National Democratic Party (Elysium)

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Nationalist Democrats
Senate LeaderSir Thomas Bainbridge
Imperial Chamber LeaderSir Elliot Doe
Founded23 November 2020
Preceded byDemocratic Traditionalist
NewspaperNational Tribune
Membership (2021)38
Political positionCentre-right
Colours  Buff
AnthemDemocrats, Good Democrats!
Grand Senate
7 / 15
Imperial Council of Delegates
16 / 40
Regional executives
3 / 5

The National Democratic Party, officially the Elysiumite National Democratic Party and known colloquially as the NatDems, NDs, or simply the Democrats, is one of the two major political parties, and current opposition party, in the Empire of Elysium. The party is generally considered to be centre-right. The party subscribes to Kylite democracy, an ideological conservative idea which is found in Elysium. Despite this, the party has many factions, such as the bourbonites, progressive conservative, and the Tilites. The party currently has 7 Members of the Grand Senate, and 5 appointed members of the Council of Imperial Delegates; fruthermore, on the regional level the governors of Hilton, Ticronvidia and Greymont in addition to first ministers in Daeltheria and Greater Elyria-Princeton are all National Democrats.

The Nationalist Democratic Party was founded in late 2020 by splitting off of the Union Democrats (formally the Democratic Traditionalist) due to the party leaving behind Kylite democracy and making an alliance with the New Libertarian Party. Under Elliot Doe, the two other Grand Senators walked out of the party and founded the Nationalist Democrats. Elliot Doe campaigned against the new Union Democrats saying they had left behind conservatism and royalism. The ND’s released a manifesto calling for the restoration of the Elysiumite monarchy, cracking down on citizen sharing, centralization of the nation, and withdrawing Elysium from foreign treaties. In 2021 the Union Democrats, now smaller than the ND’s merged into the party. Throughout all of this the Progressives remained the largest party and the primary rival to both parties. Following the creation of the Social Democratic Party of Elysium the SDP and ND’s became federal rivals although many of their Commonwealth branches have worked together in coalitions.

The Nationalist Democrats came into government for the first time in 2021 V general election, winning an outright majority and ending over a year of rule by Progressives. Upon winning the Grand Senate HIM Robert Smith asked ND leader Elliot Doe to form a government. On 1 January 2022, Elliot Doe became Chancellor of Elysium. The National Democrats were again led to victory by Elliot Doe in the next two elections. After serving three terms Elliot Doe had reached the consecutive term limit, and thus Thomas Bainbridge was elected to lead the party. Afterwards, Bainbridge won the 2023 I general election and became Chancellor, but narrowly lost the 2023 II general election. Upon losing re-election to the Progressive-Labor Party Sir Adam Johnston of the PLP was invited to form a government, in which the National Democrats are currently serving as the junior members of a coalition.

The party's support base primarily comes from a union of royalist conservatives and classical liberals. This union comes about due to the party leadership's support for Kylite Democracy, often described as either progressive-conservative or liberal conservative. The party's ability to shift political opinion–with them going from 12% of the vote upon entering politics to 72% currently–has led to the ND’s being considered some of Elysium’s most successful campaigners.



The logo of the DTs, a predecessor to the Nationalist Democrats.

The party was created in November 2020 by Elliot Doe. Many Elysiumites consider it a direct successor to the Democratic Traditionalist of Kyle Smith instead than the Union Democrats, due to the ND’s embracing Kyle Smith’s principles of government of a constitutional monarchism and an outward facing Empire, compared to the Union Democratic rejection of said ideals.

The Democratic Traditionalist were one of the major parties of Elysium from 2018 to 2020 and ushered in the end of absolutism in Elysium. The party is most famous for its leader Kyle Smith, the first true Chancellor of Elysium and often times called the architect of the Elysiumite Empire. Kyle Smith, with HIM Robert II, created the first constitution of Elysium, saw the creation of an elected legislature, and globalized Elysium; his chancellorship also saw the addition of numerous nations into the Empire.

