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The Kingdom of Salibaic
Salibaic Flag New.PNG

Et nos defendere Salibaic
Jupiter, The Planets Suit
Capital cityDunbarline
Largest cityIsle of May
Official language(s)English (UK), Scots, Scottish Gaelic
Official religion(s)N/A
Short nameSalibaic
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingAdam I
- Prime MinisterBill Johnston
- Crown PrinceCrown Prince Bill
- Type - Members of Parliament
- Number of seats - based of population
EstablishedJune 23th 2019
Population32 as of 11th July 2019
CurrencySalibaic Pound
GDP (nominal)N/A
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)
National sportSquash
National animalBarn Owl

The Kingdom of Salibaic was founded on April 14, 2019 in the region of Fife, Scotland, UK. It was founded by the current Monarch King Adam I. It is a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with King as Head of State, while the Prime Minister is head of government elected by the Parliament, while parliament is elected by the people. The official name of Salibaic is The Kingdom of Salibaic and the Crown Dependencies.


Salibaic was founded 14 April 2019 as a Micro-nation breakaway. On the 19th of June Salibaic began talks to unify with Elysium and after 3 days of talks a final settlaemeant was agreed to the dismay to the incumbent Prime Minister at the time Crown Prince Bill. However Salibaic and Elysium did not stay unified for long as a court case was brought up against the heir of Salibaic for election fraud in the referendum for Salibaic unification. King Adam I and Crown Prince Bill both saw the case as a Elysium power-grab and after a intense court case debate and both Crown Prince Bill and King Adam I being founded guilty without any evidence declared Salibaic Independence. Due to this happening Elysium declared a puppet king to the Salibaic throne King Sombra l but it was short lived. After one day Elysium took to peace talks with Salibaic in which Salibaic made several clear demands. 1. John Doe Institute is abolished and replaced by interconnected, non-discriminate, regional PDs, not counting as a cabinet of the government 2. Public apologies to Bill Johnston and King Adam for the Court disaster and John Doe mess 3. Robert Promises to not meddle in Salibaic. These demands were agreed to but there was still a distaste between the nations and as of such on the 5th of July Salibaic voted in favour of independence despite Elysium dismay from Grand Emperor Robert of Elysium.


The Government of Salibaic is a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. However there is no written Constitution but a series of laws such as the Act of Parliament. The executive branch contains the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet. The Judiciary is headed by the Kings court which resides over all other branches of the legal system. The legislative branch which contains the Parliament. The Parliament from its self electd the Prime Minister and a Speaker. The Speaker can appoint a deputy if they so desire. The King is head of state and thus runs the nation with the aforementioned Prime Minister.

Salibaic also has many political parties which play a key role in Salibaic's government. Currently the biggest is Socio-Imperial while others only have a few members. The parties help keep unity amongst the people and help keep the parliament strong.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Seats
Socio-Imperial Party of Salibaic Union Of Soviet Socialist Galactic Republics.png Right Hon. Heydar Aliyev Left Wing Monarchist Monarchy Socialism
5 / 9
Democratic Traditional Party Not yet determined Right Hon. Robert Conservatism Conservatism
1 / 9
Monarchist League of Salibaic Not yet determined Right Hon. Christina Royalism Monarchy
1 / 9
Nationalist Party of Salibaic National party salibaic.png Right Hon. Johann Nationalism Nationalism
1 / 9
Independent N/A N/A Non-Aligned N/A
1 / 9
Not Elected N/A N/A Non-Aligned N/A
0 / 9