New Antrim

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Kingdom of New Antrim
Ríoghacht Nua Aontroma (Irish)
Flag of New Antrim
Coat of arms of New Antrim
Coat of arms
Motto: "Lamh Dearg Eirin" (unofficial)
Official languagesEnglish (unofficial)
Demonym(s)New Antrian
GovernmentSelf-proclaimed Constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
James III
Crown Prince Matthew, Prince of Neilston
Prince Seán, Duke of Derry
• National Conventions
December 2016 - June 2017
• Declaration of Independence
27 June 2017
• Last polity admitted
3 October 2023
• 2024 estimate
CurrencyNew Antrian Pound (de jure)
Pound Sterling (de facto)

New Antrim officially the Kingdom of New Antrim is a self-declared nation more commonly known as a micronation. Located on the island of Ireland, New Antrim declared independence from the United Kingdom in Late June 2017. At present the Kingdom consists of one City located on the Island of Ireland.

Throughout its history New Antrim has found itself influenced by larger states, firstly New Europa, then Kebec and finally Elysium have all limited New Antrian sovereignty. It has only been recently that self-governance has been restored to a portion of the Kingdom.


Prior to Independence

The earliest evidence of human activity on the island of Ireland was dated at 12,500 years ago. By about 8000 BC, more sustained occupation of the island has been shown, with evidence for Mesolithic communities around the island. The island became celticised likely due to four waves of Celtic mass migrations. A patchwork of different Celtic Irish Kingdoms existed during this time including Kingdoms in what is today Ulster ruled by the O'Neill Dynasty. In 1169 Knights of Henry II of England invaded southern Ireland, leading to a process which would result in complete English control in Ireland by 1601 and it's annexation by 1801.

National Conventions

Interest in political independence began in December 2016 when the First National Conventions of the as-of-yet-unamed New Antrim began to meet. Interest primarily grew initially due to the discovery of other micronational entities such as the Republic of Molossia and the Principality of Sealand but following the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly following the RHI Scandel. Conventions and meetings continued until in June 2017, they finally decided upon establishing an Absolute monarchy, named New Antrim led by a Monarch, Sean O'Neill who took the regnal name Eoin II in reference to the historical Kingdom of Tir Eoghain which means 'Land of Eoghain/Eoin' which the O'Neill Dynasty had ruled historically.

Reign of Eoin

On 27 June 2017, Eoin II convened a Parliament in Neilston (then simply known as the Royal Palace). Eoin II proposed the Declaration of Independence and subsequently, Parliament passed the "Declaration of Independence Act. 2017" which passed unanimously and Eoin II gave Royal assent verbally in Parliament. The physical Declaration of Independence was then posted to the then UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Elizabeth II the then Queen of the United Kingdom. Eoin II set about establishing the national institutions of the Kingdom, significantly empowering the institution of Parliament and establishing Neilston (the then only territory of the Kingdom) as a town and permanent seat of Parliament.

By July, Eoin II believed that the Monarchy would be better vested in his father than himself, considering abdication he called for a referendum on the subject. The people however overwhelmingly supported him, Two-Thirds of which voted against abdication. However he elected to ignore the will of the people. He signed an Instrument of Abdication on 12 July 2017, Parliament then ratified it and he abdicated the throne to his father Matthew who would become King Michael I.

Reign of Michael I

Diplomatic Flag used particularly on the Reddit sector during 2019 and current flag of the City of Neilston (since 2024)

Following in the British Tradition, the Abdication of King Eoin II caused a demise of the crown and subsequently Parliament dissolved and was never recalled by Michael I. Following the abdication, Eoin became Crown Prince of New Antrim and still continued running the Government regarding day-to-day affairs and occasionally fought with and collaborated with Michael I regarding overall policy.