An NEP poster, denouncing the Democratic Socialist Party for wanting to weaken the monarchy (presumably through socialist ideals).

The Democratic Traditionalist later merged with the bourbonite faction of the Progresssive-Libertarian Party, which was led by Tau Barclay, creating the Reform Party. Following his departure from Elysium following the Vox Populi scandal, the party became a party of conservatism, with Kylite democrats having dominance within the party. In order to unite the country following the Vox Populi scandal, the Reform Party reached out to the Progressive Party and with them created the National Alliance; the two would later merge as the New Elysium Party. Despite winning 95% of the vote in the March 2020 general election, Kyle Smith would step down in spring 2020, citing his inactivity.

As a result of Kyle's departure, Adam Johnston became the most-popular politician in Elysium; during the May 2020 general election, the NEP gained 79% of the vote. Eventually, however, the NEP broke up following Robert Smith's departure from the party and his call for the party to be dissolved. The conservative wing of the NEP was split between Kylite democrats – who opposed republicanism & anti-monarchism within Elysium and formed the Imperial Democratic Traditionalist – and the aforementioned bourbonites under the leadership of Javaske – a student of Tau Barclay – who formed the Evolutionary Party.

During this time period, the DTs took numerous losses, including the institution of republicanism in July 2020 and the DTs being tied in second with the Evolutionary Party during the general election in the same month, with 10.3% of the vote; the July 2020 general election was the only election where the DTs did not finish in first or second.

Logo of the Union Democrats, from which the Nationalist Democrats split off.

The October 2020 general election was the last election the DTs participated in. Despite winning 5 seats with 19% of the vote, the party still trailed behind the Progressives, who had gained 56% of the vote; in addition, the party, embarrassingly, lost several polls prior to the election to the Rhinoceros Party. Following the election, May Junkin founded the New Libertarian Party alongside Corvin; it would merge into the DTs, forming the Union Democrats. The merger resulted in a split within the party; as a result, Elliot Doe, alongside outspoken traditionalist JP, formed the Christian Conservative Party; it was later renamed the National Conservative Party.

I Doe opposition

Following the creation of the National Conservative Party, a majority of the Union Democratic caucus in the Grand Senate defected parties; eventually, the UDs merged with the National Conservatives following Junkin's departure from Elysium. This merger resulted in Elliot Doe becoming the leader of the opposition within the Grand Senate.

In the January 2021 general election, the National Conservatives won 6 seats and 24% of the vote; Elliot Doe resigned as a result of the election, citing that the election was an "embarrasing defeat" for his party.

Smith opposition

The only poster made during the leadership of Kyle Smith.

Following Doe's resignation, Kyle Smith was made leader of the National Democrats; however, due to its reorganization, the party was unable to contest the Speaker elections. Following Spooky Johnston's refusal to hear new Speaker nominations, the party threatened to boycott the Grand Senate; however, this was talked down by Robert Smith and Doe. Following this and calls from Thomas Bainbridge, Robert Smith issued an executive order that outlined how to elect the Speaker.

A few days later, Kyle Smith stepped down as leader, citing unforeseen personal reasons.

II Doe opposition

Following the resignation of Kyle Smith, an emergency leadership election occurred; Elliot Doe and Charles Slocum both ran for the position, with Elliot eventually winning.

Despite being an opposition party, the NDs were able to pass multiple major pieces of legislation during the 12th Grand Senate; this included an amendment that would trigger a by-election upon a Grand Senator defecting parties, as well as the banning of satirical parties and the creation of a system where petitions could result in national referendums. As a result of the banning of satirical party, the Rhinoceros Party was dissolved, with the Pirate Party being created by the Rhinoceros Party's leaders, Based Baddie and Johann Kümmel. Following the creation of the CDP and the removal of the Liberal Party from government, there were talks of a NatCon-Christian Democrat-Liberal-Pirate government, with the Pirate Party ruling out the possibility of said government.

