Silas Wurnbash

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Silas Wurnbash
Arms of Wurnbash within Laskaridia.
3rd President of Excelsior
Assumed office
29 August 2020
Vice PresidentHarold R
Preceded byAkash V. K.
Surgeon-General of Excelsior
Assumed office
23 April 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Leader of the Empire of Invictus of Excelsior
Assumed office
28 August 2020
Preceded byOffice established
General-Secretary of the Democratic Party of Excelsior
Assumed office
20 June 2021
Preceded byoffice established
Commander-General of the Excelsioran Military
Assumed office
29 August 2020
Preceded byAkash V.K.
Minister for Homeland Security and Defense for the republic of Excelsior
Assumed office
28 August 2020
Preceded byoffice established
Governor of the State of Aeterneum of Gapla
Assumed office
20 July 2021
Preceded byoffice established
Chairman of the Aequitas pact
Personal details
BornNew York City
Citizenship Excelsior
 United States
RelationsHRM Princess Lillian (Cousin), Arlo Wurnbash (Brother)

Silas Wurnbash, also known as Silas W. is an Excelsioran politician, statesman, and soldier. Serving as the 3rd President of the United States of the Terra Excelsior Republic since 2020, he is regarded as one of the original founders of excelsior. He is the General-Secretary of the Democratic Party of Excelsior, and since 2021 has served as Surgeon-General. Highly popular amongst many non-Government citizens, his Democratic Party maintains control over the Excelsioran Senate and holds the support of a large amount of the population. At his side are the major general in charge of the military, Lola.g, his right and left hands, Harold and Micah, as well as his main advisors, Jim, Charlie, as well as his head of security, Jake, who make up the high council of Invictus. He has stood for more Military presence in Excelsior, more private industry, and has traditionally been hostile towards Gapla and Excelsior's relations with the FSG. He leads the capitalist left sector of Excelsioran politics, and regularly debates Socialist Chancellor Nicolas Caiazzo over economics. Wurnbash is Commander-General of the Military of Excelsior and has fought in the Excelsior - Dylanland war, as well as the Forest War, the Excelsior civil war, the War of Resentment, and the second Praia - Frazirioberg civil war, as well as many others. Wurnbash started the Aequitas Pact in June of 2023, which is a micronational organization of cooperation, economic and military, as well as strengthened ties between allies. The organization currently has 9 member states, and wurnbash is chairman.He is also engaged in politics in the Federated States of Gapla, and has created a state of which he was Governor, Aeteurnum. Wurnbash is also active in the Social Republic of Georgienstine, and was a candidate for President in the 2022 Georgienstinian presidential election.Wurnbash also does military work in many other Micronations besides excelsior and Invictus as a strategic officer and general, due to his Micronational military experience.

Military service of

Sir Silas Wurnbash

Commander-General of the Republic
Allegiance Excelsior
Excelsiorl The National Military of Excelsior
Years of service2020 -
Service number001
Commands heldNational army of Excelsior, National air Force of excelsior, Special Forces of Excelsior, Bureau of Intelligence and Cybersecurity, Grand army of Invictus, Commander of the Aequitas pact defense forces, General of the proletariat's army of Libertas, grand Marshall of the duck island federation, high general of landland, lieutenant general of Roscamistan, major general of cottor menace land, and general of new Australia, lieutenant general of the Royal Defense Militia of brytania
  • Excelsior-Dylanland War
    • Capture of President Silas W.
    • Surrender of Dylanland
  • Forest War
    • Battle of the Forest
    • Surrender of Duckland
  • Invictusian-Granolan War
    • National Military Mobilization
  • First Praia-Frazioberg War
  • Second Praia-Frazioberg War
    • Battle of the Hill
    • Duel of Champions
  • goose island Invictus civil war
  • 1st excelsior civil war (communist states vs Invictus)
  • 2nd excelsior civil war (communist states vs Invictus)
  • 3rd excelsior civil war (pacifist states vs Invictus)
    • Invictisian- New Brooklyn war
  • War of Retribution
    • Invasion of Goose Island
  • War of Resentment
    • Battle of Park Slope
    • treaty of Alis city
    • Gaplan- Juniperia civil war
    • Invictus internal civil war
    • the long war
    • 2nd Invictisian- New Brooklyn war
    • 2nd Ausveria civil war
  • HOCwd
  • HOL
  • MLP
  • HCQ
  • MF
  • MH
  • MMS
  • OHA
  • MDS
  • MGC
  • CWI
  • POWM
  • WSRms

Awards and Honors


  • The High Order of the Chancellor
  • The Most Honorable Order of the Laurel
  • The High Cross of Her Royal Highness the Queen
  • Medal of Leadership and the Presidency
  • Medal of Honor
  • Medal of A Founder
  • Medal of Meritous Service
  • Order of High Achievement
  • Medal of Diplomatic services
  • Major General Cross
  • Ribbon of military service
  • War Service
  • Cross of War Injury
  • Prisoner of War Medal



"THESE ACTIONS WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED!" - Silas Wurnbash in a speech declaring war on Dylanland

"We will not stop or accept surrender until goose island is wiped off the map, or becomes a territory of invictus." - Silas Wurnbash in a press conference when he released his plans for Goose island

"We will fight Rapha on the beaches, we will fight Alexandre on the landing grounds, we will fight the commies in the fields and Ben's Alt 2 in the hills..." - Joke Speech for Presidential campaign in Georgienstine

“I am not most proud of our Military victories, for which we have many. I am most proud of our militaries survival, against all odds.” - Silas Wurnbash in a speech discussing excelsior's military history