New Elysium Party

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New Elysium Party - NEP
SloganElysium First
FoundedMarch 1, 2020
DissolvedJune 19, 2020
Official colors     Purple (primary color)      Red      Blue
Executive Positions, At Height
5 / 5
Grand Senate Seats, At Height
20 / 20
Federation Council, At Height
9 / 13
Cabinet, At Height
9 / 9
National Court, At Height
3 / 3

The New Elysium Party, also known as NEP, was the ruling party of the Empire of Elysium, alongside much smaller parties such as the Pacoist and An-Cap. It’s official ideology was Progressive Conservatism reflecting how the party was a merger between the Progressive Party (main party of the left) and Reformist Party (main party of the right). It was formed as a way to create a more official bond between the two parties, as they had become functionally the same. It was led by Robert Smith, and Adam Johnston; other major leaders included Ch. Kyle, and SML Sir Spooky.



Imperial Party

The Imperial Party of Elysium also known as The Imperials was a pro-Reform party founded by Emperor Robert and (now) Ch. Kyle. It was founded in order to rally support against the Anti-Reform Vox Party which was in power at the time. After the Imperials fought the Vox for the office of Chancellor in the first Chancellor election in Elysium history, Imperial came out on top. The Imperials main goals where to do the following: Open Elysium up to the online world, increase Elysium foreign relations and thus spread our name, make a constitution, and give more power to the people. All of these goals where achieved, the most famous of these is when Kyle co-authored the constitution with Robert, offically making Elysium more Representative of the people than ever before. The constitution did this by founding the first senate, establishing a bill of rights, giving official limit on the Emperor’s power, and much more. It is to note the Emperor supported and wrote with Kyle most of these reforms, as the Emperor wanted to see Elysium reformed himself.

Early Progressive Movement

The Progressive Party of Elysium was founded by Adam Johnston, soon after the first Chancellor elections. It was also soon after this the Vox Party fell apart, and its remaining members joined Imperial. Thus the Progressive Party came fo be the major left wing party. They ran Xavier as their first candidate in the second chancellor election (before this they had many successful Senate members of note). Xavier did poorly agaist Kyle who was seeking a second term (results below). After this Xavier left the party, which was at the time a major blow to the progressive movement.

Second Chancellor Election

Blue: Kyle

95 / 100

Imperials and Progressives Face Off

After the defeat of Xavier both the Imperials and Progressives tried desperately to get more people n each of their parties so that they could grow. The Imperials had much better luck at this, due to Elysium being a conservative nation. Progressive also had trouble to get member due to how many major members of the government (such as Robert, Kyle, and Johann) where in the Imperial Party. Both parties acted more shrill with each other, with Progressives claiming the Imperials wanted a one party state; and the Imperials claiming they had done more for democracy then Progressive ever had.


Rise of the Liberians

An independent Senator from Elyria, named Tau would go to eventually make a Libertarian Party of Elysium. While at first it seemed to be at odds with the Progressives, they eventually joined forces to fight the Imperials. The Imperials where still able to keep their edge, but in order to stay in power made a temporary coalition with the Libertarians and their rising star tau. In return for being made Kyle’s Deputy Chancellor, Tau (and no other libertarian) ran for Chancellor. Yet, half way through his term Kyle resigned from the office of Chancellor due to him being inactive making Tau Chancellor. Tau at first was very popular, yet throughout his term he grew less and less popular with the citizens. In the Senate elections following his rise to power; his party had a historic drop in which they became the only party to lose power while having a Chancellor in office. The Imperials regain control of the Senate for the first time since Kyle’s resignation, who was elected Senate Majority Leader by the a wide margin. To make matters worse the next largest party in the Senate (the magistrates) sided with the Imperials. About a month after the Senate election, Tau’s popularity dropped to 8% (compared to the Emperor who had 86%), and he resigned. After his resignation the Libertarians joined the Imperials to form the Reformist. Upon this event the Progressive wing of the Libertarians left once more to recreate the Progressive Party. The elections following Tau’s resignation led to Kyle being re-elected into the office of Chancellor which he holds still to this day.

Modern Progressive Party

The modern progressive party was once again led by Adam and Spooky. Other members of the Libertarian Party joined as well such as Played Piano, and Heydar. The party lobbied for the Elysium govt. to take control of the economy, and came in second out of 6th in the Chancellor elections. Upon Kyle being elected he appointed Adam into his cabinet, and endorsed Spooky for Senate Majority Leader (as did Emperor Robert). Kyle and Robert did this to help reunite the nation after a tense time with Tau’s resignation, and a major election; as well as too form a coalition with the Progressives called the “National Coalition of Elysium”. Kyle and Robert also acted fast to help localize regions, in one term they grew the number of locals in Elysium by 600%, and set up the backbone of the new Elysium economy (with a large help from Adam). In the Senate elections following Kyles coming back to power Reformist kept power, and grew in each election. Kyle also kept high popularity and the Reformist kept growing. The parties kept drifting closer and closer, as eventually Tau left Elysium all together and the libertarian base in the party was being out shadowed. The party began to become more left wing, and eventually talks about uniting the two parties opened up.

