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(Not yet voted)
(Not yet voted)
Scenario 1 territory
Capital city New Wallachia
Official language(s) English (official), French, Native, others
Demonym Alaurentian
Government Democracy
- President the Dragon of Alaurentia
Legislature Direct democracy
Established 9 July 2017
Area claimed >800,000 km^2
Population 13 (as of 2019 census)
Currency AlliCoin
Time zone UTC
National animal Canada Goose

Government Website:

Alaurentia is a micronation founded on 9 July 2017, and based on the North American Craton (also called "Laurentia"). It exists as a community of people that share three main goals - ecological preservation, resolution of social issues, and self-sufficiency. Though the majority of the community is located on the Laurentia bioregion, Alaurentia accepts members from all around the world. Joining is officially done by registering an account on the online official forum.


Alaurentia was named after the Laurentia geological feature. The Laurentia continent is one of the oldest structures on Earth, and has existed for over four hundred million of years. For eons after eons, it has acted as a home for many forms of lives, has seen all of Earth's extinctions, and all the new subsequent ages of biological prosperity. The "A" appended to "Laurentia" is claimed to mean "Alliance", in such a way that "Alaurentia" could be interpreted as "Alliance of Laurentia".


The idea of the community existed since 9 July 2017. It was founded by a figure only known as the Dragon of Alaurentia; whose real name is unknown, and who currently presides over it. On 3 February 2019, the President created the online forum for the community. A week later, on 10 February 2019, the nation's virtual currency was implemented.

On 2 March, the President created a draft of the Code and Rules, which acts as the nation's constitution. On 10 March, the President implemented Initiative 1, which enables the community to engage in votes and referendum, in accordance with the Alaurentian Code and Rules.

On 3 April, Alaurentia and a few other micronations formed the Interfederate Alliance, to maximize mutual exposure and population stability.

On 18 April the President officially specified a claimed area. According to the definition of a micronation as provided in the Montevideo Convention, a territorial claim is a criteria for an official group to qualify as a micronation. And therefore, Alaurentia provided five of such claims, ranging from the North of Quebec (Scenario 1) to the larger area of North East America (Scenario 5).

On 25 April , Alaurentia formed the five Ministries, so to better manage the nation.

On 12 May, the President introduced the "Alaurentian State" system, in which land owners are invited to claim a "State" within Alaurentia; making such land owners "Governors".

On 16 May, the Interfederate Alliance was dissolved, leaving Alaurentia to stand alone.

On 2 June, the President called for a one-week referendum on the adoption of a new, full-fledged Constitution, the Skieswanne-Ghodrati Constitution, submitted by the citizenship branch. On 9 June, the Skieswanne-Ghodrati Constitution was officially adopted, with overwhelming majority of support.

Government and politics

Main article: Government of Alaurentia

The Alaurentian government, at least in its beginning, could be considered a monarchical democracy. Founded and headed by a self-appointed President, the community is however invited to vote upon motions, and even submit motions. The government, which is composed of the President and of the Ministries, is tasked with managing and implementing the decisions of the people, as long as the Constitution is respected.

The Constitution of Alaurentia was drafted by the citizens, and adopted by overwhelming vote majority on 9 June 2019. It aims to provide a governmental structure for Alaurentia, to specify the rights offered to the people, and to limit the power of the Government.

According to the Declaration of Alaurentia, provided as a preamble to the Constitution:

a) to provide for a society where actions are taken in harmony with nature and the environment, where decisions are taken with the biosphere's survival and prosperity in consideration;
b) to protect local species, save them from extinction, and care for them as they are fellow members of the house that we inhabit and call "Laurentia";
c) to avoid methods that pollute or degrade the environment, including the outside environments that are directly affected by ours;
d) to be self-sufficient, in a way that we may all feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, shelter ourselves, and even possibly make our own green energy;
e) to encourage local exchange and trade, to exchange items and services between members, as opposed to being dependent on foreign entities;
f) to provide for a society where poverty is directly addressed;
g) to provide for a society where science, technological advancements and discoveries are in alignment with wisdom, knowledge and skills of our ancestors;
h) to protect the wide variety of cultures and expressions of the people that inhabit Laurentia, including local traditions and indigenous civilizations;
i) to provide for a sanctuary where members are respectful, mutually supportive, and at peace with one another - causing the local dissolution of misery and wars, and becoming a beacon for other civilizations to follow.

The Constitution decrees four governmental branches: the President, the twelve Ministries, the State Governors, and the House of Representatives. The Ministries advise the President, and help managing the nation. The President implements motions proposed by any Alaurentians, and has the right to propose motions. the State Governors are allowed to lead their own Alaurentian States with dedicated rules, as long as these rules respect the Constitution. And, finally, the House of Representatives represents the citizens, and observes all of the rest of the government, so to ensure rights and the constitution are respected by all.

Law and order

Law and order is enforced by the Ministry of Security. Members of the Alaurentian community are required to act in accordance with the Constitution. In the event members violate the Constitution in a serious manner, they are to be reported to the Ministry of Justice, and submit to a trial where the people will act as a jury. Since Alaurentia currently is a diaspora that exists inside classical countries, the local laws of the countries are still in effect for most members, and members are required to respect these. However, members of Alaurentia enjoy additional rights granted specifically by the Constitution.

