Republic of Elysium

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Republic of Elysium
Flag of Elysium.png
Seal of Elysium .png
Motto: Unity, Peace, Prosperity
LocationLocated within the United States of America
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal dominant-party semi-presidential republic
• Chancellor
Robert Smith II
• Prime Minister
Adam Johnston
• Senate Speaker
• Minister of Domestic Affairs
• Minister of Economic Development
Sir Spooky
• Minister of Foreign Affairs
Johannes T.
• Minister of Public Relations
• Minister of Defense
Kyle Smith
LegislatureGrand Senate
• Founding of Elyria
1 July 2011
• Unification into Elysium
1 September 2016
• Republic Established
8 July 2020
5 sq mi (13 km2)
• Estimate
• 2020 census
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD)
Time zoneEST

The Republic of Elysium, colloquially known as Elysium, is a federal semi-presidential republic consisting of four regions, all of which are located within the contiguous United States of America. The legislature (Grand Senate) is unicameral and has only one branch, known as the Senate of Elysium. There are two seats for every Crown Commonwealth and one for each dependency and another seat added for every 15 citizens. Every citizen is fluent in English, as such it is the de-facto national language and became an official language as per the Old Laws of Elysium. It has an area of around 5 square miles, with most of the land being in the South Carolina region of Elyria. The Chancellor is the head of state, and Robert Smith is currently the Chancellor with Adam Johnston acting as Prime Minister (head of government).


Elysium is derived from Elyria, which was the predecessor to Elysium. When the many smaller nations voted to join a Empire and choose a name, Elysium was the most popular choice, leading to it becoming the name.


Early history

Elyria was founded on the 1 July, 2011. After the founding, Brain was elected the first president, Robert was appointed the head of Political Development by Brain, and Sir Riley was appointed head of Land Development, also by Brain. Soon after founding Elyria, Brain became inactive. Two years later, Robert was elected President (although that this stage Robert was already running the nation in all but name). The next two years were devoted to gaining more people and opening relations with other micronations. In September 2015, the nations of Elyria, Valor, Quincet, Romulus, and Sakguwea united in order to form the Empire of Elysium. The new nation also created the position of Emperor. Following the creation of the position, an election was held, upon which Robert won, making him the new Emperor of Elysium, only one of two to date. Soon after unification, around half of Sakguwea decided to leave and form the Republic of Sakguwea, the remaining half stayed in Elysium Dan the region of Sakguwea. Brock, President of Sakguwea threatened war with Elysium if Elysium did not stop claiming the other half of Sakguwea. Eventually, a peace settlement was reached in which both nations would respect each other’s sovereignty, and work together. The Treaty would later lead to the creation of the Atlantic Alliance, and much further down the line Vox Populi.

Historical Flag of the Empire

The Early Government of the Empire of Elysium was made up of the Emperor, Emperor's Hand (Sir Riley), Parliament, and a basic Court. The Emperor's Hand was a position appointed by the Emperor. The Emperor's Hand was in charge of the military of Elysium as well as managing the regional affairs, they were also required to approve of all laws proposed by the Emperor before the proposed laws could become enforced legislature. The Impairment was made up of representatives from every member state. Lastly, the court was made up of judges appointed by the Emperor. Riley later resigned after feeling that the Elysium Government was going nowhere, but he remains a citizen to this day.

Later, Elysium's government structure was changed following the resignation of Sir Riley's after he had served three years in office as the Emperor's Hand. The new structure was more modern, and introduced the position of Prime Minister, which was elected by the people, an Imperial Council (Cabinet), and a Parliament, along with the Emperor. Tailor V. was elected Prime Minister. As Prime Minister Talior did not have many achievements, the only remarkable notes are that she made the Theocracy Acts (repealed under Kyle) and Appointed Kyle K. as Minister of Defense beginning his career in national politics.

Late 2019 history

Following the resignation of Prime Minister Tailor, Sir Kyle Smith came to power in the newly created position of Chancellor, serving as the first-ever Chancellor of Elysium. His Cabinet consisted of some of the legacy greats of Elysium but later went on to contain new reformers, such as Bark Xarca and Tau I. During his reign, Sir Kyle built up the reputation and stability of Elysium while increasing activity in the legislative and executive branches. Some of Sir Kyle's largest achievements included ending the absolute monarchy, creating the modern cabinet of Elysium, initiating the re-expansion of the federation by accepting applications for new federated states, and helping lay the groundwork and original people for the Grand Senate.

