Adam Johnston

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Adam Johnston
Official photo of Adam Johnston in Elysium
King of Salibaic
Assumed office
14 April 2019
Predecessor Title created
Prime Minister of Elysium
Assumed office
19 July 2020
Predecessor Kyle Smith (as Chancellor)
Personal information
Born 15 July 2005 (2005-07-15) (age 16)
Political party Macronational: Scottish Greens

Elysium: Progressives

Caudonia: Social Democrats

Adam Johnston (born 15 July 2005) is an Elysiumite politician who serves as leader of the Progressive Party and Prime Minister. He has been Senator for Greater Elyria-Princeton since 2019. On the political left of Elysiumite politics, he ideologically identifies as a democratic socialist. Johnston also serves as King of Salibaic, and has since its founding.

Born and raised in Scotland, and joining micronationalism in mid-2019, Johnston joined Elysium as his first micronation after being invited by his friend Emperor Robert Smith. Soon after he, alongside close friend Sir Spooky Johnston, founded the Progressive Party (Elysium) and the Kingdom of Salibaic. In the first Elysiumite Grand Senate election, he was elected to the Grand Senate and became a representative for Greater Elyria-Princeton, and has since been re-elected nine times. His activism has included roles in Anti-Imperialism movements, the Nationalization of Industries movement, the Campaign for Tau Bradley, and advocating for an independent Salibaic. As an Opposition Leader, he frequently voted against the Kyle Smith administration. A vocal opponent of the the annexation of Clamatoa, he was named the unofficial leader in opposing Democratic Traditionalist even after Tau became leader of his party.