NEP Merge

Party Merge

Robert and Adam officially began talks of uniting the party, by the end of the week they had the party unification deal. After a national convention between the two parties started to lay out the official policies of the party. As well as make the Bull Moose logo.

7th Senate Election

The Senate elections which occurred only a few weeks after the party was made was a big test to see if the new party was popular. The biggest opposition to the NEP was the Pacoist Party, but due to no one wanted to lead them the party tumbled and was declare null and void recently. The other major opposition came from Victor who was an independent, former Pacoist, who made it his goal to end the monarchy. The An-Cap and recently made Elysium Verdant Party where also major worries. The election results came in as a landslide for the NEP, winning 19/22 Senate seats! The other seats went to one EVP, and two independents. The NEP won the MMP party vote with 94% of the vote, the biggest precedent any party or candidate had won in election, other then win Robert was voted Emperor with 100% support. The party has established itself and shown Elysium politics, they are new major party; gone is the day of a fractured Senate.

Above: Grand Senate of Elysium.

Kyle Resigns

On April 13, 2020, Kyle Smith resigned from the office of Chancellor. Emperor's Hand Adam then became Chancellor of Elysium and as such became the first Progressive to become Chancellor. So far Adam has made a large plan for what he plans to achieve as a chancellor, this includes: Writing a new tax plan, creating anti-corruption laws, kick starting the economy through expanding state industries, and starting the largest cabinet functions in Elysium history to help reform the nation.


Shortly before Elysium becoming a republic, party chairman Robert Smith dissolved the party due to it becoming a political monopoly, furthermore he found that it would be good if the party broke up and thus make elections more competitive and representative. Following its break up the Adam Johnston and the Progressive wing of the party made the Progressive Party, Jahonnes T, Kyle Smith, and other conservatives founded the Imperial Conservative Party, and Javier founded the Evolutionary party as a centre-right pro-republic Party.


The Moose

The symbol of the Party is the Bull Moose, inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States who used it to represent who Progressive Party. The Red and Blue Representative unity between the more progressive wing of the party, and more conservative wing of the party. The moose is walking to show the growth of Elysium, and progress of moving forwards.


Purple is used to once more represent unity in the party. As red is associated with the left, and blue with the right, it was decided to not use those two colors; and instead go with a uniting color.

Political Positions

Economic Policy

“ The creation of a stronger economy shall be considered the primary goal of the New Elysium Party. The New Elysium Party plans to use state industry to give the nation an early boost, and use the earnings it gains from this slow transition into private industry, by encouraging private industry. State Industries shall be controlled and overseen by the National government, with help from the regional governments. Each region shall be examined to see what economically would be best for the region and nation; for example, in Elyria the EA&F Industry is a major industry due to the fertile land, long summers and springs, and many ponds and other bodies of water. Other sources such as a national online shop, selling newspapers (and setting up a news site), and much more; we hope to also make a successful digital sphere which will not only grow our economy but also spread Elysium influence. Lastly we hope to encourage people to pay taxes and donate to Elysium by setting up benefits for taxpayers.”

- NEP Manifesto

Foreign Policy

“The NEP wants to set new regulations on our foreign policy. Our main goal is to limit our contact with nations which are not realistic, are not active, and much more. This will stop our contacts with simulations and micronations which we should not associate with. Furthermore, we want to focus on making more contact and diplomatic relations with other micronations in our area. We want to focus on these micronations, because we will be able to set up trade, defense, and much better relations in general with nations in our area. This will allow for more realistic relations which will help not only with the clear benefits of good relations, but also show the world that micronations are growing and becoming more than small communities but instead realistic organizations.” - NEP Manifesto

It’s important to know that the party also supports merges, but as of now the NEP government is not chasing after merges, and is focusing on localization.

Localization Efforts

“Localization has seen great strides since we came to power but our mission isn’t over. There are still more regions which need to be localized, and those which have been we need to keep them on a track for growth. We plan to work with each governor in order to help them localize their region.” - NEP Manifesto

It is important to know that this one is more vague, as the NEP plans to keep doing what they have been doing as the number of locals has rose by over 600% since Kyle has been in power.

Military Position

“ The NEP plans to revitalize and reform the military of Elysium. Our cabinet members have already met and discussed how to start basic training, ideas for training, reorganizing ranks, reorganizing our divisions, and much more. We also plan to make a system which will make sure that the general staff stays merit based, and the outside factions are not taken into consideration when appointing our generals and top leaders in our military. We plan to use the military for civic use mostly, this way they can help us build up our nation's infrastructure, help advanced our recognition, and help us respond to disasters. ” - NEP manifesto

It’s also good to know that the NEP has built up Elysium’s Security Force using it for more reasons and give it new jobs, such as keeping eyes on threats to security.

Party Leadership and Government