Connor Hetner

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His Excellency
Connor Hetner
President of Cotter Menaceland
Connor Hetner at the 2022 Libertas-Cotter Menaceland Summit in Chicago
1st President of Cotter Menaceland
Assumed office
2 March 2022
Vice PresidentJames Frehley
Preceded byOffice established
Minister of the Environment
Assumed office
26 March 2022
Prime MinisterBen Olson
Preceded byOffice established
Representative of Goose Island to the Federal Assembly
Assumed office
7 April 2022
PremierGus Hoyt
Preceded byOffice established
1st First Secretary of Libertas
In office
7 August 2022 – 2 October 2022
PresidentEmerson Lee
Preceded byOffice established
Member of the Libertasian People's Council
In office
4 June 2022 – 16 June 2022
PresidentEmerson Lee
Speaker of the Parliament of Excelsior
Assumed office
25 June 2022
PresidentSilas Wurnbash
ChancellorNicolas Caiazzo
Preceded byEmerson Lee
Personal details
Born13 April 2009 (2009-04-13) (age 14)
Chicago, Illinois
Citizenship Cotter Menaceland
 United States
 Aerican Empire
Kingdom of Gnome
 Duck Island Federation
Political partyDemocratic Socialist Party of Cotter Menaceland
Popular Unity
National Workers Party
Commonwealth Labour Party
Workers Party
RelationsJeremiah Johns (brother), Ezekiel Johns (brother)
CabinetJames Frehely (VP)
Nicolas Caiazzo (Minister)
Ethan Morash (Minister)
Joe Terronez (Minister)
AwardsParty Excellency Award (DSP)
Hero of the Revolution of Excelsior Medal (Excelsior)
Medal of Coolness (Independent New Brooklyn)
Medal of Government (Independent New Brooklyn)
Founders' Medal (Cotter Menaceland)
Baron of Lundley (Kingdom of Setera)
Order of the Matence Cross (Socialist Republic of Cotter Menaceland)

Connor Hetner is an American micronationalist, politician, and 3D modeler who is currently serving as President of the Socialist Republic of Cotter Menaceland. He first learned about micronations in the summer of 2019 when he found out about the Republic of Molossia on YouTube.

Ever since he learned about the existence of micronations, he had wanted to establish one. Because of this wish, on January 18th, 2022, he founded the Socialist Republic of Cotter Menaceland (formerly the Republic of Cotter Menaceland). Within Cotter Menaceland, he is also the founder of the Democratic Socialist Party of Cotter Menaceland.

Before he founded Cotter Menaceland, he was a citizen of many other micronations, including the Democratic Republic of Benjastan, the West River Confederation, and the Federal Republic of Georgienstine. As of March 29th, 2022, Hetner was appointed as Minister of the Environment of the Co-operative Republic of Kraitia. Hetner holds many high-ranking offices in many different micronations and plans to be involved in them for as long as he can.

The Libertasian Civil War

Internal conflict in the Democratic State of Libertas led to an uprising and creation of the New Libertasian Anarchist Republic by Nicolas Caiazzo. These uprisings caused the President of Libertas, Emerson Lee, to have the state press charges against Caiazzo for treason.

On May 16th, 2022, a jury was held by Hetner (as justice) which found Caiazzo not guilty. After the jury made their verdict, Caiazzo called to remove Lee from office, but the jury was not able to find evidence, so the jury is currently suspended. Officially, Nicolas Caiazzo calls these conflicts the "Libertasian Civil War." Hetner states that he "chooses to remain neutral and help no side in this conflict."

Micronational Career

Hetner has worked in many nations and has accomplished many things to be involved in them.

Cotter Menaceland

Connor Hetner founded the Socialist Republic of Cotter Menaceland on January 18th, 2022 along with a few other people. After its founding, Hetner acted as the de facto leader in helping the nation's establishment. During this time he founded the first party of Cotter Menaceland which is the Democratic Socialist Party of Cotter Menaceland. A few days later the first presidential election was held with him as the only candidate and he won with a 100% majority. After being elected, Nicolas Caiazzo administered his oath of office for the president. A few months later, Connor Hetner officially declared the nation independent from the United States after he helped the nation greatly and still is to this day.





Connor Hetner awarding Joe Terronez the Scout Medal on Flag Day
2022 Cotter Menacelandian Presidential Election Results