During late July of 2019, the pressure was mounting from the nobles and citizens of Elysium on Emperor Robert to introduce more checks and balances and even out the power distribution for himself, the cabinet, and the democratically elected positions. Tensions continued to rise as Sir Humphrey Appleby brought a case against Emperor Robert in court, claiming he and the government he was responsible for was not upholding the constitution. Emperor Robert then attempted to accuse Sir Humphrey Appleby of treason before the charges were dropped. On July 25, the situation worsened when Appleby demanded Emperor Robert's abdication of the throne and called for a revolution. At 1:25 P.M. EST, Emperor Robert II agreed to the demands and abdicated the throne. Tau I was made Emperor of Elysium at that time, and reigned for 37 minutes until 2:02 P.M. EST, when Robert II declared a coup, and the throne was handed over through non-violent means. Following Emperor Robert's assumption of the throne, Sir Appleby was still critical but took a further step to distance himself from Elysium, eventually leaving the political scene entirely. The Government issued the following statement (grammar adjusted) after the abdication:

"Today, on the 25th of July at 2:25 CST, the Emperor of Elysium, Robert II, abdicated the throne after pressure from the citizens of the nation. The main person who had been against the Emperor was Sir Humphrey Appleby, who said: "The government situation in the federation has been disappointed and destructive. The government has failed in its duty to uphold the constitution and has broken It many times and refused to take responsibility. I simply was the speaker of a wider audience who felted the constitution was not being followed and there needs to be more checks and balances on the emperor and cabinet". The former Emperor (while still in power) did attempt to accuse Sir Appleby of treason, but after a short time, he dropped all charges. The former Emperor then took the government over in a non-violent coup. The person who was placed on the throne (Emperor Tau I) was then forced to abdicate by a coup, allowing Robert II to return as the monarch. To reform the nation the "Great Elysium" was formed, to make the reform of the Constitution and other documents were put in place, all of the previous legislatures was removed, other than basic laws. The current pieces proposed in Great Elysium are The Archive Bill, Elysium Government Continuation Acts, and the Elysium Constitution."

Following this announcement, Great Elysium was put into place, which is the convention of top political leaders of the country to reform Elysium and rebuild. Great Elysium often follows a significant period of inactivity, tumultuous legislature or elections, or the departure of important people in Elysium. Chancellor Kyle was unaffected by the situation and continued to execute his duties as Chancellor, however, as a member of Great Elysium.

On 2 September 2019, Sir Kyle Smith announced he would be resigning from the position of Chancellor. Prior to the resignation, pressure for Sir Kyle to increase activity, both his own and that of the cabinet and Grand Senate, had been building for quite a while. One of the largest figures, at some points, even calling for Sir Kyle's resignation was Crown Prince Tau I, who would later go on to become Chancellor himself. Sir Kyle detailed that his resignation would be effective immediately and that his successor would be Crown Prince Tau I, who was then serving as the Deputy Chancellor at the time, albeit the de-facto Chancellor during the later weeks of Kyle's Chancellorship prior to his resignation. Upon the beginning of Crown Prince Tau I's reign as Chancellor, he appointed Sir Adam of Salibaic to be the new Deputy Chancellor.

Since Crown Prince Tau I has occupied the Chancellorship, he has made significant strides in creating and facilitating the growth of a true economy in Elysium. He created the modern tax system that is currently implemented in Elysium, known as the 5-5-5 plan. He has also created Boards and Functions of the Cabinet. His Cabinet saw some adjustments towards including and appointing more radical progressives. In addition, he has concentrated efforts on the creation of Vox Populi and adjustments to Elysium's foreign policy. Tau's administration has also seen the creation of the Second Constitution of Elysium. On 10 October 2019, it was discovered by Senator Paco that Emperor Robert had been actively working against Tau's policy despite Emperor Robert's claims that he wasn't. Following this discovery, Tau resigned as the Co-Chair of the Libertarian-Progressive Party of Elysium, the second-largest political party in Elysium that Tau had created and led since June 2019. On 12 October 2019, Tau announced the creation of the Reformist Party of Elysium, along with Emperor Robert, as the new predominant right wing party of Elysium.