Michael's reign saw New Antrim first begin to expand diplomatically, engaging with another local micronation - New Europa and becoming subject to it briefly before reasserting sovereignty following its collapse. In 2019, New Antrim joined the Reddit Sector and opened diplomatic contact with multiple nations there. In July 2019, it agreed to the terms of the Arundel Convention and at the outbreak of the August Uprising against Arkovia (later Promatia) New Antrim joined the League of Independent Nations.

During the course of the Uprising, Crown Prince Seán orchestrated a 'Civil War' in New Antrim under the pseudonym 'Charles III' in order to launch a reconnaissance mission into Promatia. Following the end of the uprising, the two sides 'made peace' and Charles O'Neill disappeared. Following this, Crown Prince Eoin convinced Michael I to convene a Half or 'Proto-Parliament' consisting of the nobility

In 2020, the Government of the then-Republic of Elysium and King Michael (represented by a Cabinet led by Crown Prince Seán) agreed to submit New Antrim to Elysium as a Dependency of the Kingdom of Daeltheria through the Elysiumite Antrim Treaty of 14 November 2020.

Reign of James III

New Antrian Loyalists (more commonly known as Nationalists or Jacobites, references to similar movements in Great Britain and Ireland) quickly became dissatisfied with the arrangement either advocating for the annulment of the Treaty or the expansion of New Antrim's role in Elysium by becoming a co-equal region. They additionally viewed that as Michael had signed the Treaty that he had abdicated the Throne and that either his father (James) or his son was now the rightful King of New Antrim. Discontent continued to grow after Seán O'Neill and the Progressive Party lost political control in Daeltheria to a coalition led by the National Democratic Party.

On 27 August 2022, New Antrian Nationalists attempted to seize power in Neilston, nominally headed by Seán O'Neill they publicly proclaimed him as "Séan I, King of New Antrim" however the attempt failed as O'Neill was at the Theatre in Belfast seeing a local production of The Producers. Following the failed attempt, New Antrian Nationalism began to dwindle until the Summer of 2023 when the two Nationalist groups united and preparations began for a Convention to be held.

On 2 October 2023, Seán O'Neill (still styling himself as the Crown Prince) issued summons to a "Convention of the Kingdom of New Antrim" as Parliament could only be called in Neilston by the Monarch as there was ambiguity over who the Monarch was and Neilston was unavailable O'Neill used the precedent established between 2016 and 2017 to call for a formal Convention to act as the legislature.

The Convention met on 3 October 2023 and on it's first day formally annulled the Elysium Antrim Treaty, declared that Michael had forfeited the Throne by attempting to enact it and that as Seán stated had abdicated previously, James was the valid candidate for the Throne and proclaimed him as King James III effective from the date the Treaty was signed. On the same day it re-instated the former Kings into the line of succession, granting his immediate predecessor the title "Prince of Neilston".

The Convention self-dissolved itself on 28 October 2023 after passing multiple acts which: Legally declared the accession of King James III, created the Royal Army, created election rules, established the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Information and formally recognised the flags of New Antrim and it's state religion - Catholicism. Elections would be held on 7 November 2023 resulting in a monarchist victory and the first regular Parliament since 2017 was opened by Prince Seán of Neilston on 10 November 2023 on behalf of the King.

An outbreak of Coronavirus in Neilston on 19 January 2024 caused disruption to public services with the Prime Minister Prince Seán, Duke of Derry contracting the disease causing his father the Prince of Neilston to become Acting Prime Minister and a state of emergency to be declared in Neilston under the Coronavirus Act. 2024. During the crisis the border between New Antrim and the United Kingdom would be closed for the first time since the Declaration of Independence and mandatory maskwearing was re-implemented. Upon the Duke of Derry returning to office the crisis had ended allowing him to repeal the emergency measures and formally ended the Public Health Emergency.

Foreign Relations

The Minister of Foreign Affairs conducts the foreign affairs of the Kingdom of New Antrim under the Foreign Affairs Act. 2023. The Ministry currently maintains the Digital Portal for Foreign Affairs on Discord. Prior to the signing of the Elysiumite Antrim Treaty, New Antrim operated multiple embassies to foreign nations and was host to multiple embassies. Since the signing of the Treaty, all embassies were shut by municipal officials.