Foreign relations

Alaurentia is attempting to sustain good relations with other micronations. In fact, it has hosted the Micronational Diplomatic Table, a round table where leaders and representatives of micronations all across the world can discuss and form new relations.

Alaurentia would appreciate independence, but currently does not actively seeking it.

As a micronation signatory to the Arundel Convention, Alaurentia recognizes all micronations that are fellow signatory to the Convention. These include:

  • The Democratic oligarchy of Manche/Stleim


Alaurentia has not formed any military as of May 2019. Instead, it promotes peace between both members and members, and members and non-members. One main defense system is the anonymity of the President - the first President, in accordance with the Code and Rules, has not revealed his/her real name, and is only known as the 'Dragon of Alaurentia'. This is inferred to be in place to provide passive protection of Alaurentia, because anyone in the world could be the Dragon. This anonymity makes it harder to attack or influence the president. Another is to provide a 'one man secret police' where citizens do not know if they are interacting with the president or not. Therefore, they are held accountable to follow the Constitution, through the fear of not knowing if they are speaking to the authority. It could be said that Alaurentia is more interested in intelligence and psychological approaches than in physical weaponry.

Geography and climate

The northern part of the Canadian Shield, where Alaurentia was founded.

Although many citizens of Alaurentia might not inhabit the Laurentia continent, this continent nonetheless hosts the current majority of the members. It is, as a whole, highly variable in climate and geography. The South and the West of Laurentia is relatively flat and sedimentary, with a continental climate. Whereas the East is much milder in weather, and has more mountains. The North is rather cold, and is mainly composed of mountains that have been created by ancient volcanic eruptions during the formation of the continent, and then shaped by ice ages and meteoritic impacts.

Territorial Claim

Due to the diaspora nature of the people of Alaurentia, the territories Alaurentia would actually cover is unpredictable, and depends on local popular support. However, as an effort to comply with the Montevideo Convention, which defines a micronation as an entity that must claim a particular territory, Alaurentia has submitted five possible profiles for its future territories, called "Scenarios".

In Scenario 1, Alaurentia proposes to claim the northern part of what is currently known as Quebec. This would simply require the administration of Kativik to join the Alaurentia movement. In Scenario 2, Quebec as a people supports the movement. In Scenario 3, the support is extended to neighboring maritimes and states, whereas in Scenario 4 most of the North East is in favor of the movement. In Scenario 5, Alaurentia as a diaspora nation would span across the majority of the North American continent, in other words, across the ancient geological region of Laurentia.

However, Scenario 5 is considered highly unlikely by Alaurentian government. The Scenarios are therefore ranked by likelihood, with Scenario 1 being the most probable, and Scenario 5 being the least probable.

The President has also proposed that the future capital city of Alaurentia be called "New Wallachia", and that it be located on the Akpatok Island, in the Ungava Bay. This would make it most remote from current-day Canada's own capital city, Ottawa, and help avoiding interfering with Canada's affairs.

As a better way to evaluate physical territories, Alaurentia has introduced, on 12 May 2019, the concept of "Alaurentian States". Land owners, provided that they are members of Alaurentia, may request their lands to be considered "States" within Alaurentia. This makes land owners the "Governors" of their "States", whose names are left to the discretion of the land owners. These "Sates" still obey the laws and regulations of the macronation, though; unless of course Alaurentia achieves an autonomous political status in the future. However, even without an autonomous political status, "States" may enjoy several additional benefits provided by Alaurentia.


Main article: AlliCoin
The virtual currency, AlliCoin, features an Alicorn on its face.

The currency of Alaurentia, AlliCoin, was implemented on the 10 February 2019. Originally called the Alaurentian Coin, it is gaining some support and popularity. Estimates place its value to 1/21 of a Bitcoin, while another source points to a value slightly below. The general estimate is that the value of one Alaurentian Coin would be around one hundred USD (March 2019).

On 21 March 2019, Alaurentia created an official shop and a more complete wallet, so to facilitate exchanges using the currency.

After the creation of the Interfederate Alliance, the Alaurentian Coin changed its name to the AlliCoin (roughly pronounced similarly to "Alicorn", which is a mythological creature that appears on the virtual coin), as it became adopted by other micronations of the Interfederate Alliance. This made it possible for member micronations to begin trading AlliCoins with one another, until the I.A. was dissolved on 16 May 2019.


The community of Alaurentia is highly centered on ecological awareness, conservation of the biosphere, green energy, but also the preservation of ancient skills, traditions, and cultures. It encourages scientific and technological advancements, especially those that are in harmony with the earth and wisdom that was passed down to the community as a species. Education is promoted between members; any member that is skilled in one thing may teach this skill to any other member. The official language is English, but French is also often spoken locally, and members are encouraged to preserve their ancestral languages, some of which are facing extinction.

A subculture of draconity has taken root within Alaurentia, with 15% of the population relating to such a movement (2019). This might be an effect of the first President, who only identified himself as the "Dragon of Alaurentia".

Famous Alaurentian people include: writer Mélodie Rivers, who wrote the Shadow Paradigm universe; and physicist John Skieswanne, author of the Singular Primordial Preon Theory.


Alaurentia is currently working on a magazine, VyraMag, for the exposure and expression of its members.

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