Constitutional crisis

On 3 September 2019, Emperor Robert expressed his wish for a new constitution to replace the now old and outdated constitution. In order to accomplish this goal, Emperor Robert created the Constitutional Committee to convene and write a new constitution. Progress was slow, and Chancellor Tau was upset at the lack of details he had wished for. On 21 September 2019, Chancellor Tau announced that he would be undertaking the endeavor of writing a new constitution by himself. At first, it appeared as if Robert's constitution had more support, but Tau's influence led his to quickly gain in support. Tau used the momentum to strike a deal, in which his constitution would be the only option moving forward, but Robert and Tau would collaborate on it. Eventually, progress slowed to a snail's pace around the beginning of October. Tau then expressed he was restarting, and managed to finish the constitution. Tau presented the constitution on 20 November, where it faced significant criticism from Robert and others in the Senate, notably Kyle. The next day, tensions rose as Robert dropped his support for the new constitution over a section stating the Chancellor would be Head of Government, dealing a big blow to the strength of the movement. However, Tau and Robert managed to reach a compromise and work resumed, and Robert's edits were put into force. This is considered the end of the Constitutional Crisis, which while being a large part of Elysium history, managed to stay relatively small for the majority of the time it was active.

Vox Populi scandal

Elysium made headlines in early January 2020, after an anonymous source leaked to the Millanian press claimed that top Elysiumite government officials were plotting to exercise control over their allies by coercing them to join an organization, Vox Populi[1][2]. The so-called leaked document contained their master plan – to masquerade their so-called alliance as a democratic way to bring the community together. But, once members join, they are cheated into the fold, intertwining their legal systems with that of Vox Populi, and being given a narrow legal pathway to leave the organization[3]. This scandal, in addition to other election scandals, led to Tau's departure, which dealt a significant blow to the moral of the country.

Elysium refuted several of claims made regarding Operation Vox, claiming several edits to their MicroWiki article were untrue or outright lies.[4]

Since the scandal, significant reforms have been made among mounting pressure from the intermicronational community to act upon the problems of Elysium. As a result, Elysium garnered a bad reputation from this incident. A few people both within and outside of Elysium called for the abdication of Robert II, with some suggesting that a coup or protests should occur.

Transition to republic

During a speech on the 9th anniversary of Elysium, Robert Smith, teased the transition of Elysium from an Empire to a Republic, saying, "...I, as Head of State of Elysium, would like to set a purpose to make Elysium a state which strives towards the creation of a more democratic and more equalitarian state."[5] Following this, on 8 June 2020, the third constitution of Elysium was ratified, thus turning Elysium officially into a Republic[6]; however, the governments of the member states of Elysium were not affected.

Government and politics



The Chancellor of Elysium is the Head of State of the Republic and is the Commander and Chief of the Elysiumite military.

The office of Chancellor is elected through a single transferable vote voting system and the elections are overseen by the Elysium Election Committee. Terms are two years long and there is no official term limits. The requirements to run for office are the following:

  • Be a local Elysiumite
  • Be a citizen of Elysium for a minimum of three months.

The most recent election for the office resulted in Robert Smith being elected Chancellor with 82.8% of the vote.

The powers of the office are, among others, the following:

  • Appoint someone to the office of Deputy Chancellor
  • Issue Executive Orders
  • Veto legislation passed by the Grand Senate
  • Propose legislation to the Grand Senate
  • Appoint a First Advisor & other advisors
  • Sign Treaties, with support of the Prime Minister, and approval Grand Senate.

The Chancellor, as per the constitution, may not use regal or noble titles.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Elysium is the Head of Government of the Republic and leader of the Grand Senate.

The office of the Prime Minister is the leader of the largest party within the Grand Senate, currently the Progressive Party (Elysium), or the largest coalition in the case of a hung parliament. Should no party or coalition succeed to form a government the leaders of the three largest groups in parliament face each other in a direct election using Single Transferable Vote. The Prime Minister serves a three month term and has no term limits. The requirements for office are the following:

  • Be a citizen of Elysium for at least three months

The power of the office are, among others, the following:

  • Issue Executive Decrees
  • Call the Grand Senate into emergency sessions
  • Veto legislation passed by the Grand Senate
  • Create a new department or ministry
  • Call an emergency election
  • Appoint a Deputy Prime Minister
  • Act as Head General of the Elysiumite Military

Ministries & departments

Chart of Elysiumite Ministry/Department

Elysium’s executive branch is made up of six ministries and three departments. Each Ministry is is led by a Minister appointed by the Chancellor and Prime Minister, whereas each Department is led by a Secretary also appointed by the Chancellor and Prime Minister. The Union Banking Committee acts as an exception to this which is legally classified as a Department but led by a Chairman. Each Department is under the authority of a specific Ministry.


Logo / Seal Name Minister Description
Department of Foreign Affairs Logo (Elysium).png Ministry of Foreign Affairs Johannes Tyurukstein Oversees Elysiumite Foreign Policy and advises the Chancellor and Prime Minister. Oversees embassies, reaches out to other nations, and chooses ambassadors among other actions.
DoD Logo Elysium.png Ministry of Defense Kyle Smith Oversees the Elysiumite Military with the Chancellor and Prime Minister. Oversees training, missions, and communication with the Grand Senate among other things.