The Kingdom of New Antrim was readmitted to the League of Independent Nations on 26 November 2023 as a provisional member. New Antrim was a full member of the Intermicronational Court.

New Antrim hosts digital embassies from

  1. Tsardom of Begon (ambassador: His Lordship Robert Smith, the Count of Marlborough)
  2. Kingdom of Rockall (head of diplomatic mission): King Shay Oberson
  3. Wulfenwald (head of diplomatic mission: Lothar Ziegler)

Status of International Relations

Special Status Alliances Recognized Condemned Non-State Enemies
New AntrimAchadhmór (personal union) Wulfenwald

Diplomatic Corps

The Diplomatic Corps is a small body consisting of the diplomatic officers of the Kingdom of New Antrim.

Administrative Divisions

New Antrim is comprised of a single city. In addition there are two diasporic provinces located in the United States. Diasporic Provinces are not claimed as sovereign territory of the Kingdom of New Antrim but still are comprised of citizens who elect delegates to Parliament. The Grand Duchy of Adchadhmór was formerly a territory of New Antrim as the 'Adchadhmór Palace Territory' prior to it's independence.

Name Flag Official Name Annexed Organised Population Local Government
City of Neilston 27 June 2017 27 June 2017 (as a Town)
3rd December 2023 (as a City)
4 Crown Steward: HRH The Prince of Neilston
Parliamentary Delegate: HRH Prince Seán, Duke of Neilston
South Carolina N/A Diasporic Province of South Carolina Not claimed 18 February 2024 2 Parliamentary Delegate: N/A
Illinois N/A Diasporic Province of Illinois Not claimed 18 February 2024 1 Parliamentary Delegate: HG Johann Kümmel, Marquess of Illinois


The Kingdom of New Antrim is governed through a Monarchy constrained by an uncodified Constitution where the Monarch acts as Head of state of the Kingdom but most Government functions are carried out through Parliament and through the Ministries. The current Monarch is James III who has reigned since 2020, his heir apparent is Michael, Prince of Neilston. The Government is led by the Prime Minister of New Antrim as Head of Government presently the Duke of Derry.


The Monarchy of New Antrim is a political institution in New Antrim which consists of a Sovereign Monarch 'the King of New Antrim' (currently James III). The authority of the Monarchy derives from a mix of Divine right and elements of although in practice it is limited through Law and by convention through elements of popular monarchy and popular sovereignty. All institutions are dependent upon the Monarchy and all appointments of major officials are performed by the Monarch. The Monarch enjoys many exclusive privileges such as being reserved the Military Rank of Field Marshal (through them being commander-in-chief of the Kingdom's Armed Forces) and being able to appoint and relieve any official in the Kingdom. In practical terms, the Monarch exercises Executive functions of the Government and ratifies the legislative actions of Parliament and in practice, the day-to-day exercising of Monarchial authority is performed by Prince Séan, Duke of Neilston as Counsellor of State.


The Parliament of the Kingdom of New Antrim is the primary legislative institution of the Kingdom. It consists of a unicameral house consisting of three classes of members, the first being the King-In-Parliament, the second consisting of Nobles who have the right to sit in Parliament and the Third the Delegates elected by the people every year from the represented territories of the Kingdom (Neilston Town). Parliament has the right to enact Acts of Parliament and each class has the right to create non-binding resolutions which can range from official comments to advice for the King in the context of his executive and judicial authority.


Twice in New Antrim's history, legislative functions were carried out by a 'Convention' rather than by Parliament. The first time this occurred was prior to the Declaration of Independence before Parliament as a concept was introduced into New Antrian law between December 2016 and June 2017. The second time this occurred was due to the legal uncertainty following the 2020 Treaty with Elysium, this second phase occurred during October 2023 and ended on 28 October 2023.


