Adam Johnston

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Adam Johnston
Official Photo,
King of Salibaic
Assumed office:
14 April 2019
Predecessor Office Established
Prime Minister of Aspen
Assumed office:
27 April 2022
King Jakob II Christian
Predecessor Otto Birch
Chancellor of Elysium
In office:
14 April 2020 - 8 July 2020
12 December 2021 - 15 December 2021
Emperor Robert II
Deputy Chancellor James Chrsitian
Predecessor Kyle Smith
Successor Elliot Doe
Prime Minister of Elysium
In office:
19 July 2020 - 12 December 2021
Chancellor Robert Smith
Deputy Prime Minister James Chrsitian
Predecessor Himself (as Chancellor)
Successor Himself (as Chancellor)
Member of the Riksdag
Assumed office:
27 April 2022
King Jakob II Christian
Member of the Grand Senate
Assumed office:
24 April 2019
Emperor Robert Smith
Constituency Greater Elyria-Princeton (53%)
Personal information
Born 2005, Scotland
Political party Progressive Party of Elysium
Religion Agnostic

Adam Johnston (born 15 July 2005) is a Scottish born, Aspen-Elysiumite politician currently serving as Prime Minister of Aspen and as a Grand Senator for the Greater Elyria-Princeton region of Elysium. He has led the Progressive Party since its founding and has served as King of Salibaic since its founding in 2019.

Johnston entered the micronation community in 2019 at the behest of the Emperor of Elysium, Robert Smith. He co-founded both the Progressive Party and the Kingdom of Salibaic in 2019 with his longtime friend and ally Spooky Johnston, who later became Governor-General of Greymont. He has been elected to the Grand Senate of Elysium a total of nine times over the past three years and served as Chancellor of Elysium from April 2020 until December 2021. Johnston has been an advocate for anti-imperialism movements as well as for social, economic, and environmental reforms. His beliefs have at times put him at odds with the leadership in Elysium, especially after his government pushed for the establishment of a republican constitution in Elysium. He is a democratic socialist.

In 2022 Johnston was named Prime Minister of Aspen by King Jakob II Christian and subsequently appointed to the Riksdag.