DoDA Logo (Elysium).png

Department of Domestic Affairs Javier Advises the Chancellor and Prime Minister on domestic policy. Runs Elysiumite news stations, develops infrastructure, and helps to oversee the government among other actions.

DoED Elysium.png

Ministry of Economic Development Vacant, unofficially under command of Robert Smith The Ministry of Economic Development works to progress and develop the Elysiumite economy. Regulates corporations, runs state industry, and advises the Chancellor and Prime Minister among other actions.

PR Logo (Elysium).png

Ministry of Public Relations James Christian The Ministry of Public Relations has the job of encouraging communication of between the government and citizens. Conducts public polling, works with locals, among other actions.

DoEA Logo (Elysium).png

Ministry of Environment Affairs Xavier Jackson The Ministry of Environment Affairs seeks to protect and protect Elysium’s environment. It inspects the environment within local Elysium, such as watching indicator species population.


Logo / Seal Name Secretary / Chairman Description Ministry
Union Banking Committee Felix Oversees the national bank Economic Development
Department of Education Johann Kümmel Oversees Elysiumite public and private education Domestic Affairs
Department of Industry Grace A Oversees private industry in Elysium on behalf of the Department of Economic Affairs Economic Development
Department of Entertainment and Culture Christopher Miller Oversees entertainment, activity, and upkeep of Elysiumite social media so it is accessible to citizens. Enhances and encourages expansion of Elysiumite culture. Domestic Affairs

Grand Senate

The Grand Senate, colloquially known within Elysium as the Senate, is the single national legislative body in the Union. Each Crown Commonwealth has two seats and each Dependency has one seat on the body. Another one seat is added for every ten citizens in the Union, these seats are determined through a national vote among the various parties of Elysium and seats are distributed to parties based on the percentage of the vote they received.

Yellow: Progressive - Green: Evolutionary - Blue: DTs - Red: Liberals - Pink: Rhino - Grey: Yedinist


Following each Grand Senate electionm the Senators elect one of their own to act as Speaker who holds votes and oversees debates. The current Speaker is Spooky Johnston of the Progressive Party, who also is the longest serving Speaker.

Administrative regions

The Republic of Elysium is a federation of 5 regions, four of which are Crown Commonwealths and one of which being a Dependency.

Flag Name Population Head Executive Office Notes
Crown Commonwealth
Elyria Flag.jpg Elyria ~100 Duke Robert Smith Oldest region
Tekronvodia.jpeg Ticronvidia ~40 Duke Johannes I Tyurukstein Former Independent nation, then in Cyclodia, now in Elysium

Daelthernia Flag.png

Daelthernia ~50 Duke Suyash

Clamatoa Flag.jpg

Clamatoa ~30 Duke Kyle Smith

Greymont Flag.jpg

Greymont ~20 Governor Spooky Johnston Formally led by Gabe

Political parties

Federal Parties

Federal political parties in Elysium are divided into three categories, major, minor, and fringe. Major parties refer to the government and opposition parties, as well as any other party which received 20% or more of the vote in the last Senate election, last it can refer to parties which control a region or have spilt control over one. Minor parties are ones with representatives within the Grand Senate, but below the major parties in status. Finally fringe parties are political parties with representation on only the regional level or none at all.

Party Logo Party Leader Membership Ideology Grand Senate Regional Control
Major Party
Progressive Party Pro.
Progressive Party Logo.png
Adam Johnston, Robert Smith 23 Progressivism, Social democracy, Democratic socialism
16 / 27
3 / 5
National Conservatives NCP
NatCon Logo of Elysium 3.png
Elliot Doe 13 Elysiumite Nationalism, Populism, Paleo-conservatism
6 / 27
2 / 5
Minor Party
Rhinoceros Party of Elysium RPoE
Rhino Party of Elysium Logo.png
Based Baddie 6 Satirical
2 / 27
0 / 5
Liberal Party LPE
Symbol of the Liberal Party .png
James Christian 2 Social democracy
1 / 27
0 / 5
Yedinist Party Yed.
Yedinist Party logo 2.png
Zech O’Hair 2 Social democracy
1 / 27
0 / 5
Fringe Party
Ticronvidia First Party TFP Nicholas Lokin 2 Neoliberalism, Ticronvidian secessionism
0 / 27
0 / 5


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