The Cabinet of the Kingdom of New Antrim is the collective body of Ministers and other Officers of State who manage the day-to-day administration of the Kingdom. The Cabinet is chaired by the Prime Minister who is elected by Parliament annually. The current Prime Minister is Prince Seán, Duke of Derry who was elected by Parliament on 6 January 2024 and who had previously served as acting Prime Minister from November 2023 until his election.

The Ministers head the following Ministries:

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Responsible for the conduct of foreign affairs by the Kingdom.
  2. The Ministry of the Interior - Responsible for elections, law and order and the courts.
  3. The Ministry of Information - Manages public information sites and private media companies.
  4. The Ministry of Defence - Responsible for managing the Royal Army. Is headed by the Viceroy of the Army as 'Minister of Defence'.

The de facto defunct offices of the Electoral Commissioner and Military Governor of the Kingdom of New Antrim both act as ministers without portfolio.

Members of the Government


The Armed Forces of the Kingdom consists of the Royal Army of New Antrim, a mostly ceremonial body consisting of a single 'Regiment' - the First Jacobite Neilston Regiment which is under the command of Prince Seán, Duke of Derry who holds the rank of Colonel and multiple honorary officers such as the King who holds the title of Field Marshal in His capacity as supreme commander of all Armed Forces of the Kingdom and the former Governor of the Achadhmór Palace Territory, Prince Jacob who holds the title of Colonel.

Under the Derry administration, the practice of selling military commissions has become commonplace.


Civil Flag

National Symbols

Royal Coat of Arms

The Kingdom of New Antrim maintains a number of national symbols. Several flags are described as being official under the Flags Act. 2023. They include the Civil, State and Military Flags as well as the Personal Banner of His Majesty. An official Royal Coat of Arms was adopted under the Herladry Act. 2023 and modified under the Letters Patent of 6 December 2023.


Residents of the Kingdom of New Antrim are predominately Catholic which is officially declared as the state religion. However, Laws have been passed enshrining religious freedom and toleration by the Convention and the influence of religion in politics is practically non-existent.


The Kingdom of New Antrim has made considerable contributions to the arts, with Prince Seán, Duke of Derry participating in various theatre related projects around Northern Ireland. Neilston Town continues to act as the headquarters of Imperial Elysium Studios which is a major contributor to the wider micronational arts specifically within the Empire of Elysium.

Grand Duchy of Achadhmór

The Grand Duchy of Achadhmór
Ard-Diúcacht Achadhmór
Coat of arms of New Antrim
Coat of arms
Motto: "Lamh Dearg Eirin" (unofficial)
CapitalAchadhmór Palace
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy under a personal union with the Kingdom of New Antrim
James III
Establishment11 February 2024
• Annexed by the Kingdom of New Antrim
2 October 2023
• National Organisation Act. 2024
11 February 2024
• 2024 estimate
CurrencyPound Sterling (de facto)
Time zoneUTC

The Grand Duchy of Achadhmór is a is a self-declared nation more commonly known as a micronation. Since it's creation Achadhmór has been in personal union with the Kingdom of New Antrim, sharing a common Monarchy.


Following the accession of James III as King of New Antrim, a peculiarity begun. As his residence was not within the Kingdom of New Antrim and was far removed from it's capital Neilston this meant that the embodiment of the state did not reside within the state. In 2023, the Convention of the Kingdom of New Antrim formally annexed Achadhmór as the 'Achadhmór Palace Territory'.

Under the National Organisation Act. 2024, the Achadhmór Palace Territory was granted independence from the Kingdom of New Antrim as a Grand Duchy, with the King of New Antrim being the Grand Duke of Achadhmór. Under the Royal Proclamation of 1 March 2024, Achadhmór was granted it's own arms.


Achadhmór is currently run as an absolute monarchy. A constitution of some form is promised to be enacted under the National Organisation Act. 2024. The Grand Duchy is presently run as a city-state.