Liberal Party of Elysium

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Liberal Party of Elysium
ChairJames Christian
Party LeaderJames Christian
FoundedJune 19, 2020
Preceded byNew Elysium Party
Membership (2021)3


Political positionCentre to Left Wing
Colors  Light Red
SloganOf the people, by the people
Executive Positions
2 / 11
Grand Senate
1 / 25
Regional Senate Seats
0 / 24
Election symbol
Symbol of the Liberal Party .png

The Liberal Party of Elysium, colloquially known as the Liberals, is a federal political party in Elysium. It was formed in 2020 due to the dissolution of the New Elysium Party. The party sits at the center left of the Elysiumite political spectrum, with their primary federal ally, the Progressive Party positioned to their left. The Liberal Party is considered an alliance of individuals who support Liberal Democracy The party's leader is James Christian, who serves as Deputy Prime Minister.

From its conception to now, the Liberals have not been the senior member in any governments. Although it’s assisted the Progressives in forming a government.