Anti-Liberal poster released by the NCs

The NC campaign leading up to the April 2021 general election slammed the Progressives for attempting to suppress third parties and for not being able to work with other Grand Senators; Elliot Doe also attacked Adam Johnston for getting in useless fights without releasing a manifesto. In addition, he appointed Frederick Garrison – one of the first Grand Senators – as his deputy leader.

First poster following the party's rebranding in April 2021.

During the April 2021 general election, the NCs came second, winning 8 seats with 23% of the vote; this resulted in Doe gaining support in the party once more. Following the elections, he called for a party convention in order to determine how to reform the party. The Nationalist Democrats was formed out of the convention; it supported Kylite democracy and called for the restoration of a strong monarchy, the creation of a ceremonial state church and the institution of requirements that insured that politicians would put Elysium first. Following this, the NDs released a manifesto – named Pax Elysia – that resulted in the NDs gaining major support from its traditional local support base, as well as among disaffected conservatives. Between the dissolution of the CDP and the formation of the SD&MP, the party gained a large amount of votes.

Following the increase in support, the NDs petitioned for the restoration of the monarchy, which was opposed by the Liberal, Pirate and Progressive Parties. The petition resulted in a referendum where the pro-republic side won, with 52% of the vote. As a result of the close referendum, the NDs used the National Tribune – established in April 2021 – to call for the removal of Sean O'Neill from office and for a new referendum. In addition, the NDs sued the Grand Senate – stating that the amendment instituting a republic was illegal, but was narrowly upheld – and also launched an investigation into Progressive violations of the Transparency Act, finding over 50 violations that had occurred in the past months. Due to this, the NDs motioned that a vote of no confidence in the government be held; despite being defeated, Progressive support continued to fall.

In the July 2021 general election, the NDs won 10 seats with 31% of the vote, becoming the first conservative party in a year to win over 30% of the vote. The campaign leading up to the October 2021 general election saw the NDs releasing more campaign material than any other party, positioning themselves as the strongest supporters to monarchism and as the greatest opposition to anarchism, as well as an "agent of reform" against the incumbent Progressive government. In early August, the NDs undertook an election in order to choose a leader and deputy leader; Doe was oncemore re-elected as leader – defeating Caden "Freedom" Mes – while Based Baddie was elected deputy leader, defeating Charles Slocum and Frederick Garrison.

An ND poster denouncing the "anarchism vote".

Following the establishment of the LSE – originally the NRLE – in early August and its leader, May Junkin, making a statement saying, "fuck the establishment", the NDs said that the NRLE "will never form a competent government"; in response, the NRLE positioned itself as a party "dedicated to your voice than some arbitrary rule against profanity". The NDs promptly released private messages that revealed that the NRLE wanted to form an alliance with the NDs, with Junkin saying she would support the NDs if Jayden Atlee – chairman for the Progressives – was made a candidate for PM. This resulted in the waning of the NRLE by mid-August.

Following this, the NDs accused the Progressives and NRLE of supporting laicism due to more progressive members of the Grand Senate supporting a proposal that would result in churches potentially being mandated to go against their faith. The NDs would also campaign on their success as the opposition, including their implementation of the referendum and recall systems, as well as a reawakened national debate on monarchism. Following this, Doe released a speech that accused the Progressives of killing democracy, citing inactivity, discontent with the incumbent government, the partisanship of the head of state, the notion that the Progressives cultivated a one-party state and reductions in private freedoms; criticism was made by the Progressives, Social Democrats, the LSE and the Pirates as a result of the speech. A few days after, the NDs released their iconic "Stop This Anarchism" poster, which showed the Elysiumite tricolor being painted over by the word "anarchism".

An ND poster declaring its support for "cross, king and country", contrasting itself with the SA.

