Ecological Republic of Libertas

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Ecological Republic of Libertas
Coat of arms
Motto: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
Anthem: Venceremos
CapitalIndustry Park
Official languagesEnglish, Korean, Industrian
Recognised regional languagesIndustrian
State Secularity (De Jure), Protestant Christiantity (De Facto)
GovernmentFederal Socialist Republic
• Premier
Micah W.
• Chairman
Roy Jackson
• General Secretary
Connor Hetner
• Dean of The Chamber
Micah W.
LegislatureLibertasian People’s Chamber
Peoples Representative Chamber
Peoples Ratification Chamber
• 2023 census
very high
CurrencyLibertasian Excelsior Marks
Time zoneLST (De jure) CST (De facto)

The Ecological Republic of Libertas, more commonly known as Libertas and formerly known as the Federal People's Republic of Libertas, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state that is more commonly known as a micronation by external observers.


Libertas is derived from the Latin word for liberty. The name was chosen to signify Libertas being built on the foundation of liberty and justice for all.


First Presidential Election

Libertas was founded by Premier Emerson Lee on March 22nd 2022. There were 4 founding citizens of the republic: Charlie Krisle, Connor Hetner, Emerson Lee, Nicolas Caiazzo. The first elections took place a few days after the republic was founded with the Candidates being: Connor Hetner (Workers Party), Emerson Lee (International Proletariat League), & Charlie Krisle (Independent). Emerson Lee won the presidential election but saw a fight of opposition from Hetner & Krisle.

Governance in the New State

In the beginning of the republic due to the small population Libertas' decisions were made though the Peoples Congress, which was a direct democratic legislature.

The First Libertasian Revolution

In May of 2022 Nicolas Caiazzo started an Anarchist revolutionary front called the New Libertasian Anarchist Republic. This front was created after the introduction of conscription in the armed forces. This front was a polarizing movement in Libertas, where the military and president sided with the federal soviet government, and members of the populous sided with the anarchists. The front reached its goals on May 20th 2022 when Nicolas Caiazzo took over the government and dissolved the constitution, instead favoring decrees. The anarchist republic though lasted a short amount of time as in only 2 hours the federal government seized control again and started the First Peoples Republic of Libertas.

Sidewalk War

The Sidewalk War was a war fought by the United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic, supported by Libertas and Roscamistan against the Democratic Republic of Vitione. With the war officially beginning on 15 May 2022, a ceasefire and peace agreement, but no surrender, was reached 16 May 2022, making the conflict the shortest-lived Excelsioran War.

With no physical conflict, the war left little damage on either side, however has soured relations substantially between excelsior and Vitione. Vitione never issued a formal declaration of war against Excelsior, and refused to recognize the war's existence until 16 May 2022. After negotiations between Silas Wurnbash, President of Excelsior and Commander-General of the Excelsioran Military, and Joshua Schnurman, President of Vitione, moderated by Nicolas Caiazzo, Chancellor of Excelsior and Vice President of Vitione, a ceasefire was reached in exchange for territorial concessions, split between the 3 victors. Despite no official victor, Excelsioran news sources including the ENNC and the Excelsioran tabloid claimed the war as an Excelsioran and allied victory.

Emerson Lee later made public remarks regretting the decision to get involved, calling it "Imperialist." The territory Libertas gained was named, "the concrete slab." and is part of Libertas' land holdings to the day.

The First Peoples Republic of Libertas

After the failed revolution, a Marxist Leninist regime came into affect. Roy Jackson wrote the first constitution of the new regime which had the vanguard party become the Communist Party and establish the de-facto head of state as General Secretary of the Communist Party. The Peoples Congress became a rubber stamp legislature after the re writing of the constitution which only allowed Governors (Which were appointed by the Premier) and Ministers allowed to be in the congress. As well as these changes a new capital was introduced which would become Seosenti. This capital faced extreme controversy, and many people including Nicolas Caiazzo refused to accept the new capital, instead declaring Industry Park the capital.

Emerson's Resignation

On 29 December 2022, Emerson Lee resigned from his position as Premier. Emerson was unable to communicate with most of the nation after being forced to delete his Discord account. Shortly after it was announced that he would be retiring, many mourned in Libertas and allied nations. After Emerson resigned, Connor Hetner became the Premier, until he resigned. Following this, Micah W. became the new Premier, who is still in place today.


On 21 April 2023, Premier Micah W. announced the retirement of the nation. Initially, Chairman Roy Jackson protested this, but after some time, agreed to let the nation retire. As of 22 April 2023, it was stated that the nation would not retire until later in the week.

Politics and government

Libertas is a Federal Socialist Republic led by the Premier, the head of government. The Chairman who serves as ceremonial head of state. There is no Vice Premier or Deputy chairman but instead a General secretary who works as that position. These three positions are elected every 6 months.

Libertas is divided into territories, each with their own Regional Governor.

Law and order

Libertas elects a Court Justice to serve as judge in the Federal Court. The incumbent Court Justice is Nicolas Caiazzo.

Foreign relations

Libertas' allies include the Kingdom of Bryantia, Cotter Menaceland, the United Federation of the Terra Excelsior Republic, and the Empire of Finnistan. Libertas has had one summit with the nation of Cotter Menaceland in July of 2022 in Chicago. Libertasian-Excelsior relations have started to sour due to the Duck Island Federation war with Invictus.


The Libertasian Military currently has one K-9 unit. The Military is lead by General Silas Wurnbash. The military was used in the Sidewalk War, as well as the duck island dispute, as well as helping to put down civil unrest. Conscription is written into Libertasian law and can come into effect in war.


Libertas' executive branch consists of the Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Ministry of Economy and Labor, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for managing court cases and writing amendments for the court system in the Libertas Republic. It was established on 5 December 2022 under the Ministry Act to manage how the Libertasian judicial system will work.

2023 Elections

The 2023 Premiership Elections took place on 29 March 2023. It was a decisive victory for Micah W, who was re-elected with 8 votes. The other two candidates, Chet Chetson and Wyatt, both got one vote.


The Libertasian economy is primarily a free socialist economy, where the workers control co-ops or create goods on the cottage selling area. There also is an agrarian communalist area in the Libertas Outlands (South Libertas). This communal area is on a berry plantation.

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