Democratic Socialist Party of Cotter Menaceland

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Democratic Socialist Party
LeaderConnor Hetner
Vice-LeaderJames Frehely
Founded30 January 2022-22 November 2022
HeadquartersČetqua, Cotter Menaceland
IdeologyOfficial: Democratic Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Social Democracy, Left-Wing Populism Factions: Centrism, Social Conservatism, Environmentalism, Anti-Neoliberalism
Slogan"Together we're strong"
AnthemThe Internationale
National Parliament of Cotter Menaceland
3 / 16
0 / 10

The Democratic Socialist Party was a political party in the Socialist Republic of Cotter Menaceland. Led by Connor Hetner, the party won the 2022 Presidential election. The party had six members and it was the first party ever founded in Cotter Menaceland.

Party assembly

Once every month, the party would congress to discuss in the Party Assembly. This assembly is where members could address concerns, make suggestions, and motion votes.

Party awards

Some awards that could be earned by party members were:

  • Party Excellency Award (most awarded)
  • Award of One's Excellency to Socialism (least awarded)
  • Red Hammer & Sickle Award (second most awarded)

The leader of the party would have to award you these, but it was also possible for the people to vote to award the leader these awards.

Creation of the United Left

As of 22 November 2022, the Democratic Socialist Party of Cotter Menaceland has been dissolved. This was due to the formation of the United Left of Cotter Menaceland with the International Proletariat League and Federal Trade Party. The Democratic Socialist Party of Cotter Menaceland still exists in the form of a faction in the United Left, with it being the largest. This faction is known as the "Democratic-Socialist Faction" or "DemSoc Faction."