In early September, the Social Alliance was formed, which campaigned on pagan and fascist values. In response, the NDs called the SA "a corruption of right-wing thought and of the ideals of Kylite democracy", stating that their predecessors "destroyed the first fascist party [and] we'll destroy this one too"; they also released posters accusing the SA of having "no loyalty to Elysium, no loyalty to our God, and no loyalty to our traditions". Eventually, the SA was run out of politics due to constant campaigning from the NDs and the Progressives against them.

The NDs promptly released the so-called "Nationalist agenda", which comprised Elysium leaving the Vesspuchi Zone, the repealment of treaties with small and inactive states, the passing of a Buy Elysiumite Act and continued opposition to the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance. In addition, the "four freedoms" were released, which were a non-partisan head of state, the defending of free press and speech, the enforcement of the Transparency Act and stronger rights for commonwealths.

In early September, monarchist parties won the midterms; as a result, Doe announced that the republican experiment had failed, releasing two posters that showed the Progressive Party on their deathbed and the other stating that "Progressive poached can't stop the monarchist lion". The NDs also cited the monarchy having 8 heads of government – compared to the republic having one – as proof that the monarchy was more democratic. In addition, Based Baddie led a campaign in Greymont, named as Elysium's safest Progressive commonwealth, in order to flip a seat there. In the final month of the campaign, the NDs began a petition to have a second referendum on monarchism as a result of polling turning in favour of monarchism.

In the October 2021 general election, the NDs won 9 seats with 34.5% of the vote, being 5% behind the Progressives; in addition, they flipped a seat in Greymont. Following this, a referendum was held regarding monarchy, where restoration of monarchism won.

A cover of the The Unionist with Based Baddie, deputy leader of the NDs, as the background; it declared the resurgement of the conservative "dynasty".

The majority of the 14th Grand Senate was mostly dedicated to debates regarding the restoration of the monarchy, with the Whig caucus of the Progressives, the monarchist wing of the SDP and the NDs pushing for a strong monarchy, while the other Progressives and SDP pushed for a weaker monarchy. Upon the 13th Amendment being completed, the Progressives consistently pushed against it, citing grammar issues; this led to Robert Smith withdrawing his endorsement of the leaders of the Progressives and the SDP. Following this, Speaker Spooky Johnston, as well as PM Adam Johnston, created a two-week long session regarding environmental policy, which was denounced by Doe; as a result, he was made to leave the Grand Senate.

In response, the NDs announced a vote of no confidence regarding the government, with multiple Progressives joining the vote. As a result, the National Tribune published, at the time, the largest news article in Elysiumite history, denouncing the Progressives for attempting to filibuster the restoration of the monarchy; the NDs also overtook the Progressives in polling. In addition, a major cabinet rebellion occurred in the Johnston ministry, with multiple ministers declaring a boycott of cabinet functions.

The NDs also announced that they would work with the SDP for implementing term limits and a legislative reset. As a result of these, the Progressives denounced the SDP, despite the policies being rather mild; the SDP threatened to join calls for a snap election in response. Following this, the NDs won a national election for the first time, resulting in them flipping all but one commonwealth in the midterms.

A poster describing Seán O'Neill's "record" in terms of politics

Following the midterms, Adam Johnston, James Christian and Spooky Johnston resigned from politics, with Spooky later renouncing his citizenship following messages being released of him calling for opposition parties to be banned. Thomas Bainbridge was promptly elected as speaker of the Grand Senate; he oversaw the conclusion of the debate on the 13th Amendment, which resulted in it passing the Grand Senate with bipartisan support. Soon after, Sean O'Neill was made leader of the Progressives; on the first day of his term as leader, the NDs published a "record" of him, which showed him to be an apologist of Joseph Stalin. O'Neill promptly stepped down as leader following him learning of plans to replace him, with Bainbridge replacing him. Adam Johnston rebuked the NDs over this, resulting in his resignation; James would resign following Johann Kümmel being appointed interim Chancellor.

