August Uprising

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August Uprising
DateAugust 11th, 2019 - September 14th 2019
/r/micronations, Proboards and Discord
Result White Peace

LIN (from September 1st 2019) ISAF MDT (Until September 1st 2019)


Arkovia (until August 29th 2019)

Promatia (after August 29th 2019)
Commanders and leaders

The Moderating Chairmen of the League of Independent Nations

The Leaders of the ISAF
The Genesis Council

The August Uprising was a moment in history when the status and might of Arkovia was rivaled by the micronational community as a whole. In the matter of a few days, the influence of Arkovia was greatly reduced to a laughingstock by the community.

In the shadows of the micronations community Arkovia had begun to absorb many nations into its own, creating a Soviet style expansionism that was alarming other nations. They had great power in the MicroWiki, /r/micronations subreddit, and many servers where their spies would be occupying these servers.

It held a terrifying presence over all those who would oppose them, so the majority of the community kept quiet while they advanced throughout server after server.

There were condemnations that were posted by the nations of Ferbotna, and Ustea, which were at first ignored, however, this would not be the last time that Arkovia would be criticized.

This ended when the Uprising was triggered on August 11th, 2019 at 11:00AM when the first condemnations were delivered.

Though Alaurentia was the first micronation in August to condemn Arkovia, The August Uprising truly gained momentum when the Nexan Republic, the second nation delivering condemnation joined in.

The Chancellor, Desslok Visari Nafage was waiting in the shadows for the right moment, an opportunity to challenge this status quo, seeing these condemnations as a catalyst to begin the war against Arkovia, he posted his own condemnation, making the dominoes fall into effect as more condemnations later arrived, a total of over 8 condemnations were made.

Desslok then contacted the inner circle of the Independent States Allied Force (ISAF), who were a group who refused to be absorbed by Arkovian influence, and begun to grow an increasing dislike or Arkovia, but predominately kept to themselves. Like the rest of those at the height of Arkovia's power, there was an uneasy silence from everyone, and Desslok saw it as "A stockpile of explosives waiting to be ignited."

With both Alaurentia and the Nexan Republic condemning Arkovia, others began to rise up against Arkovia who showed a poor display of public relation with the rest of the community, though their actions were often called rash and immature. At this point the ISAF was still keeping to the shadows, but were reaching out to other Micronations to join their cause, nations such as Ustea, Ferabotna,The Empire of Kaemira and many others would later join the ISAF and escalate the uprising.

The behavior of Arkovia continued to worsen, so much to the point where this behavior resulted with an anonymous insider who contacted Desslok, giving access to all of Arkovia's archives, He shared it with the rest of the ISAF, This insider also shared these files with anyone who was willing to listen. And the community overnight had discovered the crimes Arkovia was committing.

These documents contained everything from bank accounts, to sensitive materials including 2 classified documents: Operation Kill Bird that involved turning the allies of Arkovia into puppet states, and blindly accusing Alaurentia of being a member of the Raven Initiative, this adding to the already growing outrage against Arkovia caused the ISAF to grow exponentially, and had similar groups such as the League of Independent Micronations (LIN) who the members of the ISAF would later join as moderating chairmen and high ranking member states. Ferabotna was excluded from this position of chairmen, while the Nexan Republic was never even given the opportunity, only becoming Head Chairman after Alaurentia destroyed the first iteration of the LIN.

The fall of Arkovia's reputation, a major blow in the form of their infrastructure being leaked, and their secrets exposed for all communities to see, caused the final blow of the August Uprising, which was the Announcement of the ISAF, who declared "The age of Arkovian intimidation is over." Many nations either joined with them, formed other coalitions or remained neutral yet condemned Arkovia from afar.

A new precedent was set in stone, Arkovia lost it's moderator seat of power in the /r/micronations community, and the servers it held influence over were purged and all of their allies had turned on them.

The Arkovian government fell into chaos and disarray, and fell into the shadows, later rebranding as Promatia, having to move its territorial claims (onto Aboriginal land), and becoming a shadow of its former self. The influence the nation once had was over and the August Uprising had seemingly accomplished it's mission, greatly aided by Desslok masterminding Arkovia's demise in the /r/micronations community by encoraging ISAF's surfacing to the public, directing the Uprising into a into a position never before thought possible.