Progressive Party (Elysium)

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Progressive Party
ChairJayden Attlee
Deputy ChairAdam Johnston
Legislative LeaderAdam Johnston
Executive LeaderRobert Smith
Deputy Legislative LeaderSpooky Johnston
  • "We must put up a fight, workers unite"
  • "If you want something done, Progressive is the one"
AnthemWorking Men Unite
FoundedJune 19th, 2020 Party has existed in earlier forms
HeadquartersJosephina, Elyria
NewspaperLiberty Papers
Membership  (2020) 30


Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
Official colors     Yellow
1 / 1
Prime Minister
1 / 1
Grand Senate
15 / 27
Regional Governments
3 / 5

The Progressive Party is the ruling party of the Republic of Elysium alongside the Liberal party of Elysium, the two hold a majority in the Grand Senate as well as both of the two major executive positions. The party is an alliance of various ideologies, primarily social democrats, democratic socialist, and libertarian communism; with the common goal of making Elysium more left wing and protecting the rights of citizens.


The Progressive Party has existed in various forms throughout Elysiumite history, each one having similarities such as fighting for left wing ideals and corruption, as well as using the same symbolism.

Various Forms of the Party

logo Party Name Date Leader Notes
Old Progressive Logo.png (First) Progressive Party April 24, 2019 - June 6, 2019 Adam Johnston Original version of the Progressive Party, third party ever made in Elysium
LIB-PRO Party.jpg Libertarian-Progressive Party June 6, 2019 - October 12 2019 Adam Johnston and Tau Smith Acted as a merger of the Libertarian Party of Elysium and the Progressive Party, second party to ever elect a Chancellor
Old Progressive Logo.png Leftist United / (Third) Progressive Party (name changed) October 14, 2019 - March 19, 2020 Adam Johnston One of the most successful opposition parties, left the LibPros after the Libertarian side of the party decided to merge the party with a Conservative party.
Progressive Party Logo.png (fourth) Progressive Party June 19, 2020 - Present Adam Johnston & Robert Smith Current version of the party and the most successful form of the party.

Modern Party

The modern Progressive Party was founded on June 19 following the dissolution of the New Elysium Party, the Party was founded by (Then) Chancellor Adam Johnston, Speaker Spooky, and Senator Isaac. The party soon attracted other members leading to is becoming the largest party.


  • July 2nd, the party becomes the first to come out as pro-republic
  • July 3rd, Adam Johnston wins the party leader debate prior to the elections
  • July 8th, the party passes reforms to make Elysium a republic.
  • July 9th, now Chancellor Robert Smith joins the party and announces his re-elected plans.
  • July 12th, leader of the Communist Party of Elysium defects to Progressive.
  • July 18th, the Communist officially join the party completely; Progressives form a Grand Senate majority and win the Chancellorship.
One of many posters for the July 2020 senatorial elections, supporting the campaign of Leon Montan being elected to the office of Grand Senator.

Ideology & Politics

The Progressive Party defines itself as an alliance between various left wing ideologies with the goal of promoting political reform, the expansion of national industry, and protecting various rights of citizens.

6 Major Party Polices

The Progressive Party, generally follows six major policies, in all of its campaigns.

  • Expansion of civil service programs and state industries.
  • Creation of a green economy
  • Expanding workers protections, rights, and work place democracy.
  • Amending the constitution to promote non-partisanship (ie. making the people approve judges instead of politicians).
  • Ending imperialist foreign policy, promotion of relations with geographically close nations.
  • Developing the regions of Elysium

Internal Party Politics

Party Government

Progressive Party internal government

The Progressive Party is led, as an organization, by the Chair and Deputy Chair who oversee the organization of the party. The Executive Leader and Legislative Leader are in practice the real face of the party. The Executive Leader is the parties candidate for Chancellor, whereas the Legislative Leader leads the party in the Grand Senate.

Electoral Performance

Electoral history of the Progressive Party note: does not include elections the party didn’t partake in
Election Date Result Numbers
April Senate elections April 24, 2019 Senate majority formed
3 / 5
Second Chancellor election June 9, 2019 Lost Chancellor bid 20%, 20
July Senate election 25 July, 2019 Hung senate, no faction formed a majority
3 / 10
Fourth Chancellor election date unknown Tau Smith (LibPro) won Chancellorship 56%, 30
September 2019, Senate election September 15, 2019 Democratic Traditionalist form a majority
3 / 12
October 2019, Snap election October 22, 2019 Reformist Patty forms a majority
1 / 10
Fifth Chancellor election December 6, 2020 Kyle Smith (R) wins Chancellorship; Adam Johnston (P) comes in second 15.3% 4.7
January 2020, Senate election January 16, 2020 Forms government with Reformist Party
4 / 13
2020 Chancellor election July 18, 2020 Robert Smith (P) elected Chancellor 82.2% 66.9
July 2020 Senate elections July 18, 2020 Majority government formed
12 / 22
October 2020, Senate elections October 18, 2020 Majority government formed
16 / 27