Poster displaying ND policies in the 15th GS election

Following this, Doe did not release that many attacks on the Progressives, as he was friends with Bainbridge and didn't wish to see more resignations. In November, the NDs released the Democratic Papers, which detailed a six-part agenda on how to restore Elysium's golden age.[1]

In the December 2021 snap election, the NDs won 49.4% of the vote, becoming the first victory for a conservative party in a federal election in over a year. The day after, Elliot Doe was sworn in as Chancellor.

Doe government

Photograph of Elliot Doe.

Elliot Doe opened his government with an Imperial Throne Speech on New Years'; this was the first time a Chancellor delivered a throne speech to an opening Grand Senate and was the longest monologue in the Grand Senate, being 15 paragraphs long. At the end of the speech, he declared that his goal was to make 2022 "the year of Elysium in micronationalism".

Doe's cabinet comprised 4 NDs, 3 Progressives, 2 independents and a Pirate; this revived a tradition from Kyle Smith's chancellorships, where he would have bipartisan cabinets. In addition, Chancellor's Questions were held for the first time in months. Doe's major pieces of legislation included the reformation of the nobility system and of Elysium's public library, the limitation of the Grand Emperor from serving in foreign nations and the implementation of term limits. Moustapha Hoteit retired from politics in the middle of Doe's term, after his resignation both Elliot Doe and Robert Smith praised him for his service. Elliot Doe appointed James Christian of the Social Democratic Party to be his Deputy Chancellor, later the two formed an official Democratic Alliance and released an eighteen page joint manifesto.

Elliot Doe was re-elected in May 2022, and appointed the same cabinet. Despite this a few days later Deputy Chancellor James Christian and Home Minister Adam Johnston stepped down from the cabinet due to disagreements with the Nationalist Democrats support of the Marriage and Civil Union Act, 2022. Following these resignations Elliot Doe appointed Johann Kummel as Deputy Chancellor and Home Minister.


The Nationalist Democrats officially declared Kylite democracy as their primary ideology in July, 2022. Before this the ideology was already followed by most major party officials and was unofficially seen as the party ideology.

Economic policy

The Nationalist Democrats take a more hands off approach to the economy than previous governments, focusing instead on government reform and civil service projects. Despite this the party does lay out some basic policies in their manifesto and in the Principles of Kylite Democrats, an essay about Kylite democracy by Elliot Doe.

The Nationalist Democrats have stated that they are more interested with fostering a new and more active economy rather than regulating what already exists in the Empire. As a result the Nationalist Democrats have repealed a number of acts which sought to regulate the economy which were passed by the Progressive Party (Elysium) including measures mandating workplace democracy, pro-union policies, and various tax policies.[2]

The Nationalist Democrats have proposed and passed a number of policies which are meant to aid new corporations in being formed. This includes simplifying the incorporation process,[3] expanding copyright protections, and establishing trademark and patent protections.[4]

Unlike previous Progressive Ministries which have attempted to foster unions in Elysium, the Nationalist Democrats have not taken a strong policy toward unions. Instead the party has stated that they do not believe that legislation assisting unions is needed as the economy is still rather small, as such the Nationalist Democrats repealed the Union Act, 2021. In the Principles of Kylite democrats party leader Elliot Doe wrote that the government should take a neutral stance when dealing with despites between union and corporate interest, and that the government should mediate between the two and resolve the issue so a union becomes unneeded. Elliot Doe also wrote in that large unions which inhibit internal trade in the Empire should be contested. These writings could suggest the party may be open to rolling back constitutional protections for unions, but Elliot Doe has not confirmed or denied this.[5][6]

The Nationalist Democrats have actively supported anti-trust legislation, party leaders have stated there is a right to fair competition in the Empire which must be maintained by breaking up future monopolies if need be. Nationalist Democrats have also proposed the protections for small business be added to the constitution, including clauses that would prevent big corporations from being immune to regulations which apply to smaller corporations.[7]

Nationalist Democrats are opposed to the creation of national currency, stating it would prefer to wait until the nation already has a sustainably large internal market in their manifesto.

