C., two days after Finnistan was founded. The predecessor to the Moscow Federation, the Uviet Sonion, originally claimed that they could easily defeat and annex the Empire of Finnistan after Finnistan was founded, but later that day decided not to, and rather form an alliance.[6] The Moscow Federation and Finnistan are currently still allied, and the Tsar of the Moscow Federation is the President of Finnistan.


The Republic of Andronia (formerly Crizetish Dynasty, Toucania, and the ACR) was an ally of Finnistan since its founding on 26 December 2021 up until Andronia cut off all ties with other nations to pursue neutrality.

Kingdom of Rapolia

The first time Rapolia was formed, it was an enemy of Finnistan. Not much was known about Rapolia at that point, but it was likely a monarchy, as the leader, Aiden, was referred to as an Emperor. Rapolia declared war on Finnistan on 25 May 2022, at 8:13 AM. Rapolia and Finnistan talked about planning battles, but in the end, no battles happened. According to Donovan P, a citizen who had contact with Rapolia, it disbanded on 28 September 2022. The Kingdom of Rapolia was reformed on 27 May 2023, when Dejevesia announced Rapolia's reformation and alliance with it at 9:09 PM. Finnistan and Rapolia, despite having a conflicted past, were not opposed to the development of positive relations, however, shortly after Teleland declared war on Rapolia, it disbanded again.


Dejevesia and Finnistan had been major allies since they declared independence, although the two nations were at war when Dejevesia disbanded. Dejevesian-Fuzzbertian War. Dejevesia had aided Finnistan in two wars and Finnistan had in turn assisted in one. Dejevesia's longest border with Finnistan was in the North Brookview Territory. Dejevesia disbanded on 6 October 2023.


Ublaestan was founded around the same time as Goofia, in late January 2023. Until a territorial dispute detween Ublaestan and Dejevesia, and later the Ublaestani-Dejevesian War, Ublaestan and Finnistan's relations were rather neutral.


Although a treaty, signed by both Silas Wurnbash and Finn Putnam, has been written to establish an alliance between Invictus and Finnistan, Finnistan's President, Jackson C, has yet to have signed the treaty, making the alliance not official yet.


Goofia declared independence from Finnistan on 28 January 2023, and got independence from Dejevesia in June 2023 after being annexed on 4 March 2023, however they were annexed by Dejevesia once more on 5 October 2023. Finnistan and Goofia were at war when Goofia was annexed by Dejevesia.


Although at first Finnistan saw Necronos as an enemy when it was founded on 7 October 2023 by the former leaders of Dejevesia and Goofia, Finnistan moved towards a neutral standpoint shortly after, up until they joined La Hermandad and went to war with Finnistan.

Administrative regions

Finnistan has two provinces, which are planned to self-govern soon, however local governments have not yet been established. There is currently legislation to make Fyiromá a Federal District and split off the non-city part of the province a new province. There is also legislation to make North Brookview a province. Neither of these bills have been passed.

Flag Name Area Population Officials
Federal Provinces / Provinces
Fyiromá 28.75 km2 ~30 Emperor Finn
Louthiros 19.87 km2 ~10 Vacant
North Brookview 12.77 km2 ~5-10 Vacant
Corbett Territory 0.449 km2 2 Vacant
Saddlemire Territory 0.0015 km2 1 Vacant

Political Leaders

In Finnistan, there has been a total of three Presidents, two Vice President, and one Emperor. The role of the Emperor is a lifetime position. All other positions are gained through elections. The Vice President office was established during the October 2022 elections, if established earlier, there would have been four total Vice Presidents.

Political Leaders in Finnistan
Name Position Term Time Served Terms Served
Finn Putnam Emperor 11 December 2021–Present 1 year, 11 months and 21 days N/A
Logan Schaff Minister of War 4 March 2022–10 April 2023 1 year, 1 month and 6 days 1 (1 year)
Jasper Hoffman President 22 May 2022–10 April 2023 10 months and 19 days 2 (6 months)
Jackson C. Vice President 16 October 2022–10 April 2023 5 months and 25 days 1 (6 months)
Jackson C. President 10 April 2023-Present 7 months and 22 days TBD
Donovan P. Vice President 10 April 2023-Present 7 months and 22 days TBD
Emerson Lee Minister of Economy 12 November 2022–29 December 2022 1 month and 17 days <0.5
Carter Cantara President 16 April 2022–22 May 2022 1 month and 6 days <0.5

Imperial Standard of the Putnam Dynasty, the current ruling dynasty in Finnistan.
A photo of Pleasant Lake, which borders the Empire of Fuzzbertia, photographed when Fuzzbertia was part of Finnistan.


Finnistan formerly exported mica from the Fuzzbertia province, which is now an independent nation. Mica, however, did not make much income, and the economy of Finnistan is still being worked on by various members of the government.


Finnistan currently only exports sea salt. Ocean water contains around 3.7% dissolved salt, which can be extracted from ocean water by boiling away the water, until nothing but salt remains in a pot. Finnistan plans on exporting sea salt with this method, which will likely contribute a lot to the Finnistan economy.


Finnistan is currently open to trade with other micronations and is open to importing pewter. Finnistan is a landlocked nation, thus, it relies on the United States of America to transport resources.


Finnistan has used two different currencies before. Finnistan is currently in the process of designing and minting a new currency, the Finnistani Crown.

Finny Bucks

Finny Bucks were a currency used from 11 December 2022 to 7 September 2022 in Finnistan until counterfeit bills caused inflation rates of over 2,400%. On 7 September 2022, Emperor Finny announced a new currency, the Finnistani Crown.

Finnistani Crown

The Finnistani Crown is the currency used in Finnistan since 7 September 2022. Currently, the Finnistani Crown is yet to be minted, however, progress is being made. The Finnistani Crown would have been tied to the Excelsioran-Libertasian Mark if the new Royal Economic Plan had been passed after its introduction.

The Royal Economic Plan

Introduced by Emerson Lee on 9 December 2022, the Royal Economic Plan outlined income tax, UBI, and the currency, the Finnistani Crown. This plan, if passed, would have tied the Finnistani crown to the Excelsioran-Libertasian Mark, the currency which was used in the Federal People's Republic of Libertas and the United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic.[7][8] The Plan was never passed and has made no progress since the end of the year.


Finnian culture is quite similar to American culture, as a majority of citizens are American. Finnistan is also home to a unique language, Finnian, found only in Finnistan and the Moscow Federation.


Finnistan celebrates many of the same holidays as the United States of America, including major holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. Additionally, Finnistan has holidays not seen in the United States.

Date Holiday Description
1 January New Year's Day The first day of the new year.
22 March–25 April Easter Holiday commemorating Jesus Christ's resurrection.
9 August Emperor's Birthday The birthday of Emperor Finn Putnam.
28 September Victory Day The day Finnistan won the Rapolian-Finnian War when the Rapolian Empire disbanded.
31 October Halloween Beginning of the observance of Allhallowtide.[9]
11 December Independence Day The day Emperor Finny and Clara P. signed the Finnian Declaration of Independence
25 December Christmas Holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.
31 December New Year's Eve The last day of the year.


Finnistan speaks two languages, English, and Finnian. The Finnian language is a Germanic language originating in Fyiromá. It borrows many words from German and some from English. For example, most numbers in Finnian are taken from German. The quote below says "Proper societal issues will either be solved, or the civilization will collapse."

Urdelati zodsiealati probleimo vijerst aider stei gelost, odjer ðaf tsivilond vijerst efeile. - Emperor Finny

Numbers 1-10
English Finnian German
one ains eins
two sfai zwei
three treija drei
four fija vier
five feif fünf
six zeiks sechs
seven zibyn sieben
eight okt acht
nine najn neun
ten deikh zehn

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