Social policy

While most Nationalist Democrats are personally socially conserverative the party has taken a more liberal approach to social policy. The party principles declares the party's support for keeping the Elysiumite government neutral in religious matters,[8] and generally the party takes a hands off approach to individuals life. Party leaders have stated they believe that churches should not be taxed.

There has been a debate in the party between those such as Elliot Doe and Thomas Bainbridge who want to maintain the party's handsoff position to social policy, and those like Christoph Billung who want a more traditionalist approach to social policy.

Cover of the Democratic Papers, a manifesto released by the NDs in November 2021.

The Nationalist Democrats call for a strong monarch that is bound by a constitution and by Parliament, in addition to playing a non-partisan role in politics; the NDs claim that, due to power sharing between the Grand Emperor, Chancellor, and Grand Senate, the monarch has their power checked as needed. Elliot Doe has argued that, as the Chancellor commands a majority in parliament and appoints the cabinet, the Grand Emperor provides a strong check on the power of the Chancellor. The NDs oppose the Progressive policy of having the cabinet appointed solely by the Chancellor, stating the non-partisan nature of the monarch extends to the cabinet.

The NDs also believe that parliamentary authority is to be centralized in the Grand Senate. Therefore, in the Democratic Papers, they call for the end of legislative devolution and, by extension, the dissolution of Commonwealth and local legislatures. Instead, the NDs propose that First Ministers are to be elected directly by the citizens of their respective Commonwealth, who are to appoint a cabinet on behalf of the Grand Emperor and their Commonwealth noble. The NDs believe that the Grand Senate delegation of a Commonwealth is to work with their Commonwealth's cabinet in order to pass legislation that affects said Commonwealth in the Grand Senate; it has also called to rewrite the constitution of each Commonwealth.

The NDs wish to increase transparency and activity in the imperial government through a system of acts, Chancellor-directed actions, and amendments. The party has proposed placing a limit of three consecutive terms as Chancellor. In addition, they have blasted the prior Progressive government for not collecting ministerial agendas, with the NDs having more success in doing so. In addition, the NDs call for a return to monthly ministerial progress reports and a more general report regarding the state of the Empire. Elliot Doe has stated that he believes the Imperial High Court has the power to suspend unelected officials for not abiding by these rules. They've also proposed placing penalties on Grand Senators who are inactive by barring them from running in the next general election or by subjecting their seat to a by-election.

The NDs are some of the strongest defenders of the Council of Imperial Delegates; despite Progressive and SDP calls for the body to be dissolved, the NDs have supported it, stating that the Council is needed to elect a Grand Emperor. The NDs also support legislation being able to originate within the Council.

The NDs and SDP have announced a pact in order to pass legislation regarding a legislative reset, stating that, "when considering the current state of our laws, one must come to the conclusion that the legal system of this great nation is weeded and twisted. Laws stretch over four different forms of legal formats, ranging from one-page bills with little to no information and many loopholes to large, byzantine legislation we no longer require. A full reset on legislation, with the exception of the most recent laws, ought to be pursued, so we can start fully anew."

The NDs have stated they wish to focus less on economics and more on the professionalization and activity of the nation. Despite this, they have proposed expanding the nation's agricultural industry into the Commomwealth of Hilton. They also wish to encourage greater growth for newspaper and media companies.

Foreign policy

The ND’s have stated their primary foreign policy is to expand Elysiumite influence, professionalize existing relations, while avoiding useless treaties. As such the party promotes the renegotiation of the various treaties the nation has currently signed, and creating new ones with nations in the southern United States. The party goes on further to state they wish to create an intermicronational alliance between various nations of the southeast. Lastly the party wants to expand the name of Elysium without establishing foreign relations and advertise Elysium to attract new citizens. The party also wishes to encourage other nations to join the Empire without manipulating them into the Empire like was attempted in previous administrations.

Party factions

Kylite democrats

A common symbol of Kylite democrats.

This socially conservative right-wing grouping is currently associated with the mainstream of the party, and is the oldest tradition within the Nationalist Democratic Party and its predecessors, it’s closely associated with one-nation toryism. The name stems from the founder of modern Elysiumite conservatism Chancellor Kyle Smith. To this end, it emphasises the country's royalist heritage, oppose any transfer of power away from the Empire—either downwards to the Commonwealths or upwards to foreign states—and seek to place greater emphasis on traditional Elysiumite culture. The ideology rose from the centrist and undefined Democracy Now Party to support for the creation of a conservative democracy within the context of the Empire.

Most Kylite democrats oppose the abolition of the Council of Imperial Delegates. Other members have called for the adoption of Presbyterianism as the national religion. Prominent Grand Senators from this wing of the party include Elliot Doe, Kyle Smith, and John Stark.


A photograph of Christoph Billung, a notable Tilite.

Tilites, better known as absolutist, came out of the traditional of the Vox Party rather than the Democratic Traditionalist and have rarely held high levels of influence in the party. The Tilites call for the restoration of an absolute monarchy and stronger Commonwealth rights primarily. Associated with traditional High Toryism the ideology is considered the furthest right within the party. The Tilites name originates from an early Elysiumite politician known as Tiler Adams who opposed the expansion of democracy within the Empire. The factions support base primarily comes from Baptist.

Tilites have called for a defense of marriage and getting rid of gender neutral language in legislation. The most notable Tilite is Christoph Billung.


Official photo of Based Baddie, a notable bourbonite.

The final major faction of ND’s is the Bourbonites. The Bourbonites believe in liberal conservatism, classical liberalism, and social progressivism. The Bourbonites grew out of the libertarian tradition of Chancellor Tau Barclay who was the leader of the Progressive-Libertarians and later left his party to help the DT’s form the Reform Party. Despite initial success the faction died out following Tau’s departure from politics. In late 2021 following Based Baddie, a student of Tau, joining the party and becoming deputy leader the party saw a revival of Bourbonite politics.

Bourbonites oppose the expansion of unnecessary government departments and call for the streamlining of government. The faction also calls for increased transparency in government adopting reforms like Chancellor’s questions and ministerial reports. Lastly Bourbonites have called for more merit and less partisan based appointments. This principle was able to effect the policy of the party when in their most recent manifesto the party called for a reset of legislation and for increased government transparency. The party also has set higher standards on ministers and appointed the most non-partisan cabinet of any Ministry in over a year. The most notable Bourbonite is Based Baddie.

Electoral history

Grand Senate of Elysium
Election Leader Votes Seats Position Government
No. Share No. ± Share
2021 I Elliot Doe 10 20%
6 / 25
6 24% 2nd Progressive-Liberal
2021 II 24 23%
8 / 34
2 24% Steady 2nd Progressive-Liberal
2021 III 24 31%
10 / 33
2 30% Steady 2nd Progressive-Liberal-SDMP
2021 IV 30 34.5%
9 / 26
1 35% Steady 2nd Progressive-Social Democrats
2021 V 42 49.4%
13 / 25
4 52% 1st Nationalist Democrats-Social Democrats
2022 I 39 51.3%
14 / 25
1 56% Steady 1st Nationalist Democrats-Pirate
2022 II 26 52%
12 / 20
2 60% Steady 1st Nationalist Democrats-Rhino
2021 I Thomas Bainbridge -- 71.4%
15 / 20
3 75% Steady 1st Nationalist Democrats-Rhino
2021 II 12 44.4%
7 / 15
8 47% 2nd Progressive-